Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 98


Chapter 98 Rainy Night

It was drizzling.

The young leaves of the giant sycamore tree show a faint pink, like a flower with stamens, and it is really beautiful to bow its head quietly under the rain curtain.

A rainy day usually means there will be no whitish wind at night.

No wind.

The mine needs to be manned at night.

Fortunately, Zhou Jia is used to this. He has his own cultivation and rest area in the mine, which is not much different from the tree house.


As night falls, the blood moon is in the sky, and the rain is getting heavier.


Shuisheng took off his poncho and closed the door, moved towards a few people inside said with a smile:

“It’s okay over there in the mine. , it’s already covered, you can have a good rest now, several brothers, do you want to play a few games today?”


“It’s early in the morning, so play a few games. , play a few games.”

Some people refused, some people booed.

“Third Brother.” Shuisheng looked towards a silhouette with closed eyes resting inside:

“What do you think?”

“Whatever.” Hei San opened his eyes Eyes, he waved his hand indifferently:

“Keep your voice down, don’t disturb the supervisor behind.”

“I know, I know.” Stall, play the more popular nine-color cards in Feimu world.

The mine is an idle job, and the promising ones will not come.

It’s all about messing around, and naturally few are willing to be on duty at night, even more how it rains, it’s the time to take advantage of the opportunity.

It’s not bad to fall asleep without getting drunk.

As for black three.

He is not strong enough, and his prestige depends entirely on Zhou Jia behind him. He doesn’t want to offend a few people, but instead, he takes the initiative to make a good relationship with each other.

Outside, it’s raining more and more.

In the house, the atmosphere became more and more lively.

“Da da…”

Suddenly, a series of footsteps of neither too fast nor too slow came from outside the door, which made Shuisheng close to the door stunned and turned his head to look over. .

“It seems that someone…”


Before he could finish his sentence, the door was kicked open, and several people foul- Mouthed broke in.

“This damn rain, it’s raining so hard all of a sudden, the makeup on my face is about to wear off. What if you ask me to serve you today?”

The person who spoke The voice is delicate, obviously a man, but it gives the feeling of a woman.

Hearing the sound, he saw that it was a man dressed in red and purple.

“Master went to the Bliss Building today, I don’t need you to serve.” Zhao Fu waved his hand and looked towards the crowd:

“Who is in charge here?”

The few people playing cards stood up slowly, subconsciously holding the sword beside them, but there was not much hostility on their faces, after all, the people who came were wearing the uniforms of the Fish and Dragon Society.

Looking at the system, the status is higher than them.

“Several…” Hei San got up early and opened his mouth to speak. When he saw Zhao Fu, his complexion suddenly changed, and he bowed:

“This is not Brother Zhao, why do you have time to come to our small place at night?”

“Oh!” Zhao Fu looked sideways, his face trembling:

“Do you know me?”

“How many times have you met?” He San nodded:

“Brother Zhao is a big celebrity next to Master Cheng Young. It’s a pity that no one knows me. I have a shallow fate and I can’t get into Brother Zhao’s eyes.”

It was precisely because of his acquaintance that he was even more afraid in his heart.

This is the vicious and merciless lord. It is said that he likes to eat people’s hearts and is good at execution. Where he comes, there will never be good news.

“Now your fate has come.” Zhao Fu laughed, stepped forward and patted Hei San’s shoulder:

“Where is your supervisor Zhou Jia? Take us to see him .”

“You want to see Director Zhou?” Hei San was stunned and whispered:

“I take the liberty to ask, I don’t know how many people are looking for my family’s Manager, what is the so-called?”

“To kill him!”

The handsome Liu Ciying had a ferocious face and shouted in a shrill voice:

“I will kill him today. chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, the corpse is stewed and the meat is fed to the ominous beast, so that the hatred in my heart can be relieved!”


hearing this, three black faces and one white, the other guards in the mine also have different faces.

“What?” Zhao Fu narrowed his eyes:

“Today this matter was ordered by Master Cheng himself, do you want to stop it?”

How many people looked at each other in blank dismay.

Shui Sheng, who was near the door, suddenly had a stern face and said:

“I’ve seen surnamed Zhou’s dislike for a long time. The location is just right.”

“That’s right!”

“If you want to take down surnamed Zhou, do you need our help? What Master Cheng Young ordered, we It’s my duty!”

For a while, several people in the room agreed.

Although they are all messing around, they also understand who is strong and who is weak.


“Okay!” Zhao Fu laughed, looking towards Hei San:

“Where are you?”

Hei San was stunned for a while, swept around, his eyes flashed back and forth, then he gritted his teeth sharply, and picked up the steel claw beside him with one hand:

“Brother Zhao ordered it!”

“Okay!” Zhao Fu applauded:

“Wei deacon has a saying, a wise man submits to circumstances.”




Zhou Jia sits cross-legged on the futon, his chest and abdomen rise and fall in an orderly manner, and the precious medicine is transformed into the body The warm current, moved towards the limbs, swept through the bones.

The three-element rectification has never been interrupted.

However, after advanced to Grade 7, only relying on the cultivation of the three-element rectification method, the progress is getting slower and slower.

He has considered changing other methods.

Fortunately, there are still big medicines to assist, but it is barely enough, and although the progress of this method is slow, the source power has a solid foundation.

It is said that there is more hope for breakthrough of ordinary order.

Before you find a better method, you may wish to cultivate it first.

“Da Da…”

Chaotic and hurried footsteps appeared in the rain, getting closer and closer.



The door of the house was kicked open, and the cold wind carried raindrops into the house, causing the lights to flicker, and a plume of blue smoke escaped. .

“surnamed Zhou’s!”

Hei San’s eyes were wide open and glared at Zhou Jia angrily:

“What happened to you, surrender obediently!”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows, stood up slowly from the futon, and shook his head speechlessly:

“Even if Zhou loses power, it is because of me that you have the place to live today. Why do you have to do things so absolutely, isn’t it chilling?”

Speaking, looking towards the others, doubts appeared in their eyes:

“Who are you?”

He did do some shameful things, but he asked himself that there was no weak spot left, what was this group of people so angry about?

Especially one of the men, dressed like a woman, stared at him as if he was going to eat himself raw.


Zhao Fu sniffed lightly, his eyes swept over the furnishings in the room, his expression was strange:

“Yes. The secret fragrance of amethyst, which can increase the cultivation base, is a high-grade medicine, how can you live such a luxurious life as a small supervisor?”

These things, not to mention him, even Cheng Ping Young Master is also impossible to use every day.

“No wonder!”

Zhao Fu’s eyes were stunned:

“No wonder you were promoted to Grade 6 not long ago, it seems that you took advantage of the chaos in those days. I got a lot of good things, Master Zhao is here today.”

He didn’t want to come this time.

Liu Ciying wanted him to use the stunt chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades to torture and kill his brother’s murderer.

Good luck here!

Otherwise, how could there be such an unexpected harvest?

“Who are you?” Zhou Jia spoke again, examining the person who came.

Judging from the attitude of the black third-class mine guards, these people should have a certain identity in the Fish Dragon Club. Apart from the two in front, there are also three thugs behind.

The strength should not be weak.

But not too strong either.

Ichthyosaur will be true powerhouse, even if he is not familiar with it, he has seen it before.

“You killed my brother?” Liu Ciying’s body trembled and glared at Zhou Jia angrily:

“Quick, take him down for me, I will kill him alive!”

His tone barely fell, and everyone in the field had already moved.

The fastest mover was Zhou Jia.

In a flash, his silhouette was lost in everyone’s eyes.


Zhao Fu was taken aback for a moment, then looked towards Hei San.

In front of Hei San, there was a tall and sturdy silhouette. The man clasped Hei San’s throat with one hand and shook his head expressionlessly:

“The unfamiliar one. Things.”

With the blessing of listening to the wind, Zhou Jia’s explosive power is amazing, He San only saw a flash, and his throat was locked.

In his eyes, he was full of fear, but he was unable to struggle at all.


Zhao Fu roared, and a group of people swarmed up.

Zhou Jia squinted his eyes, his body did not retreat, but moved forward. He held Hei San with one hand and used a man as a shield. The crowd rushed over and his arms danced wildly.


The fleshy body in his hand roared and smashed into the crowd.

2nd layer shield against!



In an instant, several people were swept away by the fiercely, and the terrifying force made some people in In mid-air, the figure has been twisted and deformed.

The Hei San in his hands is even more shrugged, with only a layer of flesh left on his neck.

“How dare to resist!” Zhao Fu’s eyes flashed, he took a step back and waved forward:


The field manager was promoted to Grade 6. Naturally, he did not dare to be too careless, but is the promotion so short, so strong?

Compared to the mine guards, the people he brought are obviously stronger.

The three of them rushed forward with cold faces, slashing with two swords and swords, blade light and sword shadows forming a huge net, covering the area about one zhang.


The strong wind cracked the ground and walls quietly.

Two Grade 6, one Grade 5, and proficient in Combined Assault Technique, no less than Grade 7.

Zhou Jia squinted, his arm gently probed, and the shield on the side appeared in front of the blade light and sword shadows, like a thick tortoise shell across the spot, colliding against the trend.



The force of the shock caused the three to lean back to varying degrees.

Got it!

One person inwardly shouted badly, struggling to regain his balance, he was hit by a flash of electric light, and his belly was completely torn apart by a huge force.


Flesh, intestines, and gastric juices flew.

A human body, like a broken toy, all split up and in pieces before the twinkling axe.


The other two were hit by lightning, like shells out of their chambers.

In an instant.

Three deaths and none survived.


Liu Ciying screamed and turned to flee, a light suddenly appeared in her chest, and the axe blade pierced through her back and protruded from her front chest.

He opened his mouth and slowly fell to the ground as the axe was pulled away.

Zhao Fu’s face was pale, and he watched Zhou Jia step closer with no expression on his face. He couldn’t even show his resistance. He could only beg for mercy:

“Forgive my life… “


The thick shield blasted the head directly.

Glancing at the headless corpse, Zhou Jia walked towards the others with a cold face and an axe.

The guards were swept away by Hei San’s body. Even if they didn’t die, they were still broken, lying on the muddy ground and wailing.

“Supervisor spare your life!”

“We are forced, supervisor spare your life!”

Under the rain curtain, Zhou Jia was covered in blood, and his blood was washed by the rain , the blurred appearance looked a bit hideous.

He stopped in front of one person and swung his axe violently.


Go to another person.


After turning around, there were no more screams in the field. He went back to the room and simply packed up his things, ready to walk.

“Director Zhou!”

Amidst the rain, a person hurried over:

“Han deacon is looking for you?”

“Oh !” Zhou Jia raised his head, his eyelashes covered with water droplets:


“Outer room deacon.”

(End of this chapter)

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