One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2012


The next moment!

A very penetrating sword light was cut from the Nether Heaven Sword.

Directly penetrated thirty-nine Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouses including Monk Kongchan.

Up to three Qiyan Taichu, down to Sanyan Taichu, regardless of the cultivation base, all with one sword and two stages!

Nether Heaven Sword’s horror feature of “breaking defense is dead” is triggered, Monk Kongchan body dies and Dao disappears on the spot!

“Ding! You get the Soul of the Beginning*1, the Elementary Life Universe*1, the Fragment of the Body of the Beginning*7130000, the Elementary Material…Supreme Emperor grade material…The Supreme Emperor Source*113656589…”

“Ding! You get the Soul of the Beginning*1, the Elementary Life Universe*1, Fragments of the Body of the Beginning…”

“Ding! You get…”

Thirty-nine system hints came in succession, announcing the complete death of the empty cicada and the others.

At the same time.

In the distant Tianmi continent.

Buddha Mi Ling, who has just entered the doom, opened his eyes fiercely, and the endless surprised and angry disappeared in a flash!

The space-time surrounding tens of millions of light-years is instantly wrinkled and twisted!

“Buddha calms down!!”

Countless Buddhist powerhouses knelt down in horror.

I don’t know what exactly happened that made the Mi Ling Buddha so angry!

“Even to kill my three Qiyan disciplines!!”

“It seems that you not only have the regular power of the Eight Era Realms, but also at least the powerhouse of the Seven Realms!”

“So rampant, do you really think that there is no one in Tianmi mainland? Bailian, whirling, bliss, Ruohai!”

Mi Ling Buddha thoughts move, four powerhouses suddenly appeared behind him!


Two women, two men, and four Buddhist powerhouses appeared in front of the Mi Ling Buddha, kneeling respectfully.

The four of them are dressed in white robes, their faces are handsome, their eyes are like lacquer, and they seem to be full of endless Profound Truth.

These are the four most powerful disciplines under Mi Ling’s command.

All of them are Absolute Beginning Realm of Jiuyan, with super-defying means of looking back time!

“go! “

“Look back in time and find those people.”

“Let each of them convert to me!”

Miling Buddha finished speaking and closed his eyes again!

The four powerful Buddhist powerhouses, Bailian, Pusa, Bliss, and Ruohai, immediately disappeared from their place and rushed to the empty cicada and the others Land of Death!

Everyone has a powerful Tianzutong.

Although they cannot anchor the specific coordinates of Monk Kongchan and the others.

But you can also go to the place closest to the death of Monk Kongchan and the others, and rush over quickly.

With the speed that they can communicate with each other, without anchoring coordinates, they can achieve a metamorphosis of hundreds of millions of light-years in one step!

In a blink of an eye.

The four statues of Bailian, Pusa, Bliss, and Ruohai, the four statues of Jiuyan Taichu powerhouse, appeared in the Star Domain near the 30,000,000,000 light-years away from Infinity.


They each and everyone take steps and move forward in the universe at great speed!

In just ten breaths, they can reach the place where Su Lang is!


They are destined to not catch Su Lang!

At this moment.

In the place where the Infinity and the floating continent are located, the empty cicadas and the others are all dead, and all the wealth belongs to Su Lang!

Among them is the elementary Buddhist Treasure tool that controls Divine Beast.

After Su Lang got these things, he didn’t release control for them for the time being.

Instead, he stopped his attack and put it into his vacant crystal wall world.

Even the floating continent was taken into the crystal wall world by Su Lang.


“Avatar dispatch!”

“Launch Avatar replacement!”

Su Lang uses the system function to return to the Heavenly Continent again and recover the Avatar! !

next moment.

Bai Lian, Po Suo, Bliss, and Ruohai Jiuyan Taichu appeared nearby.

After three or two steps.

The four set foot on the place where Su Lang just stopped.

“It is a regular force of the Bayan level.”

“Not only that, there is also the existence of time power at the ‘past’ level of the Bayan Realm.”

“Go back and see who did it.”

“Well, maybe they haven’t gone far, they can use the power of time to catch them back!”


After the four statues of Jiuyan Taichu powerhouse probed, they have already inferred some truths, even if they decide to look back in time!

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