One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2152

“It seems that you are Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin!”

“Very well, I will let you know how miserable the end of the resistance will be!”

Wang Dutai’s voice is extremely cold, and the surrounding Bayan Realm from the beginning is cold from the heart, and the hair is standing upright.

The next moment!

When there is no sound.

Su Lang is enveloped by a terrifying time force!

This is the countercurrent of time played by Jiuyantai elementary!

If it is the beginning of the ordinary Qiyan realm, it is guaranteed to have completely lost all resistance at this time, and can only be frozen there by time, waiting to be slaughtered.

But Su Lang is different!

So far, in addition to the active and passive training techniques, he has also practiced a lot of time-based cultivation techniques!

Among them, the time cultivation technique of the ‘past’ stage has been practiced nine books, all of which have reached the level of founder.

Even if Su Lang is not as good as Wang Dutai on the basis of Time Rule.

But with the compensation of these founder-level time cultivation techniques, even if you can’t compete with them, you can do it for a short period of time!

At this moment.

Su Lang thoughts move.

My Time Rule is displayed with a variety of strange time methods, and immediately buys time for myself.

Just then.

The Jiuyan Taichu, sent by the second immortal Emperor Zhou, passed through the time and space channel and came to the Tianmen Continent!

This person’s name is Shang Mouzhuo, who also wears red armor, but has long black and red hair dancing, as if made of countless blood dyed!

“Another Jiuyan Taichu!”

“I want to see how many Jiuyan Taichu you still have. Anyway, all of them are dishes!”

Su Lang sneered at the corner of his mouth, and immediately broke out various secret techniques.

Broken the World, Blood Moon Sky Ming, Da Ri Hao Tian and other explosive secret techniques are all performed together, and the battle strength is soaring!

“This one can be blocked!?”

“Such a skillful use of Time Rule cannot be displayed by a Martial artist who has just reached the Absolute Beginning Realm!”

“Could it be that this son is the powerhouse before the Boundless Domain war, and is returning from repairs at this time?”

“Hmph, who you are, today you will definitely die!”


Shang Mouzhuo and Wang Dutai were surprised when they saw Su Lang stubbornly resisting the powerful countercurrent of time.

However, their surprise was quickly suppressed by sneers and sarcasm.

In their hearts, Su Lang is nothing more than Final Struggle!

At this time, the third Jiuyan Taichu powerhouse, Chunqiuyi emerged from the space-time passage, and the fourth Jiuyan Taichu powerhouse Guihaiqi also entered the space-time passage.


Shang Mouzhuo and Wang Dutai believe that Su Lang will undoubtedly die!

And Su Lang is here.

Seeing that the third elementary powerhouse had appeared, I immediately understood that it could not be delayed.

Otherwise he can’t hold it!

“Show up, Infinite Number!!”

Su Lang’s binocular rays of light flickered, shouted in a low voice in his heart.

In an instant, the 119,999 powerhouses stationed in the Boundless Ship emerged, and they were taken into the core parts!

hong long long!

The Boundless Space capable of supporting both heaven and earth exploded with an aura far surpassing the elementary of Jiuyantai, and Shang Mouzhuo, Wang Dutai and Chunqiuyi were immediately stupid.

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