Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Hunting


The entire group is like a long snake, winding its way.

Depressed, dazed, and depressed, pervading the crowd.

Dai Lei and Chen Hui supported each other and followed the crowd slowly.

With the path stepped by the person in front, they will be much more stable in the back, and of course there will inevitably be some bumps.

“I knew earlier…”

Chen Hui took a breath and lifted her feet from the pile of fallen leaves with difficulty:

“I’ll come here to change a pair of sneakers I’m done.”

She was wearing sneakers, which were fashionable and fashionable, but not suitable for long-distance travel. Fortunately, they were not the worst high-heeled shoes.

“I knew earlier?” Dai Lei was speechless:

“Who knew we would go to such a ghost place?”

“Yes!” Chen Hui sighed:

“I don’t know what’s going on with Cheng Qi and Zhou Jia. Is it safe?”

“You don’t have to worry about them.” Dai Lei shook her head:


“Zhou Jia’s physique, he killed the wolf-headed monster and the corpse, he must be fine, what is there to worry about, Cheng Qi, a big man?”

“It’s you, but your arm is also scratched. Without medication, I don’t know if I will get infected.”

“Two beauties.” Is it?”

“No need!”

The other party’s attitude is light, and his eyes don’t take his eyes off Chen Hui’s legs, which naturally makes the two women unhappy, and Chen Hui is coldly snorted:

“Don’t look for trouble, my friend is exploring the road ahead.”

In order to ensure the safety of the road, the pathfinders are all people who have killed wolf head monsters or some corpses. super ordinary person.

This sentence is very threatening.

“I know.” Huang Mao shrugged and took out a pair of pants from behind with a chuckle:

“My girlfriend’s spare, do you want it?”

“…” The two women were complexion stiffened, and Chen Hui was even more embarrassed:


“It’s okay.” Huang Mao touched his iconic hair , while handing over his pants, he whistled:

“My strong son has tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex the most, beauty’s legs are so beautiful, wouldn’t it hurt if they didn’t protect them? It’s a pity.”

Chen Hui rolled the eyes:

“Thank you.”

She also knew that it was inconvenient for her, but taking off the trousers of the corpse would not help It was hard for her to accept that she loved cleanliness since she was a child.

The other party is well-intentioned.

It’s the attitude that makes people unlikable.

“You’re welcome, if the beauty needs anything, just come to me.” Huang Mao waved his hand proudly, turned and walked back.

“Put it on.” Dai Lei touched her trousers, looking thoughtful:

“Famous brand goods cost a lot of money, the yellow hair looks airy, but in fact Nothing on her body is worthless.”


Chen Hui raised her eyebrows, she knew that her best friend was very good at this.

There’s no need to be too particular at this time, she glanced around, she gritted her teeth and raised her skirt to cover it a little before putting on her pants.

In the process, it is inevitable that the face will turn red.



In the back, several youngsters moved towards this laughed heartily.

They may not have malicious intentions, they just want to have fun at such a depressed time, but they laughed even more impudently under Chen Hui’s white eyes.

“hehe…” Dai Lei pursed her lips and smiled, her eyes crescent:

“They are quite interesting.”

“They are quite rich. It’s almost.” Chen Hui hummed softly, and when she was about to say something, she suddenly opened her mouth and screamed, her face pale.


Dai Lei was also pale, covering her mouth and backing away.

It was an arrow that came out of nowhere, stuck straight on the yellow-haired head just now, entered from the left and drilled out from the right.

The rapier is bloody and the tip of the arrow is bright.

The huge power even took the yellow hair off the ground and fell down in the grass. The yellow hair was dead before it landed and couldn’t die again.

More than one arrow!

A dozen illusory shadows emerged one after another in the darkness, roaring through the crowd in the wind.

The accuracy of the arrows is not high, but they are powerful and can easily penetrate the human body.

Screams and screams for a while.

In the field, it was even more chaotic.

“Be careful!”

“Be careful!”

Fatty Han and Jin Fu roared in a hurry, and at the same time greeted the person holding the door as a shield to take the initiative to come forward Come out and surround the crowd.

But after all, everyone present is not a trained soldier, how can they organize in a while?

He is too busy to take care of himself, nor does he think about taking care of others.



one after another black shadow burst out of the forest, accompanied by a bloodthirsty roar, head to head. Wolf-headed monsters of different sizes appeared and rushed towards the crowd.

“Stop them!”


Fatty Han’s eyes widened, holding a stick to stop the monsters at both ends, swung a few times, huge The force exploded, killing the opponent on the spot.

Before he could help the others, he felt a bad wind blowing in his face and subconsciously blocked with a stick.


With a muffled sound, his body shook violently, and he stepped back several steps before stopping.

Looking at the field again, a monster with a height of more than two meters, riding a vicious wolf under his crotch, was holding a gun and looking down coldly.

Riding… cavalry?

In addition to the cavalry in front of them, there were several wolf-headed monsters with a height of two meters in armor, swords and axes in the jungle, and more ordinary monsters.

Fatty Han immediately turned pale.



The crowd was chaotic, and everyone seemed to be flying away without a head, and the two women didn’t know when Separated, where can I find it again?

As far as the eye can see, it is full of one-sided killings.

Flesh and blood!

Scream again and again!


β€œHu Chi…Hu Chi…”

Zhou Jia holds the giant axe and breathes desperately, his throat feels like fire, and it is hot and painful , his eyes are always fixed on the armored monster.

After several fights, he also had some understanding of his opponents.

Strength, the opponent is bigger!

Speed, monster is faster!

Reaction, he can’t either!

Overall, he was the underdog.

Fortunately, beasts are beasts after all, even if they are smarter than those unarmored wolf-headed monsters, they are still inferior to humans.

In addition, he held the giant axe, and the other party did not dare to approach too much.

The confrontation between the two sides is imminent.


Zhou Jia snarled and challenged the other party again:

“Come on!”

“Woo Ow!”

The armored monster’s eyes shrank, his claws flickered with cold light, he let out a low growl, his body slumped suddenly left, and suddenly right rushed towards Zhou Jia.

It is agile and sharp, and it can seize the opportunity as long as the opponent is slightly negligent.

Zhou Jia also understands this truth, and has been in a state of war, not daring to relax, until the opponent pounces, and then throws the thing in his left hand violently.


A handful of stones slammed into the face.

The armored monster subconsciously closed his eyes and opened them again, but there was nothing in sight.



An axe attacked from the side, slashing its throat.

After several attempts, Zhou Jia had long discovered that the monster’s left eye was injured, and some parts were invisible. He had planned for this raid for a long time.

This outbreak, if unsuccessful, will become benevolence.

Approach and swing the axe with all your might.


The armored monster reacted extremely quickly, suddenly turned around, raised his hand to block.


The axe blade slashed into the arm and continued to press down.

The huge axe blades can’t be blocked with just one arm, and some of them even cut into the neck, tearing the flesh.

Hot blood flowed along the blade of the axe.

“Pu pass!”

One person and one monster fell to the ground.

Zhou Jia was on top, both of his hands clenched the handle of the axe, his teeth were clenched, his face flushed red, he pressed down desperately, the axe blade cut into his throat little by little.

The monster gritted its teeth and roared, struggling desperately, its left hand was almost cut off, and its right hand was moved towards Zhou Jia’s abdomen from the side.



The monster has amazing strength and sharp claws.

Rao is Zhou Jia who is specially wearing leather clothes, the flesh is as firm as cowhide after a few breaths, and the abdomen is still torn by it, and blood is flowing.

I was almost taken out of my intestines.

One pushes down hard, while the other rips frantically.

One person and one blame, just like this into a stalemate.


Zhou Jia roared.


The monster growled.

With the passage of time, the burning body and severe abdominal pain made Zhou Jia’s meaning gradually blurred, but remember to press down on the axe blade with all his strength and never let go.

There seems to be a ho ho sound in my ears.

My vision is getting blurry.

It’s also getting darker.

I don’t know how long it took.

A breath that he had never felt before appeared out of thin air, submerged in his body, and the warm breath quickly repaired the wound.

Zhou Jia was shocked and opened his eyes.

Looking at the field again, the giant axe was still in his hand, and the armored monster under him was dead, his neck was cut in half, and his limbs collapsed to the ground.

In the end, he survived the other party.



After taking a few deep breaths, Zhou Jia stood up, calmed himself, and cleaned up the scene a little. What is in the middle, take a step and go back.

After taking two steps, he thought about it and went back again, taking off the armor on the monster, and at the same time smashing his head to prevent it from turning into a corpse.

Not long after carrying something, a chaotic sound entered both ears.



This is…

President Guo?

(End of this chapter)

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