One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2014


“How is this possible!!”

“The four of us countercurrent time together, as long as he is still within tens of billions of light years, he will be impossible to escape the capture of the long river of time!”

“Could it be that he escaped tens of billions of light-years in such a short period of time? This is impossible, how could he have such a fast speed?”

“The empty cicadas and the others have not been resurrected. It stands to reason that they are in the Qiyan realm. We can resurrect them soon after they died!”

“What the hell is going on?”


Bai Lian and the other four did not get any desired results, and they looked at each other in blank dismay one after another, unbelievable.

As the Jiuyan Absolute Beginning Realm, they have existed in the Boundless Universe before the battle of the Boundless Domain.

But this is the first time they have encountered such a thing!

“This force is really weird!”

“It is estimated that it possesses some kind of unknown treasure at the beginning of the birth of the universe. It has characteristics that are difficult to predict, which offsets the time force we mobilize!”

“The threat level of this force is higher than we thought!”

“Don’t let them leave, chase after them!”


The pupils in Bai Lian’s eyes shrunk slightly, and a trace of fear and greed appeared.

What makes them greedy is the treasure at the beginning of the speculation of the universe.

At the beginning of the universe, there was a moment when the Grand Dao rule was not yet finalized, so many existences beyond the Universe Rule were born.

These beings have very strange characteristics.

Many can ignore the current Universe Rule and form unexpected terrorist methods.

For Jiuyan Taichu, who was almost undesirable, such as Bai Lian, it also had a very strong temptation.


The four of them collected some breath of the Infinity through the power of the long river.

“If you can escape tens of billions of light years, don’t believe you can escape trillions of light years!”

The four of them sneered in their hearts, and then they held the breath of the Boundless horn, and began to play together!


It took a long time, and the four of them did not find the exact location of Infinity.

“How is this… possible!?”

“Although the humanoid weapon has the Eight Evolution Stage, it is generally weaker than the Eight Evolution Stage.”

“How could he escape a trillion light-years in such a short time!?”

“The exact location cannot be calculated at all, I only know that it is in the direction of Tianmen Mainland.”

“Could they be from the Celestial Continent, or are they an alliance with the Celestial Continent?”

“In any case, they are our enemies. In a short time, they have become stronger.”


each and everyone The thought of surprise appeared in the minds of Bailian and the other four people.

However, that’s all.

In the eyes of these four Jiuyan Taichu, Wuyin is just an ant that can be killed by one finger.

Not to mention that there is still half a step away from the Eternal powerhouse.

In the eyes of everyone, the Boundless can also make a little wave, which still has no effect on the overall situation.

“Next, follow the instructions of the Buddha and strengthen some precautions.”

“The four of us guard the Tianmi continent together. If they dare to show up, they will be able to kill it!!”

Bai Lian spoke lightly, the rays of light in his eyes gradually calmed down, and there was no more waves.

Washing, Bliss and Ruohai are also gently nodded.


Everyone anchored the Tianzutong coordinates in the Tianmi Continent, used the Magical Powers of the subtle Dharma, and returned to the Tianmi Continent!

At the same time.

Among the Heavenly Continent

Su Lang, who successfully intercepted the monk Kongchan and the others, rode the Infinity, staying above a red mountain range.

“These medicine pills help restore energy and blood.”

“There are others, which can help you improve some of your strengths. Accept them all.”

Su Lang’s voice came to everyone’s ears.


A lot of medicine pill appeared in each and everyone parts space, in front of a powerhouse.

See the medicine pill in front of me.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised!

Although in combat, Su Lang also gave them medicine pill to restore energy.

But at this time Su Lang gave medicine pill far more than before!

Even though it is a Supreme Great Emperor, they have received a large number of quasi-prime perfect quality medicine pills!

Cultivation, enhancement of spiritual soul, enhancement of body strength, recovery and healing… everything!

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