Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 96


Chapter 96 Recuperation

In a few days.




A muffled sound came from the wood house.

In the room.

Zhou Jia is naked and wearing only shorts. His streamlined muscles not only contain terrifying explosive power, but also have a unique beauty.

The sweat slipped off, leaving him shiny with oil. He closed his body in accordance with the cultivation technique and let the hanging iron blocks hit his body.


Every time it hits, there is a dull sound.

Hundreds of pounds of iron, under the acceleration of gravity, like a rammer, with heavy force, constantly beating every muscle.

The iron block collided with the flesh, the flesh trembled and dented, then rebounded with force, and the iron block flew out.

It goes on and on.

Long time.

Introduction to Tie Yuanshen (17/800)


After spitting out one mouthful of impure air, Zhou Jia slowly put away his body He waved his hand to stop the incoming iron block, and his face was a little helpless.

“Too slow!”

“It’s not worth the loss.”

With his Grade 7 combined cultivation base, cultivation Tie Yuanshen is naturally faster than ordinary people. Many, but still poor when it comes to efficiency.

After several days of ascetic practice, the experience did not increase much.

Coupled with the lack of a matching secret medicine, Cultivation half the results for twice the effort, far less effective than cultivation martial arts.

Shaking his head, he picked up the towel on the side and wiped it on his body.

The sachet under the towel made him pause.

The palm-size sachet was made by Chen Hui and Lu Rong. It was woven in a hurry and was not delicate. There was a mobile phone with a broken screen inside.

The two women have already left, together with Miss Ninth Huo Xingqiao.

Go to Hongzeyu.

This time of separation, life and death are uncertain, just as Chen Hui said, I am afraid that most likely heaven and man are separated, and we will never see each other again in this life.

Sachet, just think of it as a single thought.

The departure of the two women was considered to have ended a knot in his heart, but it was inevitable that he had some concerns.

“Hong Zeyu…”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed, looked thoughtful.

He could see that at that time Chen Hui and Lu Rong wanted him to follow him on the road, but the road was dangerous, called nine deaths and still alive, and the two women did not speak.

Even if he opens his mouth, Zhou Jia is afraid that he will refuse.

He just started to acquire nearly 10,000 Origin Stones, many precious medicines and cultivation techniques, and it was just when he was concentrating on Cultivation.

Unless compelled by circumstances, he will not leave Huo Family Fort during this time.


In the future, it should also be called Huo Family Fort.

Shaking his head and putting away the distracting thoughts in his mind, he picked up the axe and shield on the side, expression congeals, and the fine electric light was already around him.

The Thunder Axe!

Incorporating the wind-splitting axe method of the Great Perfection Realm, the Thunder-Breaking Axe not only has the domineering and fierceness of the original Furious Thunder Axe, but also has the speed of the Wind-splitting axe.

Every time the axe is slashed, the wind is no longer whistling, but the shadow of the axe spreads, like electric light flickering, slashing sharply along the flow of the air.

The formidable power is nearly doubled!

Although it is still in the mastering stage, but the rank has improved, I think the formidable power is superior to the ordinary martial skill Perfection, only strong but not weak.



The axe wind is low, the shield sometimes trembles, sometimes flips, in this small room Flexible operation.

A moment.


The air trembled lightly, and an invisible force swept all over the place, and the nearby tables, chairs and benches were repelled.

Proficient in shield shock (39/1000)

These days, in addition to trying to cultivate Tie Yuanshen, he also found a unique shield technique from the many secrets he started.

Shield shock!

It’s not the best martial arts, but it’s good.

It can gather the power of the whole body to form a shock wave on the surface of the shield, which is used to attack the opponent within 180 degrees in front.

Whether the formidable power is strong or not depends on the player’s control of the martial skill and his own strength. It is similar to shield strike, but obviously stronger.

For Zhou Jia, the formidable power of the shield shock is second, but this method has the magical effect of breaking through the siege in the case of being besieged.

The disadvantage is that it requires charging.

The longer the charging time, the greater the formidable power, the higher the proficiency, and the shorter the charging time of the same formidable power.

“Boom thump…”

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”


The door opened, and a one-armed silhouette walked in slowly.

“Zhou… Director.”

“Black three?” Zhou Jia looked surprised:

“You haven’t shown up for a while, I I thought you were already…”

“It’s good to be alive!”

“Supervisor!” He San’s eyes turned red, and he fell to his knees violently:

“Ask the supervisor to take me in!”

“en?” Zhou Jia frowned, waved his hand, and a strong wind lifted him up:

“Get up and talk.”


“Yes, supervisor.” He San’s voice trembled, and said:

“The little one had an arm beheaded, and although he survived, he is almost a crippled person. Don’t drive me away.”

“Hmm…” Zhou Jia squinted:

“How much strength do you have now?”

” This.” Hei San murmured and whispered:

“Grade 3.”

“Grade 3.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, seeing the nervousness on Hei San’s face, carefreely smiled, waved her hand and said:

“Although Grade 3 is a little weaker, just looking at the mines should be enough. Just stay and live.”

Compared with Hei San, Liu Ziyang, the deputy director of the mine, is stronger, but he has not escaped the disaster.

Zhou Jia is not someone who likes to manage small affairs. With the help of Hei San, he can save more time for cultivation martial skill.

“many thanks, Director!”

“many thanks, Director!”

Hei San was overjoyed, knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

Living in the Huo Family Fortress will inevitably offend one or two people. He has now lost an arm and his strength has been greatly reduced. If he loses the protection of the mine again…

I’m afraid it will be difficult live the next days.

Zhou Jia’s words seem to be light, but to him they are life-saving grace.




Time passes slowly.

The contradiction between the two Elders of the Ichthyosaur Society became more and more obvious until it broke out completely.

All kinds of news come one after another.

“Punishment Hall used to be close to the Third Elder, but recently, for some reason, it suddenly swayed left and right, as if trying to get a good price between the two parties.”

“Wei deacon is looking for A sword dao expert with a strength above Grade 8, it is said that the Qian Family is also looking for it, but I don’t know who it is.”

“The Third Master of the Kane family has come forward, and this guy plans to rebuild the Kane family. .”

“Second Elder’s food was poisoned, and the servant girl and cook were stabbed to death on the spot. Some people said that it was a secret plan by Third Elder, but Third Elder denied it.”

“I’m doing it!”

“Second Elder hasn’t made a move for many years, but this time, he actually showed his tenth-rank strength. He has always claimed that he is a Grade 9.”

“No wonder, no wonder Outer Hall Hall Master is so committed to him.”


“The winner is still Third Elder. Although Third Elder is only a girl, his strength is strong. Even stronger than Second Elder, he personally killed Second Elder.”

“I heard that Third Elder has only used ten moves, and he has not even used his full strength. It is very likely that he is already an Ultra Grade expert. !”

“Even if not, at the age of the Third Elder, he is expected to be in the Ultra Grade!”

“The Ultra Grade in the Huo Family Fort includes the Qian Family patriarch and the mysterious Liuren Hall. The old monster, the guest official of the Kane family, the wanderer from Baron, the Third Elder suspected of Ultra Grade…”

“This is just on the surface, there must be Black Lotus, but no one knows there is Some are alive, some are dead, the cloud burial forest is as big as the cloud burial forest, and maybe there is a loose cultivator Ultra Grade.”

“Some people say that there is a group of people in the Huo Family Fort secretly worshipping Evil God, most recently, missing. There are obviously a lot more people.”

“There are rumors that Qian Family people and Evil G od Cult is related to the public, but Qian Family denied it, and said that they would investigate who spread the news, and would never forgive if they found out. “

“Several parties, currently negotiating, may form an alliance to jointly manage the Huo Family Fort.” “


I have to say that although Black Lotus’ power is not obvious, it is extremely resilient. After a short period of repair, it has even sold information.


In addition to the many news that Hei San has heard.

All kinds of news on the surface are missing.

As for Fatty Han…


He has been promoted again.

He is responsible for managing the specific affairs of the inner hall and becoming a gradually raised rising star within the Ichthyosaur Association. >





This used to be the most famous restaurant in the outer city. Doujin belongs to the Huo Family.

Nowadays, it has become the business of Liurentang.

Zhou Jia, wearing a black robe, went upstairs with the greeting of Xiao Er. In the single room, I ordered a bowl of meat soup under the surprised gaze of the other party.

The meat soup in the house is the signature here.

Chop the most delicious parts of several ominous beasts into pieces. Minced meat, made into meat soup with Lingren secret technique, not only nourishes fleshy body but also tastes delicious.

The celadon flower bowl is only used to greet guests in the outer city.

The meat soup, like rice porridge, exudes a rich aroma. With the tumbling of the spoon, the oil on the surface ripples layer by layer.

A small bite, a warm feeling emerges from the stomach and body.


Under the hood, Zhou Jia showed satisfaction, nod gently.

A bowl of porridge, tasted carefully, it didn’t take long The bottom has been reached.


The door opened, and a person walked in with a smile:

“Brother Chen, is it not? Wait for me, eat alone? “

Speaking, he waved to the little Er behind him:

“One more, my friend will pay!” “

“Yes! “The little Er with two pointed ears lowered his head and chuckled:

“guest, wait a moment.” “

“Looks like there’s a good deal this time?” “Zhou Jia picked up the handkerchief on the side, wiped his hands lightly, and looked down at the package on the other side’s back.

The person who came was tall, with rough facial features and a beard face, hearing this with a smile:


“Of course! “

“Otherwise, I, Wang Wu, will make you pay.” “

Speaking, unceremoniously sat down on the opposite side.

Wang Wu is a member of Black Lotus, responsible for part of the business, of course he has his own way, Mr. Chen in front of him just appeared recently. A high-stakes guest here.

The other party is a bit mysterious, and every time he doesn’t show his true face, he becomes a fan of his true identity. I’m afraid even the title of Mr. Chen is fake.

But rich, it must be true.

This is not surprising.

Many people have made a fortune through animal swarms and riots. I don’t know how to do this kind of business.

“The church has collapsed, and the good things in it have been divided up, and some of them have fallen into the hands of the Great Influence and the wealthy. ”

“Some of them were acquired by good luck. “

When the meat soup was served, Wang Wu waved his hand to drive the child away, closed the door, took off the package and opened it:

“All kinds of spirit talismans, cheats, and staffs are all available.” “

“No heavy armor? “Zhou Jia’s voice was dull.

“hehe…” Wang Wu grinned:

“Ordinary heavy armor, friends probably don’t like it, and those Peak treasure armor, whether it is Which force, it is impossible to start selling it. ”

Zhou Jia understands.


Similar to the armor of the crocodile, it can fight at least Grade 1 after wearing it. If you change from Grade 7 to Grade 9, no amount of money can buy it.


There is a sudden chaotic sound outside.

“It’s fighting again! “Wang Wu opened the curtains, looked towards the market below and shook his head gently:

“It’s endless, it seems that the Huo Family Fort will continue to be chaotic if there is no owner for one day. ”

(end of this chapter)

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