Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Finding People

There are so many things that are naturally impossible to put in the tree house.

Not secure.

And now the conflict between Second Elder and Third Elder seems to be difficult to end in a short time, and Zhou Jia’s residence has also been exposed.

It’s even worse if someone finds something.


He put East XZ near Black Forest.

Hei Lin, who is extremely dangerous to others, has the characteristics of a quiet star and listens to the wind, but to Zhou Jia, it is a hiding place.

Inner city.

Among the ruins, shabby houses have emerged.

Whether the house can shelter from the wind is a matter of choice, but at least it gives other people the impression that this place has a master.


It’s like a scavenger.

Look for useful things from the rubble and rubbish heaps.

Nowadays, Huo Family Fort has become a no-man’s land, the Great Influence is surging, and no one presides over the restoration of the city wall, and the inner city is becoming more and more desolate.

The fighting between various scavengers can be seen everywhere.

On the contrary, it is an outer city, which is much safer.


Cracked wood chips made a crisp sound underfoot.

Zhou Jia came here again, looking at the broken wall in front of him, and the many bones in between, his eyes were lonely.

In the Huo Family Fort, there are not many people who care about him.

Chen Hui, set in it.

The lively and cheerful old classmate, as well as the shy and pure Lv Rong, have all helped him without hesitation when he was in need.

“This brother!”

Stopping a man nearby, Zhou Jia cupped his hands and said:

“Have you ever seen the man who used to live in this house? two women?”

“They are in their early twenties, dressed up…”

“I’ve never seen it before!” Cautiously stepped back:

“You go ask someone else, I don’t know the situation here.”

“Friend.” Zhou Jia sighed and looked at the other party:

“You used to live nearby, right?”

“You don’t look like an out-of-towner from your clothes and smell. In just a few days, some things can’t be wiped off.”

“You…” The man’s face changed, and now the situation in the inner city and outer city has reversed. As an inner city person, he feels even more insecure.

He said in a low voice:

“I really don’t know. I hid in the cellar when the beast swarm came. I don’t know what happened around here.”

“But after the beast tide, everyone who survived in this yard went to Huo’s house, but on the night of the riot, the situation in Huo’s house was even worse.”

Zhou Jia’s eyebrows drooped slightly:

“many thanks.”

“en.” Seemingly aware of Zhou Jia’s loneliness, the vigilance in the man’s eyes dissipated a little, and touched the chin suggested:

“To be honest, the women in this house have no cultivation base, I’m afraid they are most likely…”

“Of course, if you really want to look for it, you can go inside and ask Miss Lawrence, he is Huo Huo. Neil’s concubine.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up:

“Ask where is Miss Lawrence?”

” All I know is that she’s not dead.” The man shook his head:

“You should know that now whether it’s the inner city or the outer city, everyone is chasing and killing people from Huo Mansion, and she must be hiding.”

“This way…” Zhou Jia squinted his eyes and bowed his hands:

“many thanks!”

He has been to the inner city several times, this is the first time There is a clue, and gratitude comes from the heart.

“You’re welcome.” The man shook his head and sighed helplessly:

“However, if you have this heart, you’d better not have too much hope.”

“You’re welcome.” p>


Zhou Jia nods.

He actually knew very well that the hope of Chen Hui and her daughters surviving was extremely slim, but as long as there was a chance, he would not give up after all.

It has been several days since the night of the riot.

There has been no news, I am afraid that most likely has died, and this time I came here again, and the psychological comfort has outweighed the hope.


looked towards the direction of Huo’s residence, the starlight in Zhou Jia’s mind lit up slightly, and the quality of listening to the wind from Earth Moxing was already aroused.

Different from Earthstar violence.

Even if listening to the wind is not stimulated, it can still greatly increase the ear strength, and the consumption of physical strength after stimulation is not large.

In an instant.

Innumerable sounds poured into both ears.

The sounds that should have been chaotic and disordered, controlled by the characteristics of listening to the wind, turned into a ‘picture’ and slowly unfolded in my mind.


It has a certain cultivation base and deliberately conceals its identity.

With the target locked, Zhou Jia moved slowly in the inner city, listening to the voices of passing women.


In the ruins.

A slow-sounding woman with an iron rod in her hand struggled to pry open a collapsed wall and pick up a few small objects from below.

With a smile on his face, he wiped his body and threw it into the bag behind him.

These bauble are worthless in the eyes of out-of-towners, but she knows very well that some rich people have a preference for this thing.

It can be sold for a price.

The key is.

Find the right buyer.

“Miss Lawrence.”

A gentle man’s voice sounded, making the woman’s complexion greatly changed, her body tightened instantly, and she raised the iron bar in her hand to point at each other.

“Who are you, you found the wrong person?”

“Miss Lawrence, there is no malicious intent here.” Zhou Jia raised his hands, showing goodwill:

“I just want to ask you about two people.”

“I said, I’m not Lawrence, and I don’t know the person you said.” The woman looked panicked and swung the iron rod desperately:


“Hurry up, hurry up!”

“I really have no malicious intentions.” Zhou Jia reluctantly took two steps back and took out a patty from his body:

” Since you’re not Miss Lawrence, can you allow me to ask a few questions?”

“…” The woman’s hands froze, her eyes fixed on the meatloaf, her throat rolled subconsciously, Only looked towards Zhou Jia.

“You, what do you want to ask?”

Zhou Jia handed over the meatloaf and said slowly:

“I want to ask about my two friends The clue.”

“Friend?” The woman froze, grabbed the meat patty and stuffed it in her mouth, rolling her throat desperately, even biting her own lips without caring:

“I can’t imagine… uh…, this kind of place… hiccup…, who would care about friends?”

“You eat slowly.” Zhou Jia looked worried:

“I have another one here, be careful not to choke.”

It’s okay to choke, but it’s bad if you choke.

“Who are you looking for?” The woman efficiently swallowed the meat patty, licked her dirty fingers, and tasted the faint meaty taste on it:

“Agreed in advance. , whether I know it or not, give me the meatloaf.”

“No problem.” Zhou Jia took out another meatloaf and asked:

“My two My friends are Chen Hui and Lu Rong. They used to take care of Miss Qian in the outer house, but they were brought into Huo’s house after the beast swarm.”

“The two of them…” The woman’s eyes were dazed, and she said The movements of connecting the meatloaf were all paused, and after hesitating for a while, he shook his head and said:

“They were indeed taken into the Huo Mansion, but…”

“The situation in the Huo Mansion that night , more chaotic than other places, those people rushed in and killed people and robbed things, together…”

“It’s all messed up!”

The woman’s eyes were wide-eyed. Hong, wanted to cry but there were no tears, just a hoarse business, holding the meat pie tightly with both hands, lowered his head and his body trembled slightly.

“I don’t know their situation. I was in the side courtyard at the time, and they were arranged in the backyard. The backyard was the last to be attacked.”

“Maybe, I can survive. .”

Zhou Jia’s hands were tight, his eyes were bright, and his business couldn’t help trembling:

“Is what you said true?”

“Heh… …” The woman took out a handkerchief from her bosom, wrapped the meat patties carefully, cautiously into her bosom, and shook her head:

“What am I lying to you for, those people will kill anyone they see, like It’s like a lunatic, but some of it has a purpose.”


“Just maybe, they may not be dead.”

Her voice was low, and she obviously didn’t even believe it herself, but Zhou Jia was shocked. After all, she finally had some good news.


At this moment, a magnetic female voice sounded:

“Are you looking for someone?”

Zhou Jia turned around and saw that the hotly dressed Miss Wu Family was surrounded by people, looking this way.

“I still have something to do, I’ll go first.” Seeing Young Lady Wu, the woman turned pale, hurriedly lowered her head, and trotted to other places.

β€œYoung Lady Wu.” Zhou Jia hands over:

β€œMeet again.”


Young Lady Wu shrugged:

“I can’t believe that you are quite able to endure it, and you haven’t died over and over again.”


She is beautiful His eyes flickered, and he said with a fatal smile:

“You are looking for someone near my house, why don’t you look for me again?”

“This is your house?” Zhou Jia was taken aback.

“Of course.” Young Lady Wu cleaned her hair and said:

“Although it’s in ruins now, it won’t be long before the Wu Family will come back. Clearly, in this world, strength is the foundation.”

“When the time comes…”

She narrowed her eyes, very ruthless, gnashing teeth:

“I have one after another in my Wu Family’s mind when they broke into my house, and I will not let one go!”

Zhou Jia has no objection to this. .

On the night of the riots, people from the outer city did attack the inner city, causing many people to die.

Without Huo Mansion, other forces will rise.

The short-term power vacuum will not be occupied by ordinary people from outside the city. The power will always belong to the powerhouse, which will never change.

After venting her anger, Young Lady Wu beautiful eyes flashed and looked towards Zhou Jia:

“You are looking for the two women who served Miss Qian, right?”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia’s heart skipped a beat:

“Young Lady Wu knows the clue, please let me know, Zhou Jia is very grateful!”

“I really know.” Young Lady Wu raised her eyebrows, looked at Zhou Jia up and down, stuck out her tongue and licked the corner of her mouth, the tape tempting: “However, why should I tell you? “

“What does Young Lady Wu want?” Zhou Jia frowned.

“I want you.” Young Lady Wu directly stretched out her hand and gestured twice:

“You play with this Young Lady for a few days, and when this Young Lady gets tired of playing, when The time comes, I will tell you the bot lane of those two maids, how about that?”

Zhou Jia raised his head.

I have to say that Young Lady Wu is not bad in appearance, and her body is even hotter, probably because she has practiced Dual Cultivation, her whole body is full of temptation to men.

Definitely a stunner.


“Young Lady Wu is joking, you want a man, Huo Family Fort has something, so who can get it next.”

Gently Shaking his head, Zhou Jia spoke slowly and in a flat tone:

“As for my two friends, they are not strong enough, and most likely died on the night of the riot. There are only some bones left.”

“Young Lady Wu, why bother playing around.”

“Not necessarily.” Young Lady Wu pouted:

“Why don’t you think about it, they didn’t die?”

“hua! ”

Before she could finish her words, she saw Zhou Jia turned around without saying a word, It is even more serious.

Not dead!

But he didn’t come to see himself, not even to summon.

There are not many places to go.

Damn it!

Why didn’t you think of this ahead of time?

(End of this chapter)

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