One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2147


“The space-time channel can carry a limited amount of power.”

“If I force it through, I am afraid it will be dangerous.”

“Besides, I have to guard the Eastern One, lest he suddenly attack.”

“According to the previous plan, a large number of people were sent to besiege Su Lang!”

The Immortal Emperor Zhou thought so.

She has learned about Su Lang’s weird means of appear and disappear unpredictably through Bailian’s information, and she will naturally respond.

The way is simple, just send more people!

White lotus and the others are not enough, so Su Lang will lead the nose around.

After making up your mind.

The Immortal Emperor Zhou began to dispatch troops.


Four nine powerhouses, ten eight powerhouses, and fifteen seven powerhouses, Divine Beast, appeared in front of her!

“Subordinates, see the immortal Emperor Zhou!”

A total of twenty-nine Taichu Powerhouse standing at the apex of the pyramid bowed deeply to the Immortal Emperor Zhou.

These twenty-nine powerhouses.

Among them, the four Jiuyan Taichu and ten Bayan Taichu were under the command of Emperor Yuanming Zhou, who temporarily obeyed the order of Emperor Eternal Emperor.

Fifteen more elementary Divine Beasts.

It was controlled and nurtured by Emperor Zhou himself.

Not bad.

For more than 4 billion years, she has controlled and cultivated 15 of the most talented Divine Beasts, and cultivated them into the powerful existence of Absolute Beginning Realm.

And Dongfang Taiyi hidden inside the Tianting Continent.

I can only watch the hope of Divine Beast Race be seized by the immortal Emperor Zhou.

Even trained to deal with Divine Beast Race and the minions of Boundless Universe!

“Everyone listens!”

“I’m going to the Heavenly Misty Continent, I must capture that Su Lang alive!”

The immortal Emperor Zhou has a majestic expression and issued an order to the twenty-nine powerhouses, “The rest, etc., all kill without mercy!”


Information obtained with the immortal Emperor Zhou.

Su Lang can also kill the existence of the Qiyan Realm, and cannot deal with the Bayan Realm.

For insurance, Bayan and Jiuyan Taichu are all dispatched.

If the Divine Beasts of the Qiyan Realm cannot deal with Su Lang, they will send the Bayan Realm Taichu.

In the early days of Jiuyan, Emperor Immortal Zhou thought that they probably had no chance to make a move.


After taking the order, the public immediately went to the space-time channel.

Under the meaning of the immortal Emperor Zhou, the fifteen Divine Beasts of the first time entered the passage of time and space.

The other side.

Su Lang caught a large number of Divine Beast beasts, and temporarily collected them into his vacant Crystal Wall family within the realm.

The beasts of Divine Beast who were willing to give their lives to Emperor Yuanmingzhou were killed and turned into various materials in the Su Lang storage space.

At this time.

Su Lang is taking Yingwa and the others, staring at the space-time channel, ready to combat at any time.


Binoculars are full of killing intent, but Divine Beast with a trace of struggling under his eyes passes through the passage of time and space and appears in front of Su Lang and the others.

This is an Azure Dragon, covered with bright white scale armor. The dragon horn is moon-white, and the long mane on the dragon’s back is bony white.

“Divine Dragon in the Divine Realm!!!”

Su Lang eyebrow raised, didn’t expect that the suppressors of the Tianting Continent even controlled such a powerful Divine Beast!

“roar roar!!!”

The huge and mighty Azure Dragon roared, moved towards Su Lang and the others fiercely.

At the same time.

Another peculiar bat with two pairs of black and red wings rushed out of the passage of time and space at super fast speed, killing Su Lang and the others.

“It’s Qiyan Realm again!”

Su Lang eyebrow raised, and then discovered that an Azure Phoenix in the Qiyan Realm had run out of the space-time passage!

Behind, there are nine inadequate Azure Dragons rushing out of the space-time channel.

Just then.

Azure Dragon, who was the first to rush out of the space-time channel, has already reached Su Lang!

“Su Lang Your Majesty!!!”

“Hurry up, protect Su Lang Your Majesty!”

“I will not let Su Lang Your Majesty get a vellus hair when I wait for Ning to be broken to pieces!!”


Ying Wa, Han Li and the others stood in front of Su Lang, sending out all kinds of Magical Powers to resist the attack of Azure Dragon!

But I saw a lot of time means forming a vortex shield in front of Su Lang.

The shield stretched out, enveloping everyone.

The outer periphery is full of the power of time freezing. The closer it is to the inside, the slower the Time Flow Speed ​​will be. When the shield is about to be touched, time is constantly flowing backwards!

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