One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2154


“Shang Mouzhuo!”

“You will be the first Jiuyan Taichu who died in my hands!!”

Su Lang corner of the mouth raise, gather all the power of its boundless number, and cut down the Nether Heaven Sword fiercely in his hand, “The world is dying, a sword is broken!!”


A terrifying force poured out from the Nether Heaven Sword.

This power is condense from Su Lang, more than 14,000 Shadow Clone from the Eight Evidence Realm, and thousands of Divine Beast and cultivator.

Even if the Time Rule power level is only Phoenix’s eight evolving realm.

But the power has far surpassed Jiu Yan Absolute Beginning realm!

And add the characteristics of breaking a sword to restrain everything.

Su Lang this move, simply is not something ordinary Jiuyan can resist at the beginning!

At this moment.

Almost the moment the sword light broke, it arrived behind Shang Mouzhuo.

“Spare me!!”

Shang Mouzhuo made a stern begging for mercy!

But at the same time, he also took out his weapons and burst out an extremely powerful time countercurrent, trying to delay Su Lang’s attack.


Although his countercurrent of time can slow down Su Lang’s attack speed a little bit, he cannot resist it after all!

Thorn it!

In an instant.

Su Lang is driving the Boundless, with the strongest sword cut out by the Nether Heaven Sword, he directly wiped out Shang Mouzhuo’s time countercurrent and tore his defenses!


The sound of a sharp knife entering the meat sounded.

Blood splattered!

Nether Heaven Sword’s sharp blade pierced Shang Mouzhuo’s back!

If it were Ordinary Weapon, this would be a serious injury, and Shang Mouzhuo almost continued to escape.


Nether Heaven Sword stabbed him!

The effect of breaking the defense is exploding.

Shang Mouzhuo didn’t even have the opportunity to struggle, so he completely lost consciousness.

“Ding! You get the Soul of the Beginning*1, the Elementary Life Universe*1, the Fragment of the Body of the Beginning*9859856, the Elementary Material…Supreme Emperor grade material…The Supreme Emperor Source*3412552365…”

The system hint sounds.

Declare that this extremely powerful elementary powerhouse of Jiuyan is completely shrieked!

“Nether Heaven Sword is awesome!”

“Jiu Yan Absolute Beginning Realm can also be hacked to death with one sword!”

Su Lang has a bright smile, nodded very satisfied!

Just then!

“Ah, Master, Xiaoyou can’t do it!”

Xiaoyou’s timid voice came from Nether Heaven Sword, “Master, no, don’t go on!”

It turned out.

Although she was evolved by Su Lang to a power close to the Bayan Realm, she still had some reluctance to carry the power of the Boundless Horn to kill Jiuyan Taichu.

After cutting a sword, she can no longer fight.


“Xiaoyou, hold on, the master will be fine soon.”

Su Lang lightly coughed, then said with a smile, “This way, the master will help you evolve!”


“Okay, master, hurry!”

When Xiaoyou heard that Su Lang wanted to evolve for herself, she immediately became happy.


“Start 1-click decomposition function!”

Su Lang thought about it, and first disassembled all the elementary weapons from Shang Mouzhuo.

Among them is a Qiyan Realm primordial weapon, and several lower-level weapons.

After disassembling this weapon, he obtained a large amount of the Soul of the Beginning and materials.

Plus the rest of the heavenly materials and earthly treasures on Shang Mouzhuo, and the rest of the previous ones.

Su Lang knows that Nether Heaven Sword will consume more than enough!

After all, the Nether Heaven Sword only evolved from the Six Evolving Stage to the Seven Evolving Stage.

“Enough material!”

“system, start the weapon evolution function!”

Su Lang in the heart kept giving orders, “Only retain the specified characteristics, evolve the Nether Heaven Sword for me!!”

The next moment.

The system hint sounds again!

“Ding! Consumes the Soul of the Beginning*1889, the elementary material Youhengyu Dragon Stone*3658…Nether Heaven Sword has evolved into a weapon of the Qiyan Beginning!”


Countless materials turned into mysterious power, showing a burst of gloom, passing inside and outside the Nether Heaven Sword, and blending into it!

In an instant.

Nether Heaven Sword has evolved from Liuyantai elementary to Qiyantai elementary!

Its real battle strength has reached the very powerful level in the Eight Yan Realm!

“Ah, the power of really strong!”

“Master, you are so kind to Xiaoyou!”

“Hurry, hurry, Xiaoyou will kill people!”

Xiaoyou felt her powerful strength, no more wilting, and immediately yelled to kill someone.

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