One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2155



“Let’s kill someone!”

Su Lang haha ​​smiled, and immediately locked on one of the three Jiuyan Taichu who continued to escape, Su Lang haha.

At the beginning, this Jiuyan had to say, very powerful!

In the short time that Su Lang killed Shang Mou Zhuo and upgraded the Nether Heaven Sword, he escaped from Su Lang’s divine sense detection range!


He didn’t know.

Su Lang owns the Celestial Void Realm and can instantly reach anywhere in the Celestial Continent!

Anywhere within the scope of the Heavenly Continent is his hunting ground!

“Transfer network, start!”

But seeing Su Lang’s heart move, he teleported and appeared behind Wang Dutai.


“How could you kill Shang Mouzhuo so quickly!?”

“How can you chase so fast!?”

“This is not true, this must be a nightmare!”


Wang Dutai screamed in fear, and then all one’s strength moved towards far away teleported away!

He originally thought that Shang Mouzhuo could buy some time.

But didn’t expect.

Su Lang killed Shang Mouzhuo so quickly and pursued him.

“hmph hum.”

“Run away, run away.”

“It doesn’t matter if you escape another 1 billion, tens of billions of light years!”

Su Lang coldly smiled, directly use Yi Nian Heaven Sealing to pull Zhang Dutai into the Nian Seal space!


Wang Dutai found that he was enveloped in a weird gray space, everything around him lost its color, and he fell into despair immediately.


Su Lang did not immediately do it.

Instead, he started to regain his strength while chasing behind him.

The previous sword could kill Shang Mouzhuo, and the Profound Truth also contributed to the destruction of the universe.

The Profound Truth directly consumed all the power of the Infinite.

If you want to kill Dutai, you have to accumulate some strength.

The recovery speed of Infinity is super fast!

Because each powerhouse settled in it is independently restored.

They crazily devour the elementary recovery medicine pill given by Su Lang, and recover a huge amount of energy in an instant!

And Su Lang’s power has recovered faster!

In addition to countless recovery medicine pill.

He has a shard of the sun within the body, besides the Shifang Life Universe and the huge crystal wall world!

In a short time.

Su Lang is back to Peak status!

Most of the energy reserves of the Infinity have also been restored!

“Nether Heaven Sword has evolved to the real Eight Era Realm.”

“Even if the energy of the Infinity is not as good as before, it will definitely kill this Dutai!”

Su Lang thought about it for a while, then the corner of his mouth was hooked, and his hands were held in a holding posture and raised above his head!

Wuyin made a synchronized action.

able to support both heaven and earth’s body lift up the Nether Heaven Sword like a pillar!

The next moment!

“The world is dead, a sword is broken!!”

Su Lang fiercely cut down, and the terrifying Nether Heaven Sword instantly hit the top of Wang Dutai’s head.

“Time, turn me around!!”

Wang Dutai was unwilling to die and burst into his strongest move instantly.

The incomparably majestic time flows backwards into the space of thoughts.

If it is the beginning of the general Bayan Realm, almost all of them will be crazily reversed under this force, the cultivation base will fall back, and then be killed.

The weaker creatures turned directly into embryos, and they were completely finished!


Wang Dutai is facing Su Lang!

A man who has mastered more than a dozen founder-level ‘past’ stage time cultivation techniques, has a Phoenix of eight evolutions and a hundred and fourteen hundred shadow clones!

Under Su Lang’s various horrific time methods, under the unrivaled absolute power, under the restraint of everything…

Wang Dutai’s hole cards are almost paperless!

hōng lóng lóng!

In an instant, time disappears invisible!

The blade of Nether Heaven Sword tore through Wu Dutai’s defenses and cut his skin!

The feature of breaking the defense is to die.

Mysterious and terrifying power made Wang Dutai stare at him, kick his legs, and fall directly!

“Ding! You get the Soul of the Beginning*1, Life Universe of the Beginning*1, Fragment of the Body of the Beginning*9652123……”

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