One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2149


“Su Lang Your Majesty!”

Jiang Wenzheng and the others are a little horrified.

Although they followed Su Lang to escape from the golden figure of Buddha Mi Ling, they also killed Bailian Avatar and other Qiyan realm experts.


This is the first time they have encountered the real Bayan Realm!

Of course, they were shocked but not panicked, because Phoenix is ​​guarding Su Lang!

“Seven Treasure Trees, everything is not brushed!!”

Phoenix directly stood in front of Su Lang and others, and the long tail feathers bloomed with colorful divine light, which instantly swept through the weapons of the powerhouse in the eight elf realm!

“weng weng weng !!!”

The Bayan Realm big man made a dull hum of weapons in his hand, and his whole body was shaking constantly, as if he was about to get out of his hand!

The power contained in it is automatically dispersed!


“What Magical Powers this is, can actually shake my weapons!!”

Bayan Absolute Beginning Realm’s expression changed drastically, not even think, and immediately broke out a powerful Time Rule, acting on Phoenix.


Phoenix also has a powerful Time Rule.

The two sides are similar, the Time Rule cancels each other out.

The next moment!

Phoenix has a melodious neck, fiercely pecked.

The elegant but extremely sharp phoenix beak fell on Liuyan’s axe.

“Ding dumbstruck——!!!”

The shrill sound almost piercing a person’s eardrum spreads around.

Liuyan giant axe broke away from the hand of the big man, spinning and being shrouded by a burst of colorful rays of light, took it away directly!

“My weapon——!!!”

“ahhhh, you die for me, come!!”

The big man was furious, and fiercely displayed the explosive secret technique, his breath soared!

At first, everyone at the scene felt that the sky sank, as if it were going to collapse!

At the same time.

There is even the second powerhouse of the Eight-Earth Realm Taichu flew out from the passage of time and space, holding a black sharp long spear, his eyes were cold and merciless, and he suddenly killed all Taichu!

Not only that!

The third Bayan Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouse has also appeared at the exit of the time-space channel, with murderous intention all over, like a fierce star alive.

The Tianmen mainland people saw this scene for the first time.

Suddenly the complexion greatly changed!


Seeing that Su Lang had no intention of retreating at all, they suddenly understood that Su Lang must have full confidence.

Sure enough!

The second Bayan Realm appeared at the beginning.

Su Lang has finally shot!

“Huh hmph!”

“The real gophers have appeared!”

“The game of whacking the mole, officially started!!”

Su Lang clicked the corner of his mouth and pinched the right hand, Nether Heaven Sword instantly cut out, “Broken a sword——!!!”


The terrifying nine Yan Absolute Beginning Realm aura burst out.

An incomparably powerful sword energy slashed out from the Nether Heaven Sword, and slammed to the second powerhouse of the Eight Era Realm!

This sword energy is so powerful that even the Nether Heaven Sword can’t bear it, and bursts of sword cry!

this move break a sword.

Restrain everything in the world. After reaching this level, even the Time Rule can be cut away!

The powerhouse of the Bayan Realm that holds the long spear in front of this move suddenly feels cold all over, like falling in a ice hole, standing upside down all over his body, and the alarm bell rang in his heart!

Unbelievable, terrified.

He without the slightest hesitation draws his gun back to his defense, at the crucial moment, before breaking a sword!


How can Su Lang’s attack be blocked by him?


The power of the broken sword directly smashed his long spear away, and the unparalleled power tore his skin!


A strange force permeated.

This Bayan Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouse trembled all over and died on the spot!

“Ding! You get the Soul of the Beginning*1, the Elementary Life Universe*1, the Fragment of the Beginning Body*8695600, the Elementary Material…Supreme Emperor grade material…The Supreme Emperor Source*963263611…”

The system hint resounded in Su Lang’s mind.

A huge amount of spoils of war is directly included in the storage space by Perfect Loot function!

A statue of Bayan Realm died at the beginning.

The Bayan Realm Taichu man who lost his weapon and the Bayan Powerhouse, who rushed out of the space-time passage from the rear, were all shocked.

“How is it possible!!”

“How could he be Jiuyan Absolute Beginning Realm!”

“Damn, he hides his strength, he was originally a powerhouse of Jiuyan Taichu, he is playing the pig to eat the tiger until now!!!”

“Quick, defense, defense!!”


At the beginning, the Eight Evolving Realms looked at Su Lang with horror, and their eyes were full of horror. They immediately guarded the space-time channel and formed a Defensive Array.

Jiang Wenzheng and the others were also extremely shocked.

They are all completely stupid, their thinking is stagnant, and the whole brain is almost blank!

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