Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 99


Chapter 99 The Departed

The inner hall is also divided into inside and outside. In

, it is where Zhou Jia takes the essence stone to manage the warehouse and count the goods.

In addition to distributing supplies and coordinating various places, it is also the place that has the most contact with other church services.

There are many foreign objects, so many Public Area Points have been set up, and the place where the deacon is located is called the deacon of the outer room.

It is only responsible for coordinating the distribution of materials, and a single deacon does not need to be very large.

Fatty Han is located in two large tree houses that are connected together, not near the gang’s station, but near the edge of the outer city.

The blood moon is in the sky.

The rain curtain looked a little gloomy.

one silhouette walked slowly out of the rain and came to the door of the deacon.


The raindrops kept falling, hitting the hair, shoulders and back, sliding down the already soaked clothes.


The two reclining in front of the door stretched out their hands to stop, looking at the person who was covered in rain, their eyes were slightly disgusted, and their tone was not so polite:



“What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for Fat Han… Han deacon.” Zhou Jia raised his eyes, the dense raindrops made his vision a little blurry, and his voice was a little erratic:


“He asked me to come over.”

“The one at the mine?”


“Go in. .” The guard waved his hand, saw the axe and shield behind Zhou Jia, and his voice raised again:

“Leave the weapon!”

Zhou Jia hesitated a little, and glanced around. , then slowly took off the weapon, placed it at the door, and stepped into the deacon with wet rain.

“That’s how things are!”

“You go down!”

In the back room, Fatty Han handed a letter to his subordinate, just relaxed, see you Zhou Jia pushed open the door and entered, with a look of joy on his face.

“Brother Zhou, here you are.”



He stood up, Greeted warmly, and at the same time raised the steaming kettle beside him, filled the two with hot tea and brought it to the front.

“I haven’t seen you for a while. I’ve been too busy during this time. How is Brother Zhou doing?”

Pulling Zhou Jia to sit down, he sighed with emotion:


“We all come from the same place. Even if we think differently, we don’t have to cut off contact. If we have time, we should walk around a bit more.” , but the body is more sturdy, and the brows are more like a high-ranking person.

The thick armor on the body is more heroic.

“en.” Zhou Jia nods:

“you’re looking for me?”

“I can’t find you if I’m okay?” Fatty Han said Laughing and holding up the teacup:

“Come on, drink tea!”

“There is no tea tree here, it is one that Wei Tou planted himself, but it took me a lot of effort to Ask him for a couple of taels.”

“…” Zhou Jia looked at the tea, the green tea silk rolled up and down in the boiling water, and there was a faint fragrance in the heat:


His voice was indifferent, his wet hair covered his cheeks, which made Fatty Han’s movements stiff, and the smile on his face slowly subsided.

Long time.


Fatty Han sighed, picked up the cup and drank it, not only his, but also the other cup placed in front of Zhou Jia.

“Don’t worry, it’s not poisonous.”

“You offended Master Cheng Young?”

“Cheng Ping?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“It looks like it is.”

“What does it look like?” Fatty Han was speechless and said directly:

“Master Cheng Young likes male sex, and there are The male pet is named Liu Ciying, and he is very fond of him. Liu Ciying has a brother who was killed.”

“I heard that you did it.”

He looked towards Zhou Jia, with an eye-strap inquiry.

“Really?” Zhou Jia indifferent expression.

He killed a lot of people, but not many people knew their identities, and it was impossible to ask the other party’s identity before every murder.


Fatty Han shook his head:

“It seems that a lot of people died in your hands.”

paused, he continued:

“Liu Ciying is Master Cheng Young after all, he will definitely ask for an explanation, have you ever thought about what to do next?”

Zhou Jia raised his head, looked towards Fatty Han, and his voice was indifferent:

“It’s late.”

“What’s it late for?” Fatty Han was stunned, then jumped to his feet and stood up:

“You won’t…”

“How is Liu Ciying?”


“… “

There was silence in the field.

Zhou Jia slowly got up and said in a low voice:

“Why do you pretend to be confused, someone will go to the mine tonight, you should have known it, otherwise your people will also It won’t happen so coincidentally.”

Fatty Han corner of mouth twitching, suddenly sighed:

“Really dead?”

“If it is a sissy is indeed dead.” Zhou Jia nodded.

“The people who went tonight, in addition to Liu Ciying and Zhao Fu, are all celebrities around Master Cheng Young, and they are all dead?”

“All dead? I’m done.”

Fatty Han got up, picked up the long spear leaning against the wall, turned around, and looked directly at Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia looked at him:

“You want to do it with me?”

“Wei Tou has an order, let me watch Zhao Fu do it, don’t Intervening, I can help you collect the corpse afterwards, which is also considered a relationship.” Fatty Han said:

“But you didn’t die, and you killed them, how can I deal with it?”

” That’s right.” Zhou Jia sneered:

“Kill me and give Master Cheng Young an explanation.”

Fatty Han’s eyes flashed, and his voice suddenly sank, saying:

“Zhao Gang is dead!”

“en?” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“When did it happen?”

“Not long ago.” Fatty Han said:

“Several alliances did not go so well, and there were inevitably some conflicts and conflicts during the period. During a conflict, Zhao Gang was rushed to the front…”

An archer, the consequences of getting close are self-evident.

Fatty Han continued, with a complicated voice:

“Lu Rong asked me.”

Zhou Jia frowned.

“I know you saved them and told them not to go out by the way. Lu Rong came here just to say goodbye and didn’t say anything else. I also promised her to keep it a secret.” Fatty Han sighed:


“Some time ago, I received news that the team that Lv Rong and Chen Hui went to encounter a beast swarm. I’m afraid… it has already encountered an accident.”

Zhou Jia was silent.

He knew that the two women were bode ill rather than well, but didn’t expect bad news to come.

“Do you remember Stuart?” Fatty Han took a deep breath and continued:

“He’s dying too.”

“He He accepted Wang Baolin as a Disciple, and promised to leave his inheritance and residence in the inner city to Wang Baolin after his death. The requirement was to keep filial piety for him for three years, and not to have anything to do with the Fish and Dragon Society in the future.”

Finally, he explained:

“Situ Lei’s mother died because of the Ichthyosaur Society, so he hated the Ichthyosaur Society all the time, and was absolutely irreconcilable with Wei Tou.”


Fatty Han let out a light sigh, his eyes were dazed, and his voice was dazed:

“The old people are withering one after another…”

outside the house.

The cold wind whistling, the rain was like a curtain, and the two people in the house fell silent.

“Let’s go!”

Fatty Han waved:

“Yesterday, a team left Huo Family Fort and went to Hong Zeyu. There were several Grade 9 expert is in charge, I should be able to catch up now.”

β€œMaybe in a few years, I can be as ruthless as Wei Tou, but now…”

β€œWe We came together after all.”

“Let’s go!”

“Don’t come back.”


coldly snorted, interrupting his emotion, two men who looked almost identical appeared in the room with cold eyes.

“Fatty Han, I know you can’t be trusted!”

“Just now I deliberately found fault and sent us away, just to let him go?”

“Thankfully We reacted fast, otherwise he would have escaped!”

The two of you are talking to me, but it seems like you are talking alone, there is no interruption between the words, they are staring at each other. Fatty Han said:

“Do you know that everyone knows that you are Wei deacon’s person, and he too, let go of surnamed Zhou, who did Master Cheng Young seek to vent?”

“It’s okay if you want to die, don’t implicate us!”

Fatty Han turned pale.

Zhou Jia turned his head and asked:

“Who are they?”

“We are the twin soul boys of Luke’s family.” One person said.

“Also the person who wants your life.” The other person said.

“Are you doing it yourself?” The two of them said together:

“Or do we send you off?”

“Twin Spirit Boys?” Zhou Jia nominated:

“I see.”

Before he finished speaking, his silhouette was suddenly disappeared in the field, and the next moment he was behind the two of them, holding their heads one by one with big hands.

The hands snapped together.


The two heads collided with everything, like two broken watermelons, all kinds of red and white, blood and brains mixed and flew out.

Zhou Jia let go.

“Pu pass!”

The two corpses collapsed to the ground.

“You…” Fatty Han was stunned:

“You killed them?”

He knows the strength of the twin soul boy Luke very well, holy Don warrior, extraordinary natural talent, familiar with the spell of the Finn world, and the martial skill of the Dalin Dynasty.

The two joined forces to kill Grade 7.


Just killed by Zhou Jia with no difficulty?

The scene in front of him made Fatty Han’s eyes dazed, almost suspecting that he was hallucinating.

“Obvious.” Zhou Jia’s voice was cold, looking towards the screen:

“Wei deacon, should you come out too?”


Behind the screen, the silhouette shook, and a dash appeared at the door, blocking Zhou Jia’s retreat, moved towards the two and shook their heads gently:


Wei deacon sighed with emotion:

“I always thought, Fatty Han, you are a major event person, but you are still so naive, I told you a long time ago, you want to be a major event. event, the excess tendency to clemency is unacceptable.”

“I can’t imagine…”

He looked towards Zhou Jia, his eyes solemn:

“It’s you, Zhou Jia!”

“You are young, only two years after coming to the Ruins World, but you are already Grade 7, and what you have learned is so solid.”

“I’m curious, how did you do it?”

“Luck.” Zhou Jia raised his eyes:

“Didn’t Wei deacon also say that it’s a lucky star? “

“hmph!” Wei Zhixing’s eyes narrowed:

“I never believe in the so-called luck, you are indeed hiding very deep, but now you have no weapons in your hand, you can take it with your bare hands What are you fighting with me?”

The long spear in his hand shook.


The energy was surging like a gust of wind.

β€œGrade 8!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed:

β€œWei deacon, you are hiding deep enough, no wonder you are regarded as a confidant by Third Elder .”

“Not bad!” Wei Zhixing nodded:

“This Wei is today thanks to the help of Third Elder, but I’m more curious about what happened to you, don’t tell me it is Luck.”

“Tell me the secret that your strength has improved so quickly, I can consider letting you go!”

“Heh…” Zhou Jia lightly said:


“Wei deacon, are you so naive?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Wei Zhixing’s eyes narrowed:

“If I take you down, I can torture you just as well. Come out.”


Before he finished speaking, the long spear in his palm had already pointed out a cold glow in the sky, and moved towards Zhou Jia’s hood.

Zhou Jia’s strength is indeed beyond his expectations, but whether there are weapons or not, for a Martial Artist, the difference is huge.

Just like himself.

If you don’t have a long spear in your hand, you can’t use the wyvern Spear Art, which has been ascetic for many years. Equivalent to a broken arm, your strength is greatly reduced.

Zhou Jia doesn’t have a shield and axe, how strong can he be just relying on his own strength?

Wei Zhixing never believed that someone could polish their skills in just two years with cultivation weapons.


In the low voice, the spear flower in the sky suddenly condensed, and countless afterimages gathered together.


The air was also knocked out of the shock wave visible by naked eyes by the extreme speed.

wyvern win!

Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes, but there was only a little light in his sight.


Life Seizing Sword!



The cold light flashed around the waist, and the two passed by.

There was only a faint sound of metal collision, and Fatty Han couldn’t see what happened, despite his best efforts.

Zhou Jia appeared at the door with his back to the two of them. Wei Zhixing rushed to the window, his body trembling, and he turned around a little bit.

“Twenty years…”

He opened his mouth, and in the horrified eyes of Fatty Han, a trace of blood slowly appeared on his neck.

“My wife and children…”

“Don’t worry.” Zhou Jia turned around, his voice indifferent:

“It’s not like that.”

“Thank you…”

Wei Zhixing’s face was full of relief, his head was slightly tilted, and he had already rolled off his neck.

Fatty Han was stunned, glanced at the corpses in the field, and lowered his head lightly:

“It seems that I am overthinking.”

” I killed Wei Zhixing, the Third Elder Council will not let me go?” Zhou Jia’s expression was serious, as if he was really thinking about this matter.

“Maybe.” Fatty Han said:

“You kneel down and beg her, for your strength, there is a 1 in 10 chance that it will be fine, but you seem to be fine. I also offended other people.”

Speaking, looking at the soft sword in Zhou Jia’s hand:

“Qian Family, I have been looking for a sword dao expert, saying that I want to Thank you very much.”


Zhou Jia raised his head and looked at the sky:

“Where is Cheng Ping now?”


β€œBliss Tower!”

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(End of this chapter)

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