One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2027


“What is that!!”

“It’s so huge, countless times bigger than the largest alchemy creation of our Wu Clan!”

“What the hell is this, the aura on it is too terrifying, is it going to destroy our witches!?”

“No, the great lord of the wizard world, save us!”


On the earth, countless martial artists of the martial arts lose one’s head out of fear, shouting for escape.

But just then.

“Children of the Witch tribe, don’t panic!”

“I am Yingwa Great Witch. The Witch Clan has invested in the embrace of the new infinite emperor Su Lang Your Majesty, and will usher in a better future!”

“Now, all of our witches are the creatures of Su Lang Your Majesty. Give me all-kneel down!!”


Yingwa’s voice spread throughout countless districts, and immediately caused a large number of Martial artists of the Wu family to stop escaping.

But the people of the Witch tribe obviously couldn’t believe it!

“Where does the arrogant come from, dare to pretend to be Yingwa Teacher!!”

“Is there any new infinite emperor of the universe? It is ridiculous. Today I am at the time, and I will expose your true face!!”

An Absolute Beginning Realm, the Witch Clan soared into the sky, holding a certain death mind, and madly killing the Infinity.

this is one Absolute Beginning Realm that just broke through.

He knew that Yingwa and the others had left the Wu Clan continent.

According to common sense, it is impossible to come back so soon, so he doesn’t believe in Ying Wa’s identity at all.

As a descendant of the Great Desolate Era Witch Clan, this powerhouse’s character is also fierce and fierce, even if he knows that he is bound to die, he must attack the Infinite!

hong long long! !

But I saw that the powerhouse of the primordial powerhouse merged with my planet magic weapon, turned into a huge planet, fiercely smashed into the Infinity.

But at this moment!

“Xingguan! Blind your dog’s eyes!”

shout out loudly from the Infinity!

Then a group of witches were released by Su Lang from the beginning and stopped in front of the huge planet.


“Really Yingwa Teacher!!!”

“Ji Xin, Ni Jin, Congshi, etc. Teachers!”

“Senior, why did you return to the Wu Clan mainland so quickly!?”

The new Wu clan named Xingguan took back Magical Powers and looked at the wizard powers in front of him in disbelief.


“Su Lang Your Majesty omnipotent, the great infinite universe!”

“What’s the point of rushing back to the Wu Clan Mainland from the Tianmen Continent!”

“Xingguan, you dare to speak wild words to Su Lang Your Majesty, and don’t kneel down and apologize!”

Ying Wa stared at Xingguan angrily, his tone was extremely harsh!

“Don’t kneel down yet!”

Ji Xin, Ni Jin, Congshi and other witch clan powers have also slammed Hah!

Puff! !

Xingguan knelt down instantly.

Yingwa and the others are his mentors, how dare he not listen!

“The villain is tortured, and I see Su Lang Your Majesty!”

“The villain has eyes but no beads, please Su Lang Your Majesty for punishment!”

Xingguan trembling in fear confessed his guilt by kowtow to Infinity.

In his opinion, to be able to subdue Yingwa and other Wu clan powers, the new infinite Emperor Zhou should at least be the Jiuyan Taichu powerhouse!

But he guessed wrong.

Su Lang is only in the Absolute Beginning Realm world.

“Those who do not know are not guilty, get up.”

“It’s not bad that the Witch Clan appeared again as a Taichu.”

“These medicine pills are given to you, go and consolidate the cultivation base.”

Su Lang was too lazy to care about the punishment, faintly smiled, called him up, and rewarded him with some elementary medicine pill.

“Ah this!?”

“Su Lang Your Majesty, the stalwart, is guilty of the sentence, dare not take the pill, and ask for punishment!!”

Xing Guan Mingming’s eyes are almost growing on those too elementary medicine pill, but he can hold back his greed and continue to beg Su Lang for mercy.

For him, Su Lang would feel better immediately if he punished him.

Su Lang didn’t punish him, he was rather worried!

“I will go!”

“You have to be punished?”

“Well, then I will satisfy you and punish you!”

Su Lang rolled the eyes and immediately used energy to condense a hand, tapping three times on the forehead of Xingguan, “Okay, now forgive you.”

“Xingguan Kudos Su Lang Your Majesty for forgiveness!”

Xingguan fiercely’s relaxed, and then bowed down to Su Lang three times.

I was very excited immediately, and tremblingly accepted those extremely cherished and infinitely valuable medicine pill!


Su Lang turned his head and looked towards Yingwa, “Go and spread the news. I will lead the Wu Clan to officially return to the Boundless Universe, and appear in the eyes of all beings in the universe again!”

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