One Click Cultivation System Chapter 208


“Let’s go!”

“At the current speed, you can reach Tianmi Continent in one hour at most!”

“When the time comes, we will patrol the periphery. If the weird forces dare to appear, they will definitely die!”


After some discussion, Monk Kongchan and the others continued to move towards Tianmi Continent.

At the same time.

In the Heavenly Continent.

Su Lang, who has broken down a little bit of gold, is very happy!

Because of Qiyan Absolute Beginning Realm’s Dian Mijinfly, the material obtained after decomposition is really too much!

Although it is impossible to evolve weapons such as Nether Heaven Sword due to the type of material.

But it is completely possible to use it to strengthen the Infinite Number!

“tsk tsk!”

“Seven Treasure Trees have such a great harvest as soon as they opened, it is really amazing!”

Su Lang haha ​​laughed, and immediately used divine sense to lock a large amount of materials in the storage space, and issued system instructions!


“Use specified materials to strengthen the boundless number!”

The Su Lang order has just been issued, and there are countless materials disappeared in the storage space.


One after another, a gloomy light flashed above the boundless space capable to support both heaven and earth.

It’s like the surface of Super Mecha flashed one after another dimly lit lightning!

After the dark light flashed.

All parts of Wuyin have been strengthened once.

A total of 120,000 parts have been strengthened four times!

But it’s not over yet.

Because there are still a lot of materials left in the storage space!

“Although the remaining material is not enough to strengthen all 120,000 parts again.”

“But it is completely possible to strengthen half of the quantity and 60,000 parts!”

Su Lang guessed, a satisfied smile was drawn at the corner of his mouth.


He prioritized the selection of more core parts, and successively selected 60,000 parts for the fifth enhancement!

Sure enough, as expected.

These 60,000 parts have all been strengthened for the fifth time!

After strengthening.

Su Lang takes back all the Avatars stationed in Infinity.

The other Martial artists who settled in Martial also left the Infinity.

At this time, the uninhabited Infinity is exuding the breath of Absolute Beginning Realm, and the overall strength once again surpasses one small realm!

“If you use the previous lineup to enter the Infinity.”

“I can definitely become the powerhouse of Bayan Tai Junior High School!”

“But this is only a conventional power. The parts of the Infinity are now the Jiudu Supreme Great Emperor, and they don’t have Strength of Time.”

“We still have to collect more materials as soon as possible, and evolve its parts from the foundation to become Absolute Beginning Realm parts!”

“In this way, I can definitely enter the Absolute Beginning Realm level of Jiuyan!!”

A rays of light flashed in Su Lang’s eyes.


A group of people appeared in his mind!

“Monk Kongchan and the others are on their way back to Tianmi Continent at this time.”

“This is a good time to kill them!”

Su Lang narrowed his eyes and flashed a strong murderous aura, “It’s time to solve them completely!”

The power that attacked the Star Sea domain group was Heavenspan Temple.

Behind the Heavenspan Temple, stands the powerhouse of Master Huijue Ni.

This hatred.

Su Lang has always kept it in his heart and never forgot!

At this time, when you have enough strength and the time is right, you will naturally get rid of it!


“It’s not enough to snatch some golden fly from Mi Ling Buddha!”

“The group of people who tried to calm the time and space sky trench before, attacked the Tianmen Continent are on their way back, and they can just be intercepted!”

Su Lang looked around the powerhouses of Taichu, “So, next, give me stationed in Infinity!!”

This statement came out.

Everyone was horrified.

I just snatched some goldfly from the hand of Buddha Mi Ling, and now we are going to attack the forces of Tian Mi Continent again! ?


We are already unconsciously so strong, enough to fight against Tianmi Continent?


The public powerhouse looked up at Su Lang floating in the air.

Look at the super humanoid weapon that can support both heaven and earth.

The horror in my heart suddenly turned into surprises!

Although it is like a dream, it is all true!

Under the leadership of Su Lang, they really have the initial strength to fight against Tianmi Continent!

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