One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2160



Among the dantians of Azure Dragon, inside a certain crystal wall cell.

Su Lang found some strange patterns!

“This pattern…?

“Is it a kind of formation mark? No, it’s a bit different!”

“It looks like a kind of ‘talisman’ but it is still classified as within array!”

Su Lang looked at the treasures in the crystal wall cells, narrowed his eyes and whispered in a low voice.

He guessed that it should be the formation mark system in Yuanming Universe.

Because he could learn this pattern at a glance, he classified it in Formation.

“This formation mark method is amazing!”

“If it is forcibly broken, it will trigger the formation mark.”

“When the time comes, the life of this Azure Dragon can’t be kept, maybe it will open the space-time channel and attract the immortal Emperor Zhou!”

“Unfortunately, Immortal Emperor Zhou, you met me!”

Su Lang ticked the corner of his mouth, and a faint smile appeared.

He who owns the 1-click refining array function has learned this formation mark and can easily control and crack it!

“hmph hmph! ”

“It is so easy to crack this formation mark.”

Su Lang smiled slightly, and with a thought, he directly controlled the function with Formation to hold it in his hands.


He removed this formation mark as if it were a stubborn cocoon.

But it’s not over yet.

Because there are fourteen Divine Beasts that have not been checked yet!


Su Lang licked his lips and continued to explore the possible hidden formation marks in the bodies of Divine Beasts.

Sure enough.

The within the body of these fourteen Divine Beasts all bear the imprint of the immortal Emperor Zhou.

Su Lang uses the same method to crack them all!


These Divine Beasts no longer have the hole cards of the Emperor Zhou.


“We must help them get rid of the control of the immortal Emperor Zhou and restore their sanity!”

Su Lang thought about it, while continuing to explore the strangeness of the Divine Beasts.

Finally, in the soul of every Divine Beast, a terrible control method was discovered!

“It’s not controlled by the previous Buddhist artifact…”

“Yes, Xuan Blood Qilin and other Divine Beasts were originally the support sent by Tianting Continent to Tianmi Continent. To transfer control to Buddhism, it is natural to use Buddhist artifacts.”

“And these Divine Beasts are directly controlled by the Immortal Emperor Zhou, of course by other means.”

“Well, this is a bit uncomfortable, how should I break the method of Immortal Emperor Zhou?”


Su Lang’s eyes flashed with thoughtful rays of light, and his brows gradually wrinkled together.

Although the Immortal Emperor Zhou is not the real Emperor Zhou, he is indeed a real half-step Eternal powerhouse!

These exist.

The cultivation technique he has mastered is simply deep and unmeasurable.

Even Su Lang’s cultivation technique at this time can only see some signs, but it can’t be eliminated in a short time.

Just then.

A flash of light flashed through Su Lang’s mind.


“I just killed Shang Mouzhuo and other Jiuyan Taichu!”

“They are all under the command of Emperor Yuanmingzhou, and they may master this cultivation art secret technique of Emperor Emperor Zhou!”

“There is also the cultivation technique on Shen Shuang, you can also check it out!”


Su Lang’s eyes were bright, and immediately took out the cultivation technique classics by Shang Mouzhuo and the others.


A huge amount of cultivation technique classics appeared in front of Su Lang.

He didn’t look closely, but flipped through it, mainly looking for the secret control technique.

Time is passing slowly.


Su Lang’s face was beaming, he really found a cultivation technique called “The Soulless Technique”!

The secret technique for controlling 15 Divine Beast is this cultivation art!

“very good!”

“When the cultivation technique that is being practiced now is finished, I will practice this “Mindless Soulless Technique”!”

Su Lang has a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Immediately he took a look at the cultivation technique he was practicing.

It was a time-based cultivation technique from the past stage, and it was also the thirteenth time-based cultivation technique he practiced.

This cultivation technique has been practiced for some time.

The training will be completed soon!

“Just wait for this cultivation technique!”

“Take advantage of this time, you can kill to the last one on the remaining intruders!”

A chill rose in Su Lang’s eyes.

Because the marks on Divine Beasts have been completely broken.

Don’t worry about being killed by the immortal Emperor Zhou.

So he can leave the exile without worry!


Su Lang used the teleport function of the Celestial Void Realm to reach the Infinity.

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