One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2146


“It’s all here, it’s great!”

Su Lang looked at the crowd, suddenly nodded slightly.

At the same time, people like Ying Wa, Han Li, Jiang Wenzheng and the others couldn’t help but look at Su Lang while respecting them.


Su Lang has covered up his breath in order not to beat the grass to scare the snake.

Therefore, and the others got nothing.

Of course, they know that Su Lang has been cultivated in Exile for a little time, and he will definitely improve. They just don’t know how much improvement is?

At this time.


“This time, the enemy of the Tianting Continent has invaded.”

“But the master hasn’t appeared yet, let’s control the battlefield first.”

Su Lang looked around the crowd and issued an order, “These Divine Beasts are all controlled companions, don’t kill them by mistake.”

“Yes! Su Lang Your Majesty!”

Yingwa and the others also knew Su Lang’s purpose of hiding his clumsy at this time, and they secretly praised wisely.


1000 taels and more than one hundred elementary powerhouses all shot together and started to deal with the controlled Divine Beast beasts.

hong long long!

The two sides are fighting together.

Countless Magical Powers burst out, tearing the earth into countless canyons and deep pits, and the lava moved towards the surface like blood, spreading wildly.

Divine Beast Although there are many fierce beasts.

But the cultivation realm is not high, there are only a few too elementary controlled, and the rest are small soldiers.


A total of more than a thousand Taichu shot together.

Those Divine Beast beasts were under control instantly!

Including a dozen too elementary Divine Beasts, all of them were trapped.

The monks such as Pu Lian were directly killed by Su Lang driving through the heart lock!

At the same time.

The Divine Beast beasts that continuously emerged from the passage of time and space suddenly stopped flowing and no longer appeared!


“It seems to be too high profile.”

“The opposite friend has been shocked and stopped using useless strategies.”

“Then, next friend, what kind of powerhouse will you send to continue attacking the Tianmen continent?”

“Should not, just give up like that?”

Su Lang looked at the space-time passage where there was no more Divine Beast gushing out, and there was a hint of playfulness in his heart.


His surface is extremely solemn.

The other side.

As expected by Su Lang.

The immortal Emperor Zhou who launched an invasion war on the Tianmen Continent is already stunned!

This woman of Yuanmingzhou Emperor looked at the space-time passage with a startled face at this time, her small mouth opened slightly, her breathing a little short.

“I read that right!?”

“More than a thousand elementary powerhouses, how is this possible!”

“Trifling the Heavenly Misty Continent, even if it merges some Wuzu continents, cultivation Myriad Realms, and accepts some Divine Beasts, it will be more than 100 at most!”

“There are more than a thousand Taichu powerhouses, where did this come from?”

“Is it the cultivation district of exile?”

“But even if it is one hundred thousand times the Time Flow Speed ​​and one million times the energy of Heaven and Earth, it is impossible to create thousands of primordial beginnings in an instant!”

“By the way, Shen Shuang mentioned before, what Su Lang created five hundred Taichu in one day!!”


A strong incredible and stormy sea rose in the heart of the immortal Emperor Zhou.

She couldn’t help but compare Su Lang with Yuan Mingzhou Emperor.

As a result, her Dao Lu Yuan Mingzhou Emperor could never do such a miraculous thing!

“How did this Su Lang do it?”

“No, I must get this secret!”

“In addition, in the place of exile, I must also be in my hands. That may be the opportunity for my breakthrough to Realm of Eternal!”

“There is also the celestial virtual world, which is extremely useful for the development of cultivation civilization!”

“Countless creatures communicate within it, and countless thoughts are colliding with each other all the time. Perhaps, some strange ideas and auras can be born!”

“This Heavenly Misty Continent, in a short period of time, has become a treasure everywhere!”

“All of this was created by that Su Lang, this man…I want to catch it alive!!”

A trace of excitement wafted in the heart of the Immortal Emperor Zhou, and his eyes showed hot gaze. It seemed that it was a very easy thing to catch Su Lang alive.

In her opinion.

No matter how mysterious and powerful Su Lang is, it is just an ordinary too elementary powerhouse.

The Tianmen Continent is showing a trend of prosperity, but everything is still at the starting point after all, it belongs to the buds that can be easily wiped out!

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