One Click Cultivation System Chapter 207



His gaze fell on Dian Mi Jinting!

At this time, this Qiyan weapon is still under control.

However, because a large number of powerhouses have left the Infinite, the power of the Infinite has declined, and Dianmi Jinting has a faint intention to break free!

“hmph hmph! ”

“If you are under control, don’t try to escape.”

Su Lang clicked the corner of his mouth and instantly activated the 1-click decomposition function!


“Your Majesty, the great infinite emperor of the universe, I am willing to acknowledge allegiance to you!!”

Dian Mi Jinting instantly felt a strong life and death crisis, and quickly surrendered to the acknowledge allegiance.

He originally thought that even if Su Lang caught him, he would never kill him.

But he knew he was wrong.

Su Lang actually has the means to easily kill him and destroy him!


Su Lang eyebrow raised, “Then please report all the information about Buddha Mi Ling!”

Previously, the Mi Ling Buddha shot, but the deity did not come, but used a golden figure to temporarily exert the strength of the Jiuyan Absolute Beginning Realm.


Su Lang did not see the attribute pannel of Buddha Mi Ling.

At this time.

With the help of this little Mijinfly, perhaps we can get some information about Mi Ling Buddha.


“Mi Ling Buddha is a half-step Eternal powerhouse!”

“It can be said that it is the Number One Powerhouse in the current Boundless Universe, except for Yuan Mingzhou Emperor!”

“He has mastered countless subtle Dharma, raised sentient beings, and grabbed the power of faith.”

Dianmi Jinting said hesitantly, “But it is strange that he has never left Tianmi Continent, even when he attacked Heavenly Jade Continent, he never left.”


“Can’t leave Tianmi Continent?”

“Then the golden figure he just cast can leave Tianmi Continent?”

Su Lang was overjoyed, “Also, for what reason did he not leave Tianmi Continent?”

“The golden figure should be able to leave Tianmi Continent.”

“Why can’t the deity of Mi Ling Buddha leave? I don’t know!”

Dian Mi Jinting said hesitantly, it seems that he doesn’t know much about Buddha Mi Ling.


“Since you don’t know, there is no value.”

A sneer appeared at the corner of Su Lang’s mouth, and he immediately activated the 1-click decomposition function again!


Dian Mi Jinting didn’t expect Su Lang to start in an instant.

He let out one last scream, and then turned into countless raw materials and entered the storage space of Su Lang!

Yan Hengxing, Jiang Wenzheng, Ying Wa and the others looked at this scene, and their faces were shocked!

That’s a Qiyan-level primordial weapon!

Its strength far exceeds the body of Qiyan Taichu powerhouse.

It stands to reason that even a conventional force at the Bayan level is difficult to destroy.

But now that powerful Qiyan Taichu weapon is actually scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in Su Lang’s hands. There is no resistance, it is incredible!

After being shocked.

The endless admiration and admiration of Su Lang immediately rose in everyone’s hearts.

At the same time.

In the Mi Ling Tianshan, the Mi Ling Buddha who was just about to enter the concentration trembled again and opened his eyes.

“Dianmi Goldenfly is destroyed!”

“They were destroyed in such a short time, how could they have such a powerful force!”

“It seems that the harm of this scabies disease is more than I expected!”


A trace of doubt and surprised and angry flashed in the eyes of the Buddha Mi Ling, immediately thoughts move, and a large number of orders were passed on.


A terrifying powerhouse moved, gathered into one, moved towards Tianmi Continent and hurried away.

At the same time.

On the advancing continent dragged by dozens of Divine Beasts.

The monk Kongchan and the others also received orders from the Mi Ling Buddha.

“Mi Ling Buddha wants us to return as soon as possible.”

“However, after returning, I don’t need to enter the Tianmi Continent, but patrol in the outer space?”

“A weird force appeared outside the Tianmi Continent, need to be guarded?”


In the beginning powerhouse looked at each other in blank dismay, monk Kongchan, teacher Huijue nun, monk Shiyu, etc. There was a flash of horror in his eyes.

A force that even Mi Ling Buddha felt needs to be guarded against, that must be a bit of strength!


The horror of Monk Kongchan and the others soon disappeared.

Because they know that no matter what forces, they will never shake the Tianmi Continent!

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