One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2156


The system hint sounds.

Even if Zhang Dutai is active, he will not be able to resurrect!

“Next, continue to kill!!”

Su Lang stuffed a large number of recovery medicine pill into his mouth, constantly regaining his strength, while checking the traces of the remaining ten people through the heavenly virtual world.

Two of the Jiuyantai elementary, Chunqiuyi and Guihaiqi, have fled very, very far away.

The speed of the eight powerhouses of the eight primordial primaries in the Bayan realm is much slower.


In order to survive, several of them disguised themselves as Martial artists on the Celestial Continent.

But they don’t know that all their actions have been captured by the servers of the Heavenly Void Realm, and their traces are even more visible!

There are also a few Martial artists who hope to hold some Heavenly Continent in order to make Su Lang refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

However, they found that no matter where it is, there is no intelligent creature!

Because countless wise creatures have long been transferred to a safe place by the Heavenly Void Realm!

“These Bayan Realms can’t escape no matter what.”

“Let’s solve the Absolute Beginning Realm first!”

Several thoughts flashed in Su Lang’s mind, and immediately used divine sense to lock on the Jiuyan Taichu named Gui Haiqi.

next moment.

“Transfer network, start!”

Su Lang directly used the Heavenly Nether Realm to transmit the Internet, and sent it to a place not far from Gui Haiqi, and pulled it into the Nianfeng space.


“You, you have killed Shang Mouzhuo and Wang Dutai! How could it be so fast!?”

“It’s over, it’s over…I don’t want to die!”


When Gui Haiqi saw Su Lang appearing on the Infinity, he was panicked, and bursts of despair rose in his heart!


Despair is useless.

He has become the prey of Su Lang…

And just as Su Lang kept chasing and killing Gui Haiqi.

In the Tianting Continent.

The Immortal Emperor Zhou has been stunned!

“That Su Lang unexpectedly exploded with more than Jiuyantai elementary aura!!”

“Even if it does not really reach the Half Step Eternal state, the people under Husband may not be able to stop it!!”

“What can I do, what can I do!?”


Emperor Immortal Zhou rarely appeared panic, which was an emotion she hadn’t seen in countless years.

If the subordinate she sent out is her own subordinate.

With her means, she can sacrifice one person just like she sacrificed Shen Shuang, and travel through time and space to get Su Lang.


At this time, the Shang Mouzhuo and the others she sent out were all powerhouses under her Husband Yuan Mingzhou Emperor.

These people don’t have the special means she planted.

Therefore, she has no way to reach the Heavenly Continent in a short time at this time!

The thought of Husband’s powerhouse fell due to her negligence, she felt a panic of fear.

Even if she is the Dao Companion of Emperor Yuanmingzhou.

But she knows that Emperor Yuanming Zhou simply has no emotions, and anyone who is angry will kill him!

“What to do, what to do…!”

Emperor Immortal Zhou felt terrified when he thought of Emperor Yuanmingzhou’s horror.

Just then.

An aura flashed through her mind!


“The fifteen Divine Beasts sent out before are all under my command, and I have planted a space-time channel method.”

“Although the Divine Beast has been collected by Su Lang within the body, it is not without hope!”

“If you can contact those Divine Beast, things will turn for the better!”


The Immortal Emperor Zhou thought so, and immediately used his unique method to sense the marks he had left on the fifteen Divine Beasts.


Soon, her face became more and more ugly!

Because she can’t feel the mark left on the Divine Beasts.

After all.

The Heavenly Ting Continent and the Heavenly Mian Continent are so far apart, and there is a time and space sky trench between them.

Divine Beasts were put into their own body world by Su Lang again. There is a barrier of Wuyin, and they have their own barriers.

Under repeated obstacles.

Emperor Immortal can hardly feel the imprint he has left on the Divine Beasts.

“no! I must do it!”

The immortal emperor clenches the teeth, bursting out with all kinds of secret techniques!


She felt the mark on one of the Divine Beasts.

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