One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2159



“Didn’t expect that Su Lang suddenly soared to the Half Step Eternal level!”

“In addition, why did the Jiuyan Taichu under Your Majesty’s commander be in the Heavenly Continent, and I still need me to get him?”

“Could this be the mess left by the immortal Emperor Zhou, waiting for me to clean it up?”

“Never mind, the immortal Emperor Lord does not dare to leave the Tianting Continent in person, I will do it once!”


Sitting in the Zen-like retreat, Buddha Mi Ling had some thoughts in his mind.


He began to accelerate the Universe Source in his hands.


He can complete this task, and then take the army of Buddhism to the Continent of Heaven!

On the occasion of reverse training Universe Source.

Buddha Mi Ling also gave orders to his subordinates, so that Bailian, Bliss and the others immediately gathered the Buddhist army to prepare to attack the Heavenly Continent!

“We are going to attack the Tianmen Continent!?”

“hahaha, very good, really very good!”

“The Su Lang dog dared to lead us by the nose, and I have to pay it back a hundred times!”

“Go, gather the army, prepare to attack the Heavenly Continent!”


Bailian and the others received an order from the Buddha Mi Ling, and they were immediately excited!

The four of them were miserable by Su Lang before.

Keile and Ruohai are engaged in a wave of Life Universe by Su Lang.

Bai Lian was killed by Su Lang as an Avatar!


All the Star Domains on the outskirts of Tianmi Continent are being looted frantically by Su Lang’s treasure hunter!

But Bailian didn’t dare to chase him down, so he could only scrape the Star Domain resources and population by himself, and stop the loss in time.

The Bliss, Pusa and Ruohai who stayed at the periphery of Tianmi Continent even dare not relax for a moment, for fear that Su Lang would get into the Tianmi Continent and do things.

And now.

The order of Buddha Mi Ling came down.

It means that the Mi Ling Buddha is going out!

Half Step Eternal powerhouse exit!

In the Boundless Universe, apart from Yuan Mingzhou Emperor, this is the strongest existence!

There was Mi Ling Buddha who took action.

Bai Lian and the others firmly believe that they will be able to kill Su Lang easily and get revenge!

At the same time.

On the Heavenly Continent.

Su Lang is constantly observing 15 Divine Beast in the exile.

It’s meticulous, with no opportunity, far superior to the same level of divine sense, scanning every cell and soul of 15 Divine Beast wildly!


After many scans.

Su Lang still didn’t notice any abnormalities in the scan.

“Sure enough, the divine sense is too weak.”

“Unable to detect the means of Half Step Eternal!”

“It seems we have to strengthen the cultivation technique again!”

Su Lang looked at 15 Divine Beast in front of him, frowning slightly.



“Start one-click enhancement function!”

“Goal, cultivation technique “secret technique”!”

Su Lang thought about it and began to strengthen the cultivation technique!

“Ding! Successfully strengthened, the “Secret Technique” will strengthen by +1!”

The system hint sounds.

The previous “Secret Technique” can be enhanced to be too elementary, but it is a relatively low-end cultivation technique in Absolute Beginning Realm.

After strengthening at this time.

The level of cultivation technique immediately rose to a level!

But Su Lang is not satisfied with this.

Because the current “Secret Technique” is still too low-end.


“Activate the one-click enhancement function, and continue to strengthen the “Secret Technique”!”

Su Lang in the heart gave orders to continue to strengthen the cultivation technique.

this time.

Su Lang has strengthened it to the limit of function.

The level of cultivation technique has also reached the top level of the original cultivation technique!

Countless new Profound Truths appeared in the soul of Su Lang and perfectly integrated with them.

A lot of strange power is incorporated into his spirit strength, which further strengthens his soul.

Although Su Lang’s soul level is the same as the rest of the primordial primaries, it is the state of pure nirvana.

But under the effect of the spiritual enhancement function, his soul spirit strength has long surpassed the same level.

At this time, with the cultivation technique bonus, he suddenly became more powerful.

“There should be enough spirit at this time!”

Su Lang breathes deeply, and the powerful divine sense once again enveloped that Azure Dragon.

He carefully inspected every corner and detail of Azure Dragon.

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