Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 97


Chapter 97 is like a mountain

Zhou Jia looked out the window and slowly nodded.

There is no Huo Family in the Huo Family Fort. It is true that there is less search, but it also means that there is no protection and no one is responsible for the safety of others.

Whether it’s good or bad, it’s really hard to say.

That’s it.

On the street, for some unknown reason, five silhouettes surrounded a meat vendor, roaring and dashing with their swords.

The stall owner is fat, with a huge chef’s knife in his hand, and a pair of small eyes that show hideous, facing the siege of five people, he does not retreat but advances.

β€œpu! ”

β€œding ding dong dong  …”

The kitchen knives danced heavily in the hands of the stall owner, like a roaring wave, but every Involved in it, no matter the person or the weapon, they are all torn to shreds.

Obviously, the stall owner not only has martial skills, but also a treasured sword.

Although he is fat, his movement speed is not slow, especially when the explosion occurs, only afterimages can be seen in the field, and it is difficult to distinguish his true body.

Comparatively speaking, the five people who originally wanted to take advantage of them could only be described as ordinary.

In just a short while, there were five corpses lying on the spot.

For this scene, people on the street have become accustomed to it, no one stepped forward to stop it, but some people’s eyes flickered, looking thoughtful.

“Grade 7!”

Wang Wu raised his eyebrows upwards in the building:

“When did this cook get promoted to Grade 7, it is good luck. “

“What.” Zhou Jia said:

“You know?”

“en. “Wang Wu nodded:

“Fat chef Ge Liang, who has a storefront in the inner city, sells sausages very well, and now he has come to the outer city to hang out.”

“As long as you have the strength, no matter it is the inner city Even in the outer city, you can stand firm.”


He narrowed his eyes, looking towards Ge Liang:

“Injured ?”

“Not necessarily.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently.

“It seems to be clumsy.” Wang Wu nodded:

“This guy looks fat, but he is actually very careful. If someone wants to take advantage of it at this time, I am afraid that It will be extremely unlucky.”

Zhou Jia smiled without saying a word.

On the street, Ge Liang turned over several corpses, put away a few cloth bags, and pushed his own scooter to the jungle.

Among the onlookers, a few people quietly left and followed from behind.

The purpose is self-explanatory.


Wang Wu shook his head:

“Without the Huo Mansion crackdown, these people are becoming more and more irrespective of the law and of natural morality. It’s a pity that this time profiting from somebody’s misfortune, I’m afraid I chose the wrong target.”

“Friend, do you think Ge Liang is really hurt or fake?”

“What’s the matter? The difference?” Zhou Jia took a sip of the free tea.

“Yes.” Wang Wu lowered the curtains and shook his head with a smile:

“Whether you are injured or not has nothing to do with us.”



He opened the package and gestured with his hand:

“Let’s continue.”


“Excellent martial arts?”


Zhou Jia took over a few books, and there was no surprise at first in his eyes:

“This thing, bite off more than one can chew, and there are a lot more on the market recently. Less print and less valuable martial skills.”

At first.

When he saw the high-quality martial arts, he was still moved, and now he has been able to make waves.

It is good to have excellent martial arts, but one’s energy is limited, and it is far more efficient to study multiple martial skills than to specialize in one.

Even with his innate talent, he’s a little too busy at the moment.

“Can the ones in the market compare to mine?”

Wang Wuyi looked disdainful:

“The ones I shot are all excellent martial arts, in the past, only church warriors and Huofu nursing homes were qualified for cultivation.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia’s voice remained unchanged:

“Unfortunately, it is still a printed matter. , you should also be clear that once this thing becomes a commodity, it will be worthless.”

He doesn’t believe it, the other party only sells it to himself.

“hehe…” Wang Wu sneered:

“The same martial arts, a hundred kinds of cultivation, even if others have seen it, may not be able to crack, and once the Great Accomplishment Perfection “…”

“Don’t!” Zhou Jia waved his hand to stop his words:

“How many people are in the entire Huo Family Fortress who repaired the superior martial arts to the Great Accomplishment Perfection? “

Picking out one at random:

“This one!”

“Brother has a good vision!” Wang Wu praised:

“This mountain strength comes from the secret legend of the church. In fact, it should be the martial skill of the Dalin Dynasty. After learning it, the strength is as strong as a mountain.”

“Unless the strength exceeds too much, it will definitely be able to. If you have a shield, it will be even better.”

“It can also be used with this Chongyun Fist…”

“No need. “Zhou Jia pushed the other books over:

“Let’s take a look at the others.”

“Alright.” Wang Wu looked regretful, but still nodded, from the package Take out more than a dozen spirit talismans:

“The ‘spell’ of Fei Mu world is unpredictable and extremely miraculous, unlike the general cultivation martial skill, which must be practiced hard.”

“These spirit talismans, Grade 2 can also be activated.”

“Aura talisman, which can activate a strong light covering several feet, blinding the eyes for a short time; powerful bone rot, corroding fleshy body, The Grade 7 expert can be severely damaged; the sharp arrow technique can trigger three attacks as fast as the top of a mountain; the Wind Blade Technique can trigger several wind blades…”

Zhou Jia squinted his eyes and slowly swept across the table Spirit talisman on the top, and finally said slowly:

“How much is it in total?”

“If you want all of them, you can get a discount.” Wang Wu’s eyes flickered and he gestured:


“Three…two hundred and eighty Origin Stones!”

“Including this book as strong as a mountain?”

“Don’t be kidding friends, high-quality martial arts is even a printed matter , at least one or two hundred Origin Stones, right?”

“Three hundred Origin Stones, all packed!” Zhou Jia took out the purse:

“If possible, make a deal. “

“…” Wang Wu opened his mouth and sighed helplessly after a long time:

“For the sake of regular customers. ”

β€œDeal! ”





Zhou Jia put down the package and took out a wooden box, and cautiously put the spirit talisman in his hand.

After a period of collection, he has more than a hundred spirit talismans, many of which have formidable power and are more than enough for self-protection.


The reason why I collect spirit talisman is the lack of security in my heart.

It is different from the treasure armor.

Although spirit talisman is powerful, it can only be used once. Consumables, as long as the price is enough, even the sanctuary will sell it.

Put away the spirit talisman and pick it up like a mountain.

There is a smile on his face.

The appearance of the superior martial arts in the print edition on the market will indeed lead to a loss of value, but as long as it conforms to what I have learned, it is still rare.

This book is as strong as a mountain, and it is just right.

The energy of movement is like a mountain, and the energy of the whole body is condensed, which can resist all heavy blows.

Even if it is besieged at 360 degrees, as long as the mountain-like energy outside is not broken, the inner energy can be guaranteed. You don’t get hurt yourself.


It can be used with sword cultivation.

Swords work,

shields are better!


Following the recipes, Zhou Jia did not worry about cultivation, but took a pill and swallowed it in his belly, doing a silent cultivation technique on the cross-legged bed.

The next day .

cultivation Sanyuan Zhengfa, Thunder Axe, Shield Shake, Mountain Strength, plus practice Tie Yuan Body from time to time, 9th layer Climbing Steps…

Strength, a little bit Increase.

Zhou Jia’s life is full and promising.

The mine will also pass from time to time, and the transaction with Wang Wu will continue.

“Director, did you hear the wind? “The one-armed Hei San graciously poured tea and water:

“Several forces are already discussing, forming an alliance to jointly manage the Huo Family Fort, and now the first thing to do is to build the inner city wall. “

“It is said that this time the recruitment will give wages, and it is still a lot. “

“Really? “Zhou Jia nods:

“It seems that the days to come will be much more stable. “

“Yes!” “Hei San sighed with emotion:

“I thought that Huo’s house was being squeezed, which would make life difficult. Now that Huo’s house is gone, it’s getting more and more sad. “

“The inner city is in a mess, and the outer city is also in awe. There used to be blatant robbery, but now it happens every day.” “

“Hey! “

He sighed, helpless.

“It’s okay.” “Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

“Good day, coming soon. “

“That’s right. Montenegro nodded, and looked regretful again:

“Actually, you are already a Grade 6 supervisor. If you joined Third Elder at that time, there would be more than one supervisor now. “

Gnar’s Breath Technique can only cover up a layer of cultivation base, plus Zhou Jia’s intention to reveal it, now everyone knows that he has Grade 6.

Grade 6,

He is already qualified to be a deacon.

Especially Zhou Jia is Wei Zhixing in the eyes of others. Unfortunately, he made the wrong choice. p> After that, even if the fish and dragons will settle in the inner city, it will not benefit him.

Zhou Jia smiled and said nothing.

Compared with mixing the forces, standing on the top of the mountain , he is still more inclined to obtain power.

No need to climb high, no need to rely on, no cause and effect, simple, boring and real, power belongs to oneself, and there is no dependence.

… ………

The restaurant.

Liu Ciying cautiously approached Cheng Ping and said flatteringly:

“Master, the thing you ordered, I don’t know if there are any clues, I only have one brother, and it’s too aggrieved to die. “

Said, his eyes drooping and weeping.

He was born handsome, his skin was whiter and tenderer than a woman’s, his eyes were flowing with a natural aura, and he was also Cheng Ping’s favorite male pet. .

“I have reminded him a long time ago, don’t touch that kind of nagging sect, otherwise it will inevitably cause trouble, and he will not stop. “Cheng Ping frowned:

“You too, don’t persuade him, it’s right to be killed now!” “

“Master…” Liu Ciying’s body trembled slightly, tears were raining down, and her voice was choked up:

“Small persuasion, but it didn’t work, and it’s still not enough to say this now.” What’s the use, my brother can still be resurrected from the dead? “

“The little one doesn’t ask for anything else, just to find the murderer, avenge the brother, and hope that the Lord will do it!” “

Said, weeping and knelt down.

“Okay, okay.” “Cheng Ping looked helpless:

“So many people are watching, what are you doing, didn’t I give you a sum of Originium to buy rouge clothes yesterday, it’s not enough…”

“Master! “Liu Ciying’s voice mentioned, and she said delicately:

“Rouge gouache, can’t suppress the feeling of brother-in-law in my heart!” “

“You…” Cheng Ping got up in anger, looked at a few friends around him, and saw that they all looked at the play, helplessly said:

“Go to Zhao Fu and ask him if he has any clues. “

“Thank you, Lord! “Liu Ciying was overjoyed and kowtowed again and again, and then ran downstairs with tears in her eyes. Hehe haha came from behind.

Zhao Fu is a dog raised by Cheng Ping.

Liu Ciying is the same. , is Cheng Ping’s plaything in the house, but the two share the same heart, but they don’t meet each other’s eyes.

Zhao Fu is not strong, only Grade 5, but he is good at clinging, plus some tricks , is often dispatched to do some shady things.

When you see someone coming, curl one’s lip, pull over a chair and sit down.

“What the Lord ordered, this Zhao You must be attentive, but your brother has joined a cult, so it’s hard to see the light, and it’s hard to check. “

“Big Brother Zhao is tired.” “Liu Ciying forced a smile, took a few Originium stones from her body and handed them over:

“I only need such a brother, so I don’t want to bother. “

“Is he really your brother?” “Zhao Fu took the Origin Stone and looked at the other party with a faint smile, and when he saw Liu Ciying’s face changing color, he waved:”

“It may be your biological brother or ‘brother’, since the Lord ordered Yes, I will do my best. “

“According to the information I found, your brother was assigned to patrol somewhere outside the cell. Some people escaped that day, and he died on the way to pursue him.” “

“Most likely, killed by fleeing people.” “

“My brother is a Grade 5 anyway. “Liu Ciying looked puzzled:

“Those who were locked in the cell could kill him?” “

“Theoretically it is impossible, but no one can guarantee it. “Zhao Fu spreads his hands:

“For example, some people who fled saw that two prison guards were chasing three women when they were hacked to death by a man who appeared out of nowhere with an axe. “

“…” Liu Ciying’s body stiffened, her hands clenched tightly, and she gritted her teeth and said:

“Who is that person?” ”

(end of this chapter)

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