Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Way Out


Aware that something was wrong, Qian Yunfan hurried back and clenched his teeth, staring at the jungle trembling jungle, roaring loudly:

“Who did it?”


“What are you doing, hurry up and chase after me, if you don’t have enough sacrifices in time, you will… take your life to fill it up!”



Evil God Cult bowed as he should, moved towards the jungle crazily.

“Suspected Grade 9 Sword Art expert?”

Watching everyone chasing the sacrifice, Qian Yunfan’s eyes narrowed with hatred:

” There are only so many Grade 9 experts in the Huo Family Fortress, who is this person, who dares to ruin my major event, if I find it…”

“The corpse will be broken into thousands of pieces!”




The three women supported each other and staggered away.

Although they live in a relatively safe inner city, Chen Hui and Lv Rong still have a sense of crisis, so they have never neglected Cultivation.

With sufficient monthly money, their cultivation base is close to Grade 3.

Miss Jiu doesn’t need to say much, she has become a Grade 6 by ‘killing’ ominous beast at a young age, and she can still walk like a fly even if she is seriously injured.



“I tell you to stop!”

Behind, Evil God Cult The ‘sacrificial offering’ who escaped from the chase heard the sound of getting closer and closer to the three girls, which also made them look terrified.

Miss Jiu gritted her teeth.

She stayed in that cold cell for a few days, and even if she died, she would not be taken back.


A group of men and women in ragged clothes rushed out of the jungle and fled in all directions. More than a hundred Evil God Cults in black robes were behind them. Reluctant to chase.

Some people were caught up, screaming and having their legs broken.

Some people have fled into the outer city limits and rushed into the inhabited place, desperately shouting for help.


With a scream, Lu Rong staggered under her feet, lost her balance and threw herself forward, tumbling into a thorn.

The branches full of barbs slashed across her body, leaving red marks all over her body and blood dripping out.

“Rong Rong!”

Chen Hui stopped at her feet and hurriedly turned around to help Lu Rong.

“Clumsy!” Miss Jiu stomped her feet angrily, looked at the two girls, and finally stopped angrily to help clean up the tangled thorns:

“Quick, go quickly. !”

“Wu…wu wu…”

Lu Rong cried loudly, and was limped forward by the two of them.

Although she was not a pampered child in Earth, she was not worried about food and clothing. After entering the Ruins Realm, she suffered some hardships, and then she entered the inner city to live a stable life.

In the past two years, although I was a slave, I didn’t suffer much.

This time.

The grievances in my heart welled up together, and when the tears came out, I couldn’t stop it.


Miss Jiu growled:

“If you don’t want to die, don’t make a sound, cry no matter what, my family will be fast I didn’t cry when I died!”


In the back, the leaves were shaking, two big men rushed out, and when they saw the three girls, they yelled in a hurry :


The three women’s faces turned pale, and they tried their best to speed up.

“I told you to stop!” One of them was angry, his body rushed, and the long soft whip in his hand was fiercely pulled out first.


Although no one was hit, the strong wind swept the three girls who had been gritted their teeth to the ground.


Miss Jiu’s heart was blank, and she let her body fall to the ground.

“Chen Hui?”

“Lu Rong?”

At this moment, a strange man’s voice sounded.

“Why are you here?”

“Passenger A!”

Chen Hui, who was already desperate, raised her head and saw the silhouette in front of her. Eyes filled with ecstasy, then the complexity greatly changed, and hurriedly said:

“Be careful!”

Before she finished speaking, the two of them had already chased after her.

One of them held a soft whip around his neck, the other slashed sharply with a knife, and attacked the key points. They shot very ruthless, all of which were killer moves.


Zhou Jia hummed softly, and with a flick of his shield, he stopped the attack in mid-air, and a subtle flash of lightning made the two of them stiffen. .


The double-edged axe swung out, and the two heads flew high.

“Grade 6!” Miss Jiu’s eyes lit up and her heart was ecstatic.

It was saved!

“What’s going on?”

After rescuing the person, Zhou Jia looked around in surprise. There were also several women fleeing nearby, while the chasing soldiers behind There is still some distance.

After thinking for a while, he embraced Lu Rong, who was injured under his feet:

“Leave here first!”


After one hour.

The tree house.

Zhou Jia looked gloomy and looked towards the ninth miss with a bit of stubbornness in her eyes:

“Are you the ninth miss of Huo’s house?”

“Not bad. !”

Miss Jiu raised her head:

“My name is Huo Xingqiao, it’s Miss Huo Fu Jiu, if you think that saving me will cause you trouble, I will immediately Just go.”


Chen Hui’s eyes were flustered, looking towards Zhou Jia:

“Passerby, without Miss Jiu, that day We are already dead at night, don’t drive her away, at least… wait until Miss Jiu recovers from her injuries.”

Lu Rong was crying and nodding.

“You don’t understand.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Now in the entire Huo Family Fortress, all the forces are liquidating the Huo Family. Being caught is one word, death.”

“even more how is the lady of Huo’s house!”

“Once someone found her hiding here, all of us would There is no escape!”

Nowadays, the Great Influence of the Huo Family Fortress is surging, but the liquidation of the Huo Family Fortress is a consensus.

After all, if the original owner of the Huo Family Fort is not cleaned up, it will be difficult for them to justify taking over the Huo Family Fort even if they integrate multiple forces.

Huo Family, must die!

“It’s Big Brother Zhou.” Lu Rong raised her head with tears in her eyes:

“Everyone in the prison knows that we are with Miss Jiu, even if you drive away Miss, we are afraid I can’t get rid of the relationship.”


Zhou Jia’s heart sank again.

Lu Rong’s words are true.

At that time, there were two to three hundred men and women in the cell. Some escaped and some were captured. In short, this matter can no longer be kept secret.

Whether it’s Huo Xingqiao or Chen Hui’s two daughters, as long as they are recognized, they are troublesome.

is it possible that, keep the three daughters in the house and keep them from going out?

a golden house to keep one’s mistress speaking of which

And Zhou Jia also has a lot of secrets, it is impossible to leave people behind, even more how Huo Xingqiao’s character is not the kind of obedient person.

I took a deep breath and asked:

“What’s Miss Huo’s plan next?”

“Huo Family…” Huo Xingqiao Zhang She opened her mouth and her voice trembled a little. Although she was strong, she still had a soft side:

“But there are still people alive?”

“As far as I know, no.” Zhou Jia shook his head. Seeing that Huo Xingqiao’s eyes were red, he hesitated for a moment and said:

“But Miss Qian is still there.”

“Qian Xiaoyun?” Huo Xingqiao She frowned, her eyes changed, and she even had a deep sense of hatred:

“Isn’t she very affectionate with my brother, and she also said that she would die together, why didn’t she die, Qian Family people…all of them… Damn!”


Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

“Miss, let’s go to ask Miss!” Chen Hui’s eyes lit up:

“Miss must have a way to save us.”

“Not bad! “

Lu Rong also echoed nodded.


It was Huo Xingqiao, with a disdainful face:

β€œShe saved you, it’s not bad if she didn’t hit a person when he’s down .”

“Well…” Zhou Jia pondered:

“Maybe, you can try.”

Currently, in various Great Influence and Under the pursuit of the cultists, there is a high probability that there is only one who can and is willing to bless the three girls. In fact, there is simply no choice.




Qian Family’s house.

The lonely house was wrapped by several giant sycamore trees.

Just like the cold palace in the Imperial Palace, it is not far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, but it is isolated from each other.


The two black clothed men reached out their hands to stop Zhou Jia and the three, shouted:

“This is not the place for you to come. Hurry up!”

“You two.” Zhou Jia lowered his voice and handed an Originium Stone:

“These two people next to me belonged to Miss Qian’s former residence. Maid, I escaped from the riot some time ago, and now I want to come back to find Miss.”

“Maid?” The big man raised his eyebrows, looked at the source stone in his hand, and said angrily:

“Ask the steward in the house about this. What are you doing here? If you ask the lady for everything, are you a lady or a maid?”

“No.” Zhou Jia said:

“Before the accident, the lady had instructed them to find her.”

Said, winking behind her.


Chen Hui motioned, raised her voice, and moved towards shouting:

“I’m Xiaohui, and Rongrong too. , do you still remember?”

“Shut up!”

The big man changed color, holding down his waist knife with one hand, with murderous intention in his eyes:

“Shout again. With a bang, don’t blame me for being impolite!”


Behind him, the wooden door opened automatically without wind.

A weak voice came from it:

“Let them in.”

“This…” The big man’s eyes flickered, hesitating for a moment, then coldly snorted, the three of them swept their eyes:

“Give you time to plant an incense, hurry up!”


Zhou Jia frowned subconsciously.

As Miss Qian Family, Qian Xiaoyun has the strength of Grade 8, but depending on the situation, even the gatekeepers don’t take her seriously.

Also arranged to live in such a place.

What’s going on here?

Pressing down the doubts in their hearts, the three stepped into the outer house.

In the small courtyard, a woman is holding a sleeping baby in a daze.

The woman’s hair was messy, her eyes were dull, her clothes were disheveled, her body smelled of milk and stench, and her face was pale.

Qian Xiaoyun?

Her appearance also made Zhou Jia groan in his heart, and the inwardly shouted was not good.


Chen Hui and the two girls were stunned when they saw this, tears in their eyes, and the tape choked up:

“How did you become like this? ?”

Said, the two women stepped forward with tears in their eyes to help Qian Xiaoyun comb her hair and wipe off the dirt on her body, cautiously not to disturb the baby.

“I…” Qian Xiaoyun raised his head, his eyes fell on Zhou Jia, his eyes showed a little trance, and a touch of gratitude quietly emerged:

“I remember you.”


“That night, thank you!”

“Miss Qian.” Zhou Jia did not answer, saying:

“These two friends of mine have something to do with Huo Mansion. , I’m afraid I’ll be implicated, can you help?”

“Help?” Qian Xiaoyun smiled wryly, shaking his head a little stiffly:

“I’m now powerless to defend himself, can I? What can I do for you?”

“Miss, don’t say such things.” Lu Rong rubbed her eyes with tears and cried:

“You will be fine, even if it’s not for the sake of it. You yourself, you shouldn’t be so decadent for your child, you should pull yourself together.”

“child…” Qian Xiaoyun bowed his head, his delicate body trembling:

” Yes, I still have a child.”

“Miss.” Chen Hui whispered:

“Miss Jiu is still here, she is with us, but she can’t go out.”

“Xiaojiu!” Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes brightened slightly, and he muttered:

“Xunjian has the best relationship with Xiaojiu. If he knows that Xiaojiu is fine, I believe he will. I’m very happy.”

“Miss Qian, it’s just okay for now.” Zhou Jia took the opportunity to speak:

“Now, all the Great Influences are liquidating the Huo Family members, if When someone discovers her whereabouts, Miss Jiu will definitely die!”

“Not bad!” Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes moved slightly, and she had regained her aura, her eyes were thoughtful, and she said:

“I have powerless to defend myself now, I can’t bless you, let alone help Xiao Jiu, so there is only one way to survive.”

“Leave Huo Family Fort!”

She took out a token from her body and handed it to Chen Hui:

“Out of the Huo Family Fort, there is Wangyun Mountain more than 30 miles south, and some people at the foot of the mountain will go to Hongzeyu recently. “

“There are a few friends of mine in there, and Xiao Jiu also knows them, and you follow them along.”

“Although the road is dangerous, but…”

“Better than staying in Huo Family Fort!”

hearing this, Zhou Jia subconsciously frowned.

Here to Hong Zeyu, it is a long, dangerous and unpredictable way. It is no exaggeration to say that it is nine deaths and still alive.


As Qian Xiaoyun said, there is no room for the three daughters in the Huo Family Fort.

(End of this chapter)

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