Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 94


Chapter 94 Cells

Huo Family Fort has a long history of human trafficking.

When they first arrived at the Ruins Realm, Situ Lei’s group of four planned to sell Chen Hui and other women to the Fish Dragon Society in exchange for a certain amount of Origin Stone.

It’s not just the ichthyosaurs.

Black Lotus and Liurentang also do population business, but mostly they do both.

Big head.

It’s still a ichthyosaur club!

According to Dai Lei’s inadvertent disclosure, it can also be known that all the guests of the Fish Dragon Club have extremely cruel special hobbies.

In order to take care of them, the women in the clubhouse have a certain number of casualties.


Not just women.

Beautiful men also have customers.

In addition, the servants needed by the Aristocratic Family in the inner city are also purchased from the clubhouse.

Not to mention, the Fein world has a long tradition of slaves, and some ‘spell’ can even imprison others’ minds and fleshy bodies.

The placement of ‘new people’ naturally has a specific place.

“You haven’t had any new products here recently?”

In the corner, Zhou Jia, wearing a black robe, held back someone and spoke in a muffled voice.

“Big…big brother.” The other side looked pale and tremblingly said:

“Really not, during this time, the Huo Family Fortress is full of beasts, It’s turbulent, a mess, how can there be time to buy new products?”


He swallowed saliva and said, cautiously:

“the In the past few days, there have been conflicts within our Fish and Dragon Club, and even the clubhouse has not been opened, so naturally we have not admitted new people here.”


The other party said something. It makes sense, but Zhou Jia’s heart sank.

Is it my guess?

Not dead and unable to contact herself, Chen Hui and her daughters are most likely to be caught, and human trafficking is the main cause of the Ichthyosaur Society.

Not here, where else?

After thinking for a while, he pressed his voice and asked:

“Besides here, where else is responsible for buying new products?”

“I said, Will you let me go?”


“I say, I say.” Murderous aura stepped forward, body trembled, obediently and honestly, the always bullying guard Dao:

“In addition to here, there are two places where new people will be temporarily placed, but at this time, there will definitely be no new goods there.”


After saying the address, the guard raised his hand and swore:

“I didn’t hide a word, and if I didn’t tell the truth, I would be struck by lightning.”

“I believe in you.”

Zhou Jia nodded, punching his throat when the other party’s eyes filled with ecstasy.



After a while.

Under the black robe, the gloomy Zhou Jia grabbed another person again, and his voice was a little angry:

“No new people?”

“Really No!” The fat woman fell to her knees and kowtowed repeatedly:

“Master, I really haven’t been here lately.”

“The beast horde invaded the inner city. Riots, so many people are homeless, and they are all from the inner city, all pampered and beautiful.” Zhou Jia growled:

“You dare to say that fish and dragons will not be interested?”

“Their prices are several times more expensive than those bought from outside the city!”

“This…” The woman complexion stiffened and stammered:

“But we really didn’t have any new products here, and there was no notification issued recently in the meeting to let us prepare to receive new products.”

Seeing the murderous aura on Zhou Jia’s body, she The body full of fat trembled, and hurriedly said:

“But I know a place, there may be people.”


“It’s very weird there, mysterious and secretive. From time to time, some people will be bought, but the people of the past have never appeared again.” The woman said:

“I don’t know what they buy people for. “

“Speak!” Zhou Jia stepped forward:





The terrain of Huo Family Fort is like a col, with mountains on both sides.

The trees on the mountain are sparse, and it is rumored that it has the power to suppress the undead, and the white-haired wind that can melt living creatures also comes from it.

There are mountains.

There are caves naturally.

Zhou Jia’s silhouette appeared near a cave, hiding in the woods, and looked at it from the air.

There are teams of Fei Mu warrior guards at the entrance of the cave, and there are secret whistles nearby, and there are people who come in and out of the cave from time to time, all dressed in uniform.


The black robe with strange patterns and the unifying frenzy in his eyes are the Evil God believers who took the opportunity to search for supplies on the night of the riot.

Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes and quietly hid his figure.

There are experts!

The two guarding the entrance of the cave, armed with giant swords, dressed in mighty heavy armor, and completely motionless with their feet on the ground, are like two door gods.

The heavy armor on their bodies reminded Zhou Jia of Ding Family’s crocodile armor.

This kind of armor weighs hundreds of kilograms, and is not afraid of attacks below Grade 7 combined force, even Grade 8 experts can only barely break the defense.

There are no more than ten such treasures in the Huo Family Fortress.

And those who can wear such heavy armor are mostly experts above Grade 7.

The heavy armor on these two people is slightly different from the god crocodile armor in detail, but the baleful aura is compelling, and the formidable power is probably not much different.

Zhou Jia pondered in his heart, and his eyes could not help sinking.

Just facing these two people, he doesn’t have much confidence, even more how there seem to be other experts in the cave.


With a move in his heart, he shrank back and suppressed his breath.

“Young God!”

“Master Qian Young!”

In the compliments of a group of people, Qian Yunfan stepped out of the cave .

He glanced back and waved to the person beside him:

“You, come here.”

“Master Qian Young.” He blushed and approached with excitement:

“What do you have to say…”


Before he could finish his sentence, he was caught by money Yun Fan slapped his head with a slap, and the huge force directly caused his head to sink into his chest.

The weird corpse shook before falling to the ground.


The faces of the people around were pale, and they all fell to their knees.

“Young God’s mission is to spare your life!”

“Forgive your life!”

“I said it long ago.” Qian Yunfan took out a white The handkerchief, wiped the dirt on the hand, and threw it aside:

“The people here are for sacrifice, don’t touch, don’t move, it will be of great use after a while.”

“You guys, why don’t you listen?”

His voice was calm and his face was calm, as if he was talking about trivial matters at home, but the people kneeling on the ground were all shiver coldly.

It seems like something big is about to happen.

Their hunch was not wrong.

“All the people who were on duty last night were killed.”

With a light wave, Qian Yunfan stepped forward:

“Let me find out that someone is doing it again. Small action, everyone here, die!”


A warrior in armor stepped forward, swung the giant sword, and fell to the ground one after another, for a moment Kungfu killed more than a dozen people.

There was no one who knelt down to resist.

Watching Qian Yunfan take the armored warrior away, Zhou Jia slowly retracted his gaze, listened to the wind, and extended inward along the cave.

In an instant.

The simple cells appear in the ‘line of sight’.

One of the cells made his eyes light up.




In the dark, damp caves, simple cells were dug out one by one, the thickness of a child’s arm. the wooden stakes to stop the people inside.

It’s not that no one has thought about running away, after all, even if the body is weak, these wooden stakes can’t stop the Martial Artist of Grade 3 and even Grade 4.

But the bones outside the cell are the example.

The breath of despair spreads in the darkness. Those who were children of wealthy families in the inner city not long ago have now been reduced to life and death.

“Miss Jiu.”

dishevelled hair, covered in dirt, Chen Hui hugged a girl and shook it gently, with a crying voice:

“Don’t sleep , and persevere.”

“Persevere?” Miss Jiu’s face was pale, corner of the mouth flow blood, and her voice was so weak that she couldn’t hear it at all:

“What’s the point of persevering?”

“It’s nothing more than being pulled out and used as a sacrifice to pay homage to Evil God.”

“These bastards…”

“I’d rather die than be a sacrifice!”

“Yes.” Lu Rong said weakly:

“Dead early, die late, It’s inevitable to die, what’s the difference.”

Chen Hui’s body collapsed and her face was full of despair, but she still struggled and said:

“What if, what if there is a chance? “

“Even the Huo mansion is gone, what chance is there?” Lu Rong turned her head sideways, her eyes dull:

“You think now, who else can save us?” ? Fatty Han ? Zhou Jia ? Even if they know about this place, they will die if they come, and most likely they will not come.”

hearing this, Chen Hui fell silent, looking at Miss Jiu who was dying beside her, He just hugged her slowly and warmed each other with his own body temperature.

In a daze, she raised her head suddenly:

“Someone broke in!”

“Huihui.” He murmured:

“You are dreaming again.”

“Dreaming.” , how could there be someone here…”



The two looked at each other and stood up suddenly, even weak Miss Jiu also held her breath and opened her eyes to look in the direction of the hole.

“pu ε‘²ε‘²…”


one after another white air blade slashes wildly along the path of the passage, wherever it passes , Even the hard rocks were cut with deep impressions.

Extreme speed, fierce source power, and exquisite strength emission skill, the three are perfectly combined, and the power of the split wind ‘sword’ method can be fully displayed.

After leaving Qian Yunfan and the two armored warriors, the Evil God Cult guards who were guarding the place were the lambs to be slaughtered in front of Zhou Jia.

Reaching all the way, there is almost no enemy.


With the whistling wind, the screams of the Evil God Cult disciples, and several corpses flew, he has rushed into the many cells in the cave. .

In the darkness, in the cells, hope appeared in those eyes that were originally despair.

“Be careful!”

A faint voice came from a nearby cell, reminding Zhou Jia.


In the darkness, the Death Knight with three heads exuding strong Corpse Qi quietly appeared. This kind of monster is comparable to Grade 7, and it can be used by cultists. manipulation.

They have been hiding in the dark of the cell to prevent anyone from escaping.

It’s more able to kill people who break in!


Death Knight opened his mouth wide and roared silently, impacting the minds of the living.

One of them carried a long spear, and the skeleton horse under the crotch stomped with four hoofs, rushing forward with a black smoke, and the long spear charged and stabbed.

The other two raised the swords in their hands and drank lowly.

Zhou Jia’s eyes twitched and he didn’t hesitate to spark violence.


A shield appeared in front of him, the source power of the shield oscillated, the rays of light touched it, and returned to the original path at a faster speed .

2nd layer shield against!

The long spear slammed into the shield, counterattacked with great force, and the skeleton horse screamed and raised its front hooves high.


Moon capture!

Life Seizing Sword turned into a black glow, pierced through the horse’s neck, and gently wrapped around the rider’s neck.

“gu lu…”

The head rolled to the ground.

Zhou Jia’s figure remained unchanged, just like a phantom light, and continued to charge forward. The explosive force of Grade 9 made the air wave that almost appeared naked eye in front of him repelled him.

Extreme speed, even beyond the limit of human eye response.


As soon as they collided, one Death Knight collapsed on the spot.

The other end didn’t last long before being cut off.


Zhou Jia swung his sword, sword qi hurricanely, and chopped the stakes of several cells:

β€œThe others Let it out and go!”

(End of this chapter)

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