Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 92


Chapter 92 Harvest


The white-haired wind whistled.

In just a short while, white’s ribbon was all wrapped around the Huo Family Fort.

The wind is like flowing water, flowing quietly in the mountains, except for dead objects such as rocks and trees, all flesh and blood are dissolved in it.



Zhou Jia closed the outer sect and put down the stick.

Turn around.

There are corpses everywhere.

Blood flows.

The white-haired wind came in a hurry, and the time was a little short, so he simply didn’t deal with these things.

Pulling over a stool, Zhou Jia, whose body was covered in blood, sat down slowly with tired eyes.

Night fell.

Under the dim light, the corpses looked unwilling and fearful.

The only living person in the field is sitting on the head, surrounded by falling heads, half corpses, and unknown arms and broken legs.

The corpse opened its eyes wide, as if silently complaining.

With the whistling of the wind outside.

The scene is extravagant.

Zhou Jia sat on the spot, his expression unchanged, and he didn’t care.

After the beast swarms and riots, he had seen thousands of corpses piled up together. To him, this scene was just a small scene.

The environment can really make a person change Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Long time.

He slowly got up and walked towards a dry body.

Three Grade 7s, five Grade 6s, and a gang, how could they not have something valuable on them.

Especially the ‘Mage’ in Grade 7, the staff in his hand is a hard currency in the Huo Family Fort, and the core gems will not be less than 100 source stones.

In a few moments.

Inner armor, weapons, and Originium, piled up in a pile.

After thinking for a while, Zhou Jia walked into the station.

Deacon Gu belongs to the Outer Hall and is mainly responsible for guaranteeing and protecting the business of the Ichthyosaur Association. There should be a lot of good things in this resident.


With a muffled sound, the secret door to the secret room in the room was kicked open by a giant force.

In an instant, all kinds of dazzling things come into view.

I can see it.

The things here should have been put into storage soon, the arrangement was chaotic, and all kinds of different things were piled up together. It must have been very rushed at that time.


“It seems that on the night of the riot, Deacon Gu also brought people profiting from somebody’s misfortune!”

Treasure catches the eye, Zhou Jia was inevitably a little excited, but he didn’t care, he checked the mechanism cautiously.

And then a little bit of cleaning up the back room.



Multi-colored gems, mind blowing.

Different from the gems on Earth, most of the gems in the Ruins have the characteristics of affinity source power, which are necessary for ‘Mage’ to refine the staff and make ‘spirit talisman’.

The price, of course, is not cheap.

β€œPrecious Medicine!”

β€œHigh Level Precious Medicine!”

In the pill box, the round-shaped treasure medicine powder has a faint fragrance, but it is only Take a sniff, and the source power in the body becomes much more active.

These are not ordinary medicines, but high-level medicines that can boost Grade 7 and Grade 8 expert cultivation base.

No value.

Generally speaking, there is no market for the price, and there is no place for an ordinary person to buy it.

“Original Crystal…”

A suppressed moan, with a little trembling.

Three thumb-sized, diamond-shaped transparent crystals appear in a treasure box.

The rich source power radiates through the surface of the crystal, and when it comes to the degree of concentration, it is much stronger than the High Level Treasure Medicine.

The reason why Originium is valuable is because the source power inside can absorb refining, plus it is rare, it is naturally an exchange equivalent.

The source crystal is the crystallization of the gathering of source power.

One can exchange for a thousand Origin Stones!

Zhou Jia also only heard about it, but this time he really saw it. The richness of source power is indeed as rumored, and it has substance.

“It’s posted!”

Sweeping the audience, he couldn’t help but frenzy in his eyes.

These things alone are estimated to be worth tens of thousands of Originium. Even if you take drugs every day, you won’t have to worry about not enough Originium for a few years.


With flickering eyes, Zhou Jia walked to the stack of books in the corner, picked up a few and glanced at them, a smile appeared on his face .

Even when he saw the source crystal and the precious medicine, he was not so happy.

Martial skill!

And also a complete set of martial skills, from low-quality to high-quality.

Similar to the Five Tigers Blade Technique – Ferocious Tiger Blade Technique – Soul Eater Blade Technique!

Ordinary people usually start with low-quality martial skills. The entry of low-quality martial skills is simple. With a little cultivation, they can be transformed into battle strength.

After you are proficient, you can start the intermediate skill, so you can get started quickly and continue to improve your battle strength.

And so on, until Cultivation has superior martial arts.

The advantage of this is that it will have a good battle strength from beginning to end, and the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, it will waste a lot of time.

Zhou Jia is different.

He has the innate talent of commanding soldiers, and the martial skill of weapons can be learned directly.

“It’s a pity!”

He sighed and shook his head regretfully:

“Not enough time.”

Innate talent, to cultivate a superior martial arts to mastery and perfection, also requires a lot of time to practice.


Only the Thunderbolt Sword is proficient, and the Life Seizing Sword is still a little short.

However, the superior martial arts is not too much. Naturally, you can start with it.

In the stack of books in front of you, there are a total of Six Sects of excellent martial arts.

Blade Technique!

Yin Killing Sword!

Bright Cross!

Bagger secret technique punch!

Iron body!

9th layer Climb the stairs!

Among them, there is an impressive Tie Yuan sect inheritance Body Refinement hard work, Tie Yuan body.

It seems that since the death of Master He the martial arts hall fell apart. In order to gain a firm footing, Nexer even handed over this martial skill.


Although the Body Refinement martial skill is good, it is not within the scope of the blessing of the palm soldiers.

In addition, Tie Yuanshen, like Sanyuan Zhengfa, needs to be paired with Master He’s secret medicine in order to progress quickly, otherwise it can boil people to death.

Here, there is no secret medicine formula.

I didn’t want to come to Nexer, otherwise I wouldn’t hand over Tie Yuanshen easily.

Shaking his head, Zhou Jia picked up the only Lightweight Art among the six cheats: 9th layer climbing steps.

These martial skills have been reviewed before, and the one with the highest evaluation is this Lightweight Art, which is called the strongest.

The importance of Lightweight Art need not be overstated. Whether it is fighting or fleeing in the face of danger, a high-quality Lightweight Art plays a decisive role.


Lightweight Art is not within the scope of the support of the soldiers, and the cultivation is not easy, so it can only be practiced in leisure time.

β€œCultivation techniques, precious medicines, Originium, there is no shortage of everything, no wonder they are willing to join a big organization, how difficult is it for one person to gather all these things?”

Put down the book , Zhou Jia pondered:

“But with these things, I don’t lack anything now. As long as I devote myself to cultivation for a few years, it is possible to push the cultivation base to Grade 8.”

“At that time, the superior martial skill Perfection and violence will make the Huo Family Fortress huge. Except for a few Ultra Grade powerhouses, there will be few opponents.”

When Huo Family Fortress was there, the Huo Family Fortress was an Ultra Grade expert Not out of the five fingers.



“At this time, the Huo Family Fortress is surging, and after joining the faction, you will definitely not feel at ease with Cultivation. It’s a waste of time, and the gain is not worth the loss. It’s better to continue diving into the cultivation base.”

The idea is certain, he Start to find things, pack and harvest.




It was a little bright.

The white-haired wind has not dissipated.

Wei Zhixing, Fatty Han entire group has gathered quietly.

As early as last night, more than 100 people gathered at the station with knives and soldiers to conserve strength and store up energy overnight.

“It has been 47 years since the former guild established the ichthyosaur guild, and the members of the gang have passed through two or even three generations.”

Wei deacon dressed in cloak and holding a long spear standing In the first chapter, loudly shouted:

“We, led by the fish and dragons, gather together in one place, in order not to be bullied by others, and to live a good and stable life in this Huo Family Fort.”


“Several decades, how many people have the gang protected?”

“We come from all over the world, but we are already a family, and we have long since separated from each other!”

” Now that the leader of the meeting is missing, Second Elder is doing the wrong thing, trying to break up the Ichthyosaur Society and conspire with others, shall we agree?”

“No!” Fatty Han took a step forward and raised his long spear. , angrily roared:

“Whoever dares to split the Ichthyosaur Society is the sinner of the Ichthyosaur Society and the enemy of us, we will never agree!”

” No promise!”

“No promise!”

Everyone roared, blood was agitated for a while, and swords and soldiers were clanking.


Wei deacon’s voice was somber, suppressing the roars of the crowd:

“Now the surnamed Gu is secretly planning to deal with me and so on, we also Don’t be polite to them, I’ll end them today.”

“And tell others by the way!”

“No one can escape the Ichthyosaur Society alive!”



The crowd roared, and the momentum was overwhelming.


Zhao Gang approached and whispered:

“The white hair is gone.”


Wei deacon’s eyes lit up, and he waved his big hand forward:

“Go, kill Gugou and take his station, it’s worth the trust Third Elder has in us! “


The gate opened, and more than a hundred people rushed out.

Wei Zhixing had already made arrangements for today’s plan. Although it was a temporary gathering last night, he had already seen all the experts around him he could trust, and he would definitely be able to kill a completely unprepared surnamed Gu.

It’s not yet dawn, and most people are still in confusion at this time. They want to come to Gu’s side, but they didn’t expect that they would make a surprise attack at this time.

A group of people rushed forward and arrived near the Deacon Gu station in a short time.

In the ear, there is silence.

It made the people in front a little suspicious.

But at Wei Zhixing’s urging, everyone gritted their teeth and rushed towards the station with a low roar.

No one stops you!

No response!


“What’s going on?”

There was still no response until the screams of killing rushed to the door of the station, causing a group of people to rush over. looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Get out of the way!”

Fatty Han loudly roared, one foot to avoid the station outer sect.


The wooden door flew out heavily and fell to the ground.

The scene in the eye, let everyone be stunned.

The raised sword and gun also slowly lowered.


Corpses everywhere, withered blood almost covered the entire station, all kinds of stumps and minced meat scattered all around, a mess.

Fatty Han stared blankly and looked back towards Wei Zhixing.

Wei deacon was also dumbfounded.

What’s going on?

The other party fell down before he started?

is it possible that…

Is it something that Elder secretly instructed others to do?


Several smart people rushed to the station early, running back from time to time, the soundtrack was excited:

“The death of the surname Gu It’s gone!”

“There are two other Grade 7 experts, both dead, by the sword, who must have killed them last night with the sword.”

“All dead?” Wei Zhixing corner of mouth twitching.

An expert with a sword?

Who is that?

(End of this chapter)

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