One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2153


“Half Step Eternal level!”

“This is the breath of Half Step Eternal!”

“How is it possible, how is this possible, how is it possible that the Heavenly Continent still has a Half Step Eternal environment!?”

“It’s that humanoid weapon, the humanoid weapon in Tianmi Continental Intelligence, it already has Half Step Eternal power!”

“Oh my God, how is this possible? The information only came back yesterday, when it had only the regular battle strength of the Bayan Realm!”

“Can’t be an enemy, we can’t be an enemy! To escape, I can only escape!!”


Shang Mouzhuo, Wang Dutai and Chunqiuyi raised countless stormy seas. They couldn’t believe their eyes or their divine sense!

At the same time.

Endless fear appeared in their hearts, making them stiff and cold, like falling into an ice cave!

After the horrified thought in his mind came up.

The three immediately turned and moved towards the space-time passage to escape!


In the passage of time and space, the fourth Jiuyan Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouse is passing!

The three of them are blocked!

“no! ”

“It’s over, we’re done!”

“How can we resist Half Step Eternal power!?”


Shang Mouzhuo, Wang Dutai, and Chunqiu Yi suddenly became even more desperate!

Just then.


The space-time channel fluctuates.

A silhouette appeared in front of the three of them, it was Gui Haiqi.

“Three Fellow Daoists, you guys…Ah!!! What is this!? Half Step Eternal realm!?”

When Gui Haiqi saw the desperate faces of Shang Mouzhuo, Wu Dutai and Chunqiu Yi, he was immediately shocked.

Immediately afterwards, he felt the Half Step Eternal aura from the body of Boundless.

He encountered such a trick as soon as he ran out of the passage of time and space. It was almost as horrible as opening the door to kill, directly scaring the courage entirely to break, the soul flew away and scattered!

not even think.

Gui Haiqi instantly turned and fled into the space-time channel.

Shang Mouzhuo and the other three were also upright, their nerves tense, and they rushed towards the passage of time and space like a mad dog.

In the beginning of the eight Bayan realms, they also followed closely from behind, desperately beginning to flee!


It’s too late!

“Want to go back?”

“If you eat a peanut, you won’t get drunk like this!”

Su Lang faintly smiled, with a thought, an incomparably terrifying space-time force descends, directly destroying the space-time channel!


shua~ shua~ shua~ Shua!

Shang Mouzhuo and the four Jiuyan Taichu passed from the place where the time-space channel was originally located, and escaped loneliness.


“It’s over, it’s dead, the space-time channel is gone!”

“Go, run away, run away!”


Shang Mouzhuo and other four great Nine Yans were desperate at first, and immediately made the decision to disperse and escape!

They moved towards four directions and fled directly.

The same was true of the eight Bayan realms in the beginning, and they fled away in a panic.


“Try to escape!”

Su Lang twitched the corner of his mouth, his eyes fell on Shang Mouzhuo, “Yi Nian·Heaven Sealing ——!!!”


The colorless world on one side appeared out of thin air and directly enveloped Shang Mouzhuo.

“Ah, what is this!?”

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!!”

Shang Mouzhuo discovered that he was the first to be chased by Su Lang, and fell into the weird gray world, and his face was distorted with horror and his facial features shifted!

He moved towards the distance to escape like crazy.

However, no matter what method he uses, he can’t escape this weird gray world!

Shang Mouzhuo suddenly became more frightened and desperate.

“haha, be afraid!”

Su Lang coldly smiled, squeezed in his hand, and the Boundless horn suddenly moved in sync.

The Nether Heaven Sword, which is infinitely close to the Bayan realm, appeared in the hands of Infinity and turned into a giant sword!

The extremely sharp rays of light are flowing on the blade of the giant Nether Heaven Sword, as if even the natural universe can be cut in half!

“My life is over…I am over!”

Shang Mouzhuo saw this scene, using various explosive secret techniques like crazy, fleeing like crazy.

It still has no effect.

He just flees and hasn’t attacked Nianfeng Space once, how can he get rid of the seal of Nianfeng Space?

In a blink of an eye!

Su Lang has already flew the Infinity to a short distance behind Shang Mouzhuo, bringing it into the attack range!

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