One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2151




“Master, I can’t take it anymore, don’t take it, can’t take it anymore!”

Xiao You’s voice suddenly reached Su Lang’s mind.

Originally, after slaying two powerhouses in the powerhouse, the Nether Heaven Sword, which had only six powerhouses, could not bear it.

The gap between Liuyan and Qiyan is terrifying, and the gap between Qiyan and Bayan is even more terrifying.

Not to mention, what Su Lang poured into Nether Heaven Sword is the majestic power of Jiuyantai elementary.

In other words, Nether Heaven Sword has the “Indestructible” feature.

Replaced with the rest of the Six Evolution Realm weapons, I’m afraid they are already damaged at this time!


“Considering your feelings…”

“Don’t worry, I will evolve for you now, and then you can continue to fight for 300 rounds!”

Su Lang was stunned for a while, and immediately stroked the sword, gently and comforted.

He didn’t have the materials to evolve Nether Heaven Sword.

But at this time he has already killed two Bayan Realm Taichu!

Furthermore, he is under the command of Emperor Yuanmingzhou. For countless years, I don’t know how much wealth has been collected!

Get their spoils of war.

The materials needed to evolve Nether Heaven Sword are a piece of cake.


“Master, let me evolve!”

“Xiaoyou will accompany her master to fight for three hundred rounds!”

When Xiaoyou heard that Su Lang wanted to evolve for herself, she was suddenly very excited.

“Don’t worry, this will give you evolution!”

Su Lang clicked the corner of his mouth, and in the heart gave an instruction, “system, only retain the specified characteristics, evolve the Nether Heaven Sword!!”

“Ding! Consumes the Soul of the Beginning*620, the elementary material Youhengyu Dragon Stone*1322, Ningtianmingxinxin*2333, Haoxing Meteorite Core*3232, Shaoxing Xunyu*30000…… Supreme Emperor grade Material: Supreme Emperor Soul*8000000…Nether Heaven Sword evolved into a Wuyan Taichu weapon!”

A faint light flashed.

The Nether Heaven Sword in Su Lang’s hand suddenly evolved to the Wuyantai elementary.

With the blessing of one-click enhancement function, Nether Heaven Sword has the power of Qiyan Realm!

But it’s not over yet!

Because there is still a lot of material left!

“The rest of heavenly materials, earthly treasures, etc., should be enough.”

“It is the Soul of the Beginning, it may not be enough.”

“But it doesn’t matter, system, start 1-click decomposition function!”

Su Lang thoughts move, and immediately disassembled the two weapons that had just been captured.

The two captured primordial weapons are of the Liuyan level, and they are of the Peak type.

Because the artifact refining master is not high enough, it consumes a lot of extra materials.

Just the Soul of the Beginning, every weapon consumes 700-800 copies!

At least nearly a thousand fall of Taichu can create one of the weapons.

I don’t know how long it took these two weapons to be gradually refined to this level.

And now.

The two weapons were directly decomposed and reduced to all the materials from which they were cast.

Evolving the material of Nether Heaven Sword is immediately enough!


Su Lang ticked the corner of his mouth and gave the instruction again, “Only retain the specified characteristics, I will evolve the Nether Heaven Sword again!!”

“Ding! Consume the Soul of the Beginning*1200…Nether Heaven Sword has evolved into an elementary weapon of Liu Yantai!”

The huge amount of materials in the storage space disappeared out of thin air.

The mysterious power turned into a burst of rays of light sliding over the Nether Heaven Sword, and it suddenly evolved into the Absolute Beginning Realm weapon!

Plus the strength of strengthening +9.

The power of Nether Heaven Sword has approached Bayan Absolute Beginning Realm!

“Although it has not officially reached the Eight Evolving Stage.”

“But carrying my strength and slaying the powerhouse of the Eight Demons Realm is completely possible!”

“In addition, the Tianting Continent is still guarding the time and space channel, presumably there must be Jiu Yan Absolute Beginning Realm coming over!”

“hahaha, just so, I will kill you guys today!!”

Su Lang has a thick killing intent and sneer in his eyes. So far, his hole cards are useless!

And just as Su Lang continues to improve the Nether Heaven Sword.

There is a violent time and space fluctuation in the time and space channel!


A middle-aged man wearing red Battle Armor, short hair like needles, and face like ice emerged.

In a flash.

The elementary breath of Jiuyantai that is more majestic than Su Lang spreads.

In the radius of hundreds of thousands, murky heavens dark earth instantly, the space trembled.

Under the terrible suppression, the earth sank thousands of ten thousand zhang, countless lava erupted, and black smoke went straight into the sky!

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