One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2148


In a blink of an eye.

15 Too elementary Divine Beast all appeared!

Suddenly Heaven and Earth changed color and space trembles.

The time vortex shield that all the people have maintained at the beginning is crazy, and it will be disappeared!

“Your Majesty!!!”

Yingwa and the others turned their heads and looked towards Su Lang one after another. I don’t know why Su Lang still doesn’t use the Infinity.

“Well, 15 Divine Beast?”

“They are all Divine Beasts who are persecuted and forcibly controlled by the Tianting Continent.”

“Fifteen little gophers, let them go first!”

Su Lang flashed the thoughtful expression in his eyes, and immediately waved his hand, a Phoenix with colorful rays of light in the fiery-red suddenly appeared between Heaven and Earth! !


With the crisp Fengming.

An incomparably majestic breath pressured down.

The powerful countercurrent force of time enveloped the audience!


Not only did the vortex shield power surge in time, it stabilized again, blocking the fifteen Divine Beasts outside.

There is still a lot of time solidified force suppressed.

Divine Beast heads to head in the long stream of deceleration, as if the slow key has been pressed countless times.

They move slowly in the air, almost slower than ants.

Furthermore, Phoenix, as a kind of cream of the crop among countless Divine Beasts, directly forms an extremely terrifying suppression of the Divine Beast.

Especially the Azure Phoenix, which has almost lost its fighting intent.

“Bayan Realm!!”

“It’s the Phoenix of Bayan Realm!”

“It’s no wonder that Su Lang Your Majesty didn’t use the Infinity, his Phoenix has actually been promoted to the Bayan realm!”

“hahaha, with the help of Phoenix, we can defeat these Divine Beasts even without the boundless number!”


Yingwa and the others saw this scene, suddenly excited.

The Immortal Emperor Zhou in the Tianting Continent also saw this scene.

“Phoenix in Bayan Realm?”

“Is it the one from Meteophoenix Great Thousand Domain?”

“After being rescued by Su Lang, he recovered his battle strength so quickly, and even completed the breakthrough!?”

“It is incredible, but wherever Su Lang appears, the people around him are undergoing extremely dramatic changes. This is really amazing!”

“However, with a Phoenix in the Bayan Realm, Divine Beast in the Qiyan Realm can be suppressed, that’s all!”

The immortal Emperor Zhou raised a trace of surprise in his heart, and immediately turned into a sneer.

She turned her head and looked towards the powerhouse of the ten occult powerhouses on the side: “Go, catch me Su Lang, and kill all the others!”


“His Royal Highness Immortal Emperor Zhou!”

A total of ten powerhouses of the eight evolving realms took their orders, and immediately went into the passage of time and space.

At the same time.

In the Heavenly Continent.

Fifteen Divine Beasts have been completely suppressed by Phoenix.

Even if they themselves have the power of time in the past stage, compared to Phoenix, the level is too low.

At this time.

Strength of Time freezes them in place, unable to move forward for half a day.


Su Lang overlooked the battlefield, waved his hand, and the heart-piercing lock shot nine black jade chains, all 15 Divine Beasts were locked! !


Su Lang did not use the torture effect of the heart-piercing lock.

Only fifteen Divine Beasts were simply sealed up.

After all, these fifteen Divine Beasts were forcibly controlled, and Su Lang wanted to rescue them from Sea of ​​Bitterness and put them under his command.

In a blink of an eye.

Fifteen Divine Beasts were sealed by the heart-piercing lock.

Su Lang thoughts move, suddenly unfolding a vast world of crystal wall cells and incorporating them together.

At this moment!

“Su Lang little bastard, give me obediently surrender!!”

shout out loudly from the passage of time and space, directly spread over tens of millions of light years!

The weaker low-level Absolute Beginning Realm cultivator, the cultivation base shuddered on the spot, his legs were soft, dizzy, and terrified! !

“It’s the powerhouse of Bayan Realm!”

Jiang Wenzheng, Ying Wa, Han Li and the others expression changed.

Then I saw a big man sculpted like marble rushing out of the space-time passage.

This person is holding a giant Absolute Beginning Realm axe, tearing up countless spaces along the way, even the grid of space is directly torn apart.

Moreover, this person used the Time Acceleration method for himself, and the speed was so fast that he exploded, and he was in front of Su Lang in an instant!

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