One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2158


At the same time.

The Immortal Emperor Zhou also raised a trace of vigilance in his heart.

The intelligence of the Tianmen Continent has always been in their hands.

However, in just a few days after the intelligence was broken, an unheard-of powerhouse like Su Lang appeared. It is really incredible, and I dare not take it lightly.

“Although there is a Husband.”

“Boundless Universe can’t make waves at all.”

“But Su Lang, we should deal with it as soon as possible, and the Tianmen Continent has to return to control.”

“My side cannot leave the Tianting Continent, I can only let Mi Ling take action!”


The Immortal Emperor Zhou thought so, and immediately took out a peculiar golden mirror and infused a lot of energy into it.


A picture appears in the mirror surface of the golden mirror.

There is a tall bald man sitting on the ground, cross-legged.

bald man wears a golden Buddha robe, white robes, and a golden halo behind his head, shining his bald head like a light bulb.

This person is the Mi Ling Buddha!

“The Immortal Emperor Lord!”

“I wonder if you have anything to do with the little monk?”

Miling Buddha saw the immortal Emperor Zhou with a peaceful expression and slightly respectfully asked.

“Mi Ling.”

Indestructible Emperor Zhou asked back, “You know, Su Lang, who attacked Tianmi Continent before, already possesses the strength comparable to the Half Step Eternal realm?”


“Su Lang? Half Step Eternal level strength!?”

“This, how is this possible!!”

The peaceful expression on Buddha Mi Ling suddenly changed, asking in disbelief.

At the beginning, he had also seen Su Lang driving the Infinity.

But at that time, even if he was driving the Infinity, Su Lang had only conventional power comparable to the Bayan level.

At this time.

It was only one or two days since Su Lang last attacked.

Then how can Su Lang become a Half Step Eternal powerhouse?


“This is what I saw with my own eyes!”

“Mi Ling, this child cannot be kept!”

“You immediately put down the things in your hands and head to the Heavenly Continent to kill Su Lang!”

“In addition, my Husband has four Jiuyantai elementary subordinates in the Heavenly Continent. You will meet them by the way.”


The immortal Emperor Zhou was coldly snorted and immediately put forward his own request.


“Let me put down the things in my hands now?”

“However, the reverse training of Universe Source is something that Lord, the emperor of the universe, personally explained, how dare the little monk let it go!?”

“If the task cannot be completed, the Emperor Yuanmingzhou Lord will blame it, and the little monk is afraid that his life will not be saved!”

The ancestor Mi Ling was shocked, and immediately said with a full face.


“Isn’t it Universe Source!”

“The deity will give you one, you immediately go to the Heavenly Continent, kill that Su Lang for me!”

“Otherwise, the deity whispers a few words in the ear of Husband, you die without a burial site!”

The coldly snorted of the immortal Emperor Zhou directly opened the threat mode.


Suddenly Mi Ling Buddha dared not speak.

As a traitor to the Boundless Universe, he looks glamorous, but he is actually looked down upon by the people of Emperor Yuanmingzhou, and he is very hard pressed.

The Dao Companion of Immortal Emperor Zhou as the source of Ming Dynasty Emperor.

At this time, he said something so serious that he couldn’t listen to it.

“Yes, yes!”

“The little monk will immediately attack the Tianmen Continent!”

“However, the Universe Source in the hands of the little monk has been condensed to a critical moment, and it is still a short time to complete.”

“Please forgive me a little time from the immortal Emperor Lord!”

Buddha Mi Ling promised in a hurry, and then said with a very embarrassed expression.

“How long will it take?”

The Immortal Emperor Zhou’s expression and voice are extremely cold.

“One day…”

“No, half a day!”

Buddha Mi Ling originally wanted to talk about one day, but found that Emperor Zhou’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, so he immediately took the initiative to reduce half of the time.


“Half a day, if you can’t complete the task, don’t attack the Heavenly Continent.”

“Then you can die for me!”

The immortal Emperor Zhou coldly said, and soon he closed the golden mirror, and ran to the side to continue sulking.

In the Tianmi continent.

Mi Ling Tianshan.

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