One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2010


“Good luck in the future!!”

Su Lang thoughts move, mobilize the conventional power of the Bayan level, and display the Time Acceleration method with the future good fortune mystery of reaching the founder level!

This is the best way to fight Time Deceleration! !

Moreover, it is very easy to get rid of the Time Rule at the ‘now’ level.

But I saw countless platinum storms condensed in the hands of the Infinity.

Immediately, it was like a star exploding, forming an extremely terrifying force, blasting together with the power of more than 80 primordial powerhouses such as Kongchan!

“hmph! !”

“How can the trifling conventional force fight against the ‘past’ level of time force!”

“Next moment, you will fall into the vortex of Time Deceleration and gradually become stagnant!”

The thoughts of disdain flashed in the minds of Monk Kongchan, Master Huijue, and Monk Shiyu and the others.

The rest of the powerhouse at the beginning also thought the same way.

Thinking that Su Lang can’t resist his own attack!


Something horrified them.

In the platinum color storm displayed by the super giant able to support both heaven and earth.

The subtle Dharma they used has started to die out at an accelerated rate!

Almost instantly.

Except for the ‘past’ level of time power displayed by the three Qiyan Taichu.

The rest of the time forces are all calmed, assimilated, and accelerated, and various powers are transformed into primordial Heaven and Earth forces in an instant and dissipated in the universe.

Even if it is the ‘past’ level of time power displayed by Qiyan Taichu, such as Monk Kong Chan.

Because I am not proficient in the cultivation technique

——The ‘past’ level of the early cultivation technique they practiced is basically at the crossing threshold and Small Accomplishment level.

Because of fighting each other, there is not enough energy to stimulate the power of time.

So even if the level is higher, it is still gradually offset by Su Lang’s attack!

“How is it possible!!”

“How could they use such a terrifying Time Acceleration method!?”

“Hurry up, use time means to offset their Time Acceleration attack!”


Monk Kongchan and the others looked towards Su Lang’s boundless ship in horror.

Everyone has their eyes open, their mouths wide open, and their eyes are full of incredible!


They did everything they could, constantly exerting the power of time.

It even ordered those controlled Divine Beasts to perform all kinds of desperate secrets and launch attacks at all losses!

“roar roar ——!!!”

“ao wu ——!!!”


Divine Beast uttered painful screams, but couldn’t disobey the order, and could only use desperate means to attack the Infinity!

“My family!!”

“Su Lang Your Majesty, please save them!!”

In a certain core part, Phoenix showed grief and sent a request to Su Lang.

Originally called Phoenix Race.

When the Boundless Domain is intact, he doesn’t look down on the rest of the Divine Beast Race.

But time has changed, and he has long been able to let go of his arrogance and accept those of his race.

They even feel heartache because of their miserable experience.

The same heartache, there is Bi Ye Rin in another part.

She has become an Absolute Beginning Realm Bi Blood Qilin, fighting for Su Lang in the Infinity!

In the Land of Exile, her dream is to return to the Tianting Continent and save the Tianting Continent.

Even though she knew it was impossible, she still clung to that dream forever.

After following Su Lang, Bi Yelin found that her dream was getting closer to reality!

“I will do everything to save you!!”

Bi Yelin roared in her heart, and she unexpectedly displayed a racial secret technique, bursting out a powerful force, all poured into the Infinity!


“I won’t hurt them!”

Su Lang felt the expectations of Phoenix and Bi Ye Rin, and was nodded immediately.

Even without the expectations and requests of Phoenix and Bi Ye Rin, he will do his best to save the Divine Beast.

At this moment.

Monk Kongchan and a large number of Divine Beast performed terrifying attacks.

Suddenly canceled the annihilation of the Time Acceleration power that Su Lang had previously used.


“Two attacks can offset one of my attacks! What are you fighting against me?”

Su Lang flashed a hint of killing intent in his eyes, thoughts move, and sent a command corresponding to Wa!

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