One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2143


“Subordinates thank Su Lang Your Majesty for the empowerment!”

Hao Xingren congratulated Su Lang with excitement.

“No need to be so polite!”

“Hurry up and go to the breakthrough!”

Su Lang haha ​​smiled, and immediately looked towards the next person, “Zhushan, you come.”


“Su Lang Your Majesty!”

Zhu Shan is very clear about his position, and he will no longer play with Su Lang in the past, but is extremely serious and respectful!

She came to Su Lang’s face, one-knee kneels.

Su Lang slightly nodded, extend the hand instilled the same rules, cultivation technique and part of the cultivation base in her.


Zhu Shan also reached the critical point of the breakthrough Eryan Absolute Beginning Realm.


Zhu Shan thanked her and retreated to a distant cultivation.

Su Lang continued to instill in the remaining powerhouse of the Ark of Ten Thousand Domains.

In a blink of an eye.

The two hundred and one Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouses were all instilled by Su Lang with cultivation technique, Time Rule and part of the cultivation base.

Among them, one hundred and sixty Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouses have all reached the critical point of breakthrough two Absolute Beginning Realm.

The other 41 respected Taichu powerhouses are all promoted to true Taichu powerhouses.


Su Lang sent another Avatar to personally select nearly three hundred Martial artists to instill rules, cultivation base and cultivation technique for them.

Chu Xiaobei, Ji Ruxue, Murong Xianxian and other close people will naturally not fall.

When the five hundred initiations have been used up.

Su Lang received more than two hundred brand new Absolute Beginning Realm subordinates.

Presumably they will be stationed on the Infinity, and the power of the Infinity will be further improved!


“Continue cultivation!!!”

“If you can cultivation to Realm of Eternal in one breath, it will be very good…”

Su Lang thought elated in his heart, even if Xuan continued to improve his crystal wall cells.

Time passes.

Su Lang accumulates the cultivation base while continuously improving the crystal wall cells while practicing more cultivation techniques.

The cultivation base required to advance from the Five Yans Absolute Beginning Realm to the Six Yans Absolute Beginning Realm is obviously much more than that for the four Yans to promote the Five Yans.

Many times more than Martial artists of the same level!


Su Lang’s one-click cultivation speed is really abnormal!

Thirty-seven thousand trillion times!


After he upgraded 10 trillion crystal wall cells, he looked at the sea of ​​cultivation base and found that it was already full!

And it’s not just fullness.

The sea of ​​cultivation base has no upper limit. When it is full, cultivation base is constantly being accumulated, and I don’t know how much cultivation base has been accumulated.

“No matter what.”

“It must be enough breakthrough!”

“system, give me Time Rule!”

Su Lang’s eyes flashed a glimmer of expectation, and immediately gave instructions to system.

“Ding! Start to condense Time Rule!”

There is not much change from the previous breakthrough process.

First of all, Time Rule condense comes and melts into the soul.

Then in the breakthrough, blend into the surrounding crystal wall cells in Life Universe!

Not long.

Su Lang completed the breakthrough from Wu Yan Tai Chu to Liu Yan Absolute Beginning Realm.

But it’s not over yet!

Because the cultivation base has not been consumed.

The cultivation villain is still all golden!


“1-click cultivation function is abnormal!”

“Absolute Beginning Realm breakthrough can be completed twice in a short time!”

“If you change to someone else, the cultivation time must be 1 billion years as a unit!”

Su Lang outlines a cheerful smile at the corner of his mouth, and then gives the breakthrough command again!

this time.

The condensed Time Rule has entered the 3rd stage, which is the ‘past’ stage!

This first stage is the most difficult step in consolidating the Time Rule!

Numerous powerhouses at the beginning, most of them stayed in the elementary of Liuyantai, it is difficult to go further.

For example, Miao Mingyuan and the others from Tianmen Mainland, Wu Lang and the others from the cultivation Myriad Realms……

Even if it can break through to the beginning of Qiyan, it is difficult to make further progress!

It’s like Yingwa, like Han Li.

They have been in this realm for countless years.

If it hadn’t been for Su Lang, it would be hard to go further in this lifetime.

But the Time Rule condensing the ‘past’ stage is difficult for the average Absolute Beginning Realm Martial artist.

For Su Lang, it is nothing more than consuming more cultivation base.

After a huge amount of cultivation base has been consumed.

Su Lang successfully mastered part of the Time Rule of the ‘past’ stage, and successfully broke through to Qiyan Absolute Beginning Realm!

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