One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2032



Su Lang explained the tasks to all of his subordinates.

Let them help the Wu Clan integrate into the Heavenly Continent, and don’t make any setbacks!

Everyone patted their chests to ensure that they will be able to complete the task perfectly!


Su Lang flew to the Wu Clan continent.

Decomposed all the Taichu United Formation, and then returned the raw materials to the Wu people.

This incredible scene shocked everyone again, and the words ‘Su Lang Your Majesty cannot be reasonable’ came up in their hearts!


“Now show me the way, I am going to cultivation Ten Thousand Realms!”

“Yes! Great Su Lang Your Majesty!”

Yingwa knelt down and took the command, and immediately entered the Infinity with twenty Taichu.

“Avatar dispatch, Avatar replacement!”

Su Lang thoughts move, and immediately arrived at the original place of the Wu Clan mainland with the Infinite Number.

According to Ying Wa.

cultivation The place where Ten Thousand Realms is located is not far from the Wu Clan continent, behind another time-space fault in the same universe!

Under the leadership of Ying Wa.

Su Lang controls the Boundless, while flying to the cultivation world, while releasing the Avatar, it can be dispatched continuously.

After a short time.

A brand-new space-time fault appeared in front of Su Lang.

“reporting to Su Lang Your Majesty!”

“We have a certain exploration of this space-time fault and know the way to the cultivation world.”

“However, this channel is very unstable. If the people of the cultivation world do not want us to enter, it will disrupt the space-time channel!”

Yingwa said respectfully.

“It’s not polite not to go in person.”

“So send someone to knock on the door.”

Su Lang slightly nodded, “Yingwa, go there yourself.”


“Su Lang Your Majesty!!!”

Yingwa immediately took the command, and flew out of the Infinity, moved towards Time and Space Fault!

In a blink of an eye.

Su Lang watched Yingwa enter a gap in the space-time fault.

Just then.

A system hint appeared in Su Lang’s mind.

“Ding! “Hao Ri Yan Yue Tu” has reached the founder level!”

In a flash!

Countless Profound Truths appeared in Su Lang’s mind!

Not only that, there is one after another incomparably vast and vast warm current in Su Lang within the body appearing out of thin air.

These warm currents poured into all the crystal wall cells up and down the body!

Those cells that have not been actively promoted by Su Lang have grown more than ten times in a short period of time!

Although the magnification factor is not as large as that of “Yunyuwujietu”.


These crystal wall cells have all been expanded and upgraded by “Yunyu Mist Boundary Map”.

It is already a very good result to be able to grow more than ten times again.

Moreover, the 100 million crystal wall cells that Su Lang actively expanded have also been improved a lot!

The most important thing is.

This cultivation technique in “The Hao Ri Yan Yue Tu” has another effect.

That is to greatly enhance the energy storage capacity of the crystal wall cells!

At this time, the energy reserve of each crystal wall cell of Su Lang within the body has increased by about 10%!

Don’t look at it at 10%.

It should be noted that Su Lang’s crystal wall cells have a full one hundred and seventy gai.

The total energy reserve is increased by 10%, which is estimated to be equivalent to the sum of all the energy of dozens of Eryan Taichu!

In addition, all crystal wall cells have been promoted.

This allows Su Lang’s twisting power to condense more and faster!

“system! Open the attribute pannel!”

A rays of light flashed in Su Lang’s eyes, and the system command was issued.

[Name]: Su Lang

[Race]: Human

[aptitude level]: Turbid body

[realm level]: Second Yan Taichu

[Attack Level]: Siyan Taichu

[Defensive Level]: Sanyan Taichu+

[Shenfa Level]: Sanyan Taichu+

[Endurance Level]: Siyan Taichu+

[Spirit Level]: The Realm of Pure Nirvana

[Main cultivation technique]: Boundless Heart Sutra, “Myriad Laws Return To One: Infinite Profound Truth” (too elementary, founder)

[Activated system function]: 1-click cultivation function (Level 49), 1-click martial arts function (Level 49), Avatar Dispatch function (Level 48), 1-click treasure hunt function (Level 47), 1-click Alchemy function (Level 15), 1-click artifact refining function (Level 15), 1-click refining array function (Level 15), 1-click synthesis function (Level 15), 1-click empowerment function (Level 25 ), one-click enhancement function (Level 8), 1-click decomposition function (gradeless)

“Attack level and endurance level have been improved!”

“The income brought by “Hao Ri Yan Yue Tu” is really good!”

Su Lang outlines a smile at the corner of his mouth, nodded with satisfaction.


He looked towards the next training technique that needs to be practiced.

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