Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 91


Chapter 91 Night Run

The leaves of the light-devouring fir can devour all visible light, the liquid secreted by the tree surface, and more It is to make it not afraid of high temperature and flame.

The light scent of the tree can also affect the orientation of living creatures.

The huge black forest is a natural labyrinth.

Zhou Jia stood up from the ground, and the place where he entered his eyes was pitch black, just like the role of the ‘eye’ in the facial features, completely useless.

It’s not far from entering the black forest, but I can’t see the exit, and I don’t know the direction. If I rush in, I’m afraid that I will get deeper and deeper here, not to mention the various ominous beasts and monsters hiding here.

It’s no wonder that the black forest, which is only several dozen li in size, is so disrespectful among the people of Huo Family Fort that even an Ultra Grade expert is reluctant to set foot there easily.

A moment ago.

He also has to worry about how to get out.

Not now.

Listen to the wind!

As soon as the thought moved, the Sea of Consciousness starlight flickered, and countless different sounds entered the eardrum, ranging from near to far, from loud to subtle, and different.

The sound of the wind blowing the leaves!

The sound of insects crawling!

Various ominous beast cautiously approaching sounds…

Close your eyes.

A ‘picture’ slowly unfolded in my mind.

Although the picture has no color, it looks like a three-dimensional figure, even the bulge of the stones on the ground under the feet and the flying of the leaves are clearly distinguishable.

Clearly ‘see’ dust flying nearby.

In the distance, there is order in the clutter.

Both ears tremble slightly, the ‘line of sight’ can still be concentrated, the moved towards one direction extends, and even the movement inside and outside can be heard clearly.


Zhou Jia lightly said:

“Isn’t this, Shunfeng Er?”

whispered In the middle, he flicked his wrist lightly, the soft sword flickered in the air, and the two snakes hid in the darkness and rushed over were instantly divided into two.

When the power is exerted, the source power naturally shuttles and surges in the body, seemingly unremarkable movements, but it can carry the power of the whole body.

Grade 7, join forces!

cultivation base: mortal grade Grade 7 combined force (53/12000)

The energy brought by Dimoxing, plus his previous accumulation, makes Zhou Jia’s cultivation base, directly Climb to Grade 7 combined realm.

Although it’s just a beginner, it’s completely different from Grade 6.


The wind suddenly rises.

In the darkness, Zhou Jia charged forward, swung his soft sword in his hand, following the direction of the air, instantly slashing more than a hundred strokes.


The violent air wave swept the surrounding.

One after another naked eye Visible wind blade, whistling, spinning, slashing all directions The ominous beast aliens that come quietly around.

“pu ε‘²ε‘²…”

The wind blade is as thin as cicada wing, and extremely sharp, even if it is separated by several feet, it is still very lethal.

A tree that is hugged by one person can also be cut by it, and it can also leave a crack that is nearly half deep. The ominous beast below Grade 5 is almost impossible to withstand a single blow .

Break the wind!

Since the Blade Technique can be transformed into a splitting axe, it can also be transformed into a splitting Wind Sword.

Perfection Realm’s martial skill can do as one pleases.


The silhouette rushed out of the black forest with a gust of wind that revolved around the body.

In the middle of the journey, Zhou Jia picked up the axe and shield and sprinted forward like a fluttering fox. His each step seemed to be stepping on the breeze.

Listening to the wind not only strengthens the ear, but also supports others.

martial skill, movement method…

Perfection Realm’s wind-splitting axe, in just a short while, has advanced to Great Perfection, various axe techniques, and then rise in the mind.

The Great Perfection of martial skill represents the cultivation of a martial skill to the extreme.

It was originally just a shield for basic martial skills, but after Great Perfection it is comparable to mastering a medium martial arts.

The low grade martial skill cloak, Great Perfection, is more powerful than the realm’s furious thunder axe.

More importantly.

It can also be integrated with other martial skills to improve the level of the original martial skills.

Just like the 2nd layer shield counter combined with the shield strike, it is already a medium martial arts, and the wind splitting axe method can also be integrated with other axe methods.

While running, Zhou Jia had a thought.

The Thunder Axe has been transformed.

Splitting the wind is about extreme speed, while rage means the ferocity of the force. The combination of the two is called the Thunder Axe.

Thoughts sink in the Sea of Consciousness, and a light curtain emerges.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 7 Heli (56/12000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Palmer) , Dixingxing (Trait: Violence), Dimoxing (Trait: Listening to the Wind)

cultivation technique: 39/800 (39/800)

martial skill: 2nd layer Shield Anti-Perfection (579/2000), Gnar’s Breath Technique Proficiency (70/500), Life Seizing Sword Proficiency (784/1000), Thunder Axe Proficiency (635/2800), Three Body Steps (285/600)

Proficient in realm’s Furious Thunder Axe, it originally required 2,000 experience to level up, but after integrating into the Thunder Axe, it added 800 experience.

The formidable power naturally increases a lot.

I’m afraid it is already comparable to some excellent martial arts Perfection.

Arranging what he had learned did not affect his speed. Although he could not see it, the sound of rapid breathing was getting closer and closer.






The spirit archer Cui En was pale, and relied on his racial characteristics to quickly shuttle between the trees.

He is like an ape, his body is a little more hairy than ordinary people, and his tail section has a short tail to help him maintain balance when necessary.

Although his strength is not strong, but as an archer and movement method agile, he rarely encounters danger.


But terrified.

Grade 8!

There are more than ten deacons in each of the four halls, including no more than six Grade 8 experts.

Only the Vice Hall Master, Elder guest official, and the leader are Grade 8 or above. It can be seen how many Grade 8 experts are there.

Now through the beast swarms and riots, another group of people died.

Grade 8, less.

Even if you look at the entire Huo Family Fort, Grade 8 can be considered expert.

Before this, he would never have imagined that an obscure mine supervisor would also be a Grade 8.

Even if it’s not a real Grade 8, at least it has the strength of a Grade 8 in a short time.

“You must tell Deacon Gu immediately that there is an extra Grade 8 expert on the Third Elder’s side, which may even affect the whole situation.”

“surnamed Zhou’s hiding is so deep, definitely It’s a big plan, maybe it’s the killing move that the Third Elder specially hid, if I expose it…”

Thinking of this, his eyes lit up, and he felt more excited than panic.

This is the ladder of heavenly ascension!


The abnormal sound behind him made the excitement that just ignited in his heart like a bucket of cold water, and panic appeared in his eyes.


Didn’t that man go hunting for the ominous beast, and it’s over so soon?

“I just want to live well!”

Zhou Jia’s voice drifted slowly from behind:

“My requirements have never been high, And never take the initiative to provoke right and wrong, why? Why are you unwilling to let me go?”

“Alive, feel at ease Cultivation, is there a sin in this world?”

In the voice, With deep helplessness:

“You forced me, I never thought of killing people.”

Fuck you!

Wasn’t you the first to split Tan Dong’s head just now?

Cui En cursed in his heart, but did not dare to speak out.

All his strength was on his legs, and the brighter and brighter lights at the end of his line of sight meant that the safety distance was getting closer.

Ignoring the noise behind him, he just wanted to speed up.


Desperate to escape!


The explosive power of Grade 7, coupled with the flow of the air, makes Zhou Jia’s speed amazingly fast, and he has chased behind Lingren in a moment.

Seeing that he was about to reach the place, unwillingness appeared in Cui En’s eyes.


The low growl from his throat made him bend bow and place arrow when he dashed forward, twisted and moved towards the silhouette bursting from behind count.


The bowstring trembled.


The arrow flies.


A wisp of breeze blew past, and Cui En, who was in the air, froze, his head rolled off his neck, and his body tumbled and smashed into the grass.

Zhou Jia stopped, appeared not far away, looked up at the sky, and looked towards the lights ahead.

His eyes flickered, and he jumped forward.

Walking in the dark, he is like a civet cat, with light footsteps and silent landing, and his movement method is even more swift, walking against the shadows.

Both ears trembled lightly, and the earth-moving star’s listening to the wind characteristic activated, and within a few dozen meters of the surrounding, all the sounds were heard.

On the tree, there is a dark whistle.

There are two people lying on the side of the grass.

In the dark corner of the house ahead, someone patrolling with a crossbow.

There are also groups of bright sentries, holding swords and crossbows, patrolling around the station, and if there is a slight disturbance, they will launch an attack.

Before the change, Zhou Jia would not have given any thought to such a place at all.


His eyes narrowed, his body swayed slightly, and he floated to the treetops like walking on the wind, approaching the dark whistle above like a ghost.

Life Seizing Sword!


The sharp blade protruded from the leaves, easily and accurately penetrated the throat of the whistle, and when it was slowly pulled out, it did not even make a sound.

The body fell and was gently caught by him and put aside.

From beginning to end, no one noticed the anomaly.

“You forced me!”

Whispering to himself, Zhou Jia’s silhouette was disappeared again.

The characteristic of listening to the wind allows him to look at the whole field, flashing in the blind spot of everyone’s sight, and after all, one by one from the periphery.

The Life Seizing Sword turns into the sickle of Death God in the dark night, and no one is spared wherever it goes.

In a few moments.

He appeared outside the gate of the station.

There were two people guarding the door, but they didn’t pay much attention, leaning against the door and chatting quietly, nothing more than all kinds of women in the clubhouse.


While speaking, one person suddenly stiffened.

“Dog, what’s the matter?”

The other person looked sideways and pushed the other person subconsciously, but he didn’t want the other person to fall to the ground slowly, revealing a wound on his back.



The sharp blade pierced through the door and pierced the forehead, and the sound stopped abruptly, but the abnormality here, Finally caught the attention of the people inside.


“Wang Hu!”

“Be careful, someone breaks into the station!”

“Quick notification Deacon Gu, the surnamed Wei’s side came to kill in advance!”

“Fuck it, kill!”

A group of people rushed out of the station, each holding blade, spear, Sword, halberd, and bows and arrows, all kinds of auras, swarmed to the door silhouette.

Break the wind!

Zhou Jia’s figure flickered, Life Seizing Sword flickered frantically, and the wind blades roared out, and for a while it was on par with a group of people.


As the body approached, the Life Seizing Sword flashed out.

Shut up!

Moon capture!


Back to the wind and back to the swallow!


Without provoking violence, the cultivation base of Grade 7 plus Life Seizing Sword can easily harvest the lives of everyone below Grade 6.

“puff puff puff…”

Blood splashes and the corpses are separated.

“You’re so brave!”

In the roar, a strong wind swooped in, and at the same time, the blade lights flickered like cold stars all over the sky, covering Zhou Jia’s vital points.

Excellent martial arts!

And it’s all under control.

More than one person came, and two other people broke through the window.

Grade 7!


Zhou Jia movement method After a pause, his eyes were fixed.



Compared to the power of Grade 9, it exploded in the field, the air waves rolled, the crowd flew down, and the three Grade 7s were terrified.

(End of this chapter)

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