One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2022


Actually, Su Lang didn’t even want to let go of the crystal wall of Life Universe in the beginning.

I want to put the complete Taichu Life Universe into the crystal wall system world.

But it’s too difficult!

The complete Life Universe at the beginning is too big, and the second-expanded crystal wall system world simply cannot accommodate.

So only the life planet can be transferred.

The empty Life Universe can only be saved in the Myriad Realms.

Time is passing slowly.

The thirty-nine crystal wall worlds gradually expanded to the extent that they could accommodate too elementary life planets.


Su Lang began to transfer the life planet.

Even with his current cultivation base, this is a more troublesome thing.

It took a while.

I installed all thirty-nine life planets into my crystal wall system world.

“I will go!”

“I feel a little heavier!”

“Well, really strong World Strength, humanity is also very sufficient!”

“Now it is possible for Xiaoluo to send Samsara World’s ‘Yin Chai’ into these worlds to capture the souls of dead creatures!”

“There is also the mother’s nest of the moon, let it send Avatar into these worlds and supervise the development of the world!”

Su Lang sketched a satisfied smile at the corner of his mouth, and then gave orders to Xiaoluo and Moonmoth.

Xiaoluo and Yuemo immediately joined forces to take over 39 worlds.

Make the most of it!


There are countless more souls in Samsara World!

After these souls are judged, the unqualified will be thrown into Qibao Hell and Heart-piercing Hell.

Those who are qualified will enter the reincarnation!

At the same time.

The moon moth has also received a huge amount of primordial body fragments bestowed by Su Lang!

Currently, there is no Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouse to resurrect Su Lang.

Therefore, the body fragments of the Supreme Great Emperor and Taichu can only be used as food for the moon mother’s nest.

Enable it to produce more spores and breed more wisdom and civilization!

And after Gouyue Mother’s Nest was promoted to Sanyan Absolute Beginning Realm and strengthened eight times, its abilities have been qualitatively improved!

That is to collect genes and improve your gene pool, no longer limited to the moon-constellation monster moths!

At present, the mother’s nest has collected the genes of countless creatures.


The moon moth also got the phoenix’s unintentionally scattered genes from the magical universe.

There are also 43 Divine Beast genes that were just rescued by Su Lang!

Those creatures who were brought into the Crystal Wall world by Su Lang will also be collected by the moon moth for backup and use.

Now the spores that make up the Moon Mother’s Nest can bred Potential terrifying spores, which can evolve into countless species!

This also greatly enriches the biological diversity of Su Lang Life Universe and Crystal Wall world.

In those very barren worlds.

The moon moth can use spores to develop the most suitable creature races for those worlds!

It can be said.

The constellation moon mother nest played an extremely important role in the creation of Su Lang Life Universe.

If Su Lang does it himself.

Even he has “Myriad Transformations Nirvana Supreme Emperor Sutra”.

Bloodline, which can absorb countless creatures and reproduce it in the world, also takes a lot of time to complete!

At this time.

After dispatching missions to Xiaoluo and Moonmoth.

Su Lang’s gaze fell on 43 Divine Beasts!

These Divine Beasts are of different types.

But it is divided into several categories.

The first category is the Divine Dragon category. There are colorful Dragon Race such as Azure Dragon, White Dragon and Black Dragon, Dragon Race branches such as Rain Dragon, Chilong, and Horned Dragon, and even special Dragon Race such as Taixu Dragon!

At the beginning, Su Lang summoned a large number of True Spirits of the Universe Universe Dragon in the Exile.

At this time, those True Spirits are still being placed by the sun to absorb energy and have not yet been resurrected.

In addition to Dragon Race, there are also Divine Beast of the bird series, such as Vermilion Bird, Azure Phoenix, Xuantian Kunpeng, and Eclipse Tian Kunpeng.

In addition to Qilin, Shengyu, Qiongqi, Zhu Wei, etc.!

Four 13 Divine Beast, a total of thirty two different races.

Su Lang guessed that they probably all represent the well-known figures of their respective races. They successfully broke through to the Absolute Beginning Realm, but were unfortunately arrested and reduced to slaves. Lily existence!

“It’s time for you to be free again!!”

Su Lang blinked his eyes, calling Phoenix and Bi Yelin up.


He appeared in a Life Universe with 43 Buddhist Treasure tools and came to the front of 43 Divine Beast!

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