One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2161



Feeling the appearance of Su Lang, Li Xianyang immediately called out respectfully, and was ready to move away.

“Let me come!”

Su Lang rushed into the Infinity, into the core part.

Li Xianyang automatically returned to his original parts and continued to provide strength to the Infinity.

Because the Time Flow Speed ​​of Exile is hundreds of thousands times faster than Boundless Universe.


Su Lang stayed in the Exile for a while.

But on the Celestial Continent, even a second has not passed.


The last of the four Jiuyan Taichu powerhouses who invaded the Tianmen Continent, Chunqiuyi, has not yet been killed by Li Xianyang.

At this time, Chunqiu Yi was fleeing in extreme horror.

He broke his head and didn’t expect that his three companions died so fast!

I couldn’t escape from the mainland, so I was caught up!

If it weren’t for all three companions died.

Chunqiuyi almost thought that the three companions deliberately released the water…

“Chunqiu Wing!”

“The Fourth Jiuyan Taichu!”

“Become my departed spirit under this sword!”

Su Lang stared at Chunqiuyi, his icy voice was like a cold wind blowing from the ice hell.

“no! ”

“I am the powerhouse under the command of Emperor Yuanmingzhou!!!”

“If you dare to kill me, you will definitely die!”

“Su Lang, listen to me, take refuge in Emperor Yuanmingzhou, there is still a way to survive!”

“With your aptitude, you will definitely be valued by Yuanmingzhou Emperor Lord, and be as loyal to him as Mi Ling Buddha!”


In order to survive, Chunqiuyi immediately issued a heartbreaking threat.


“It’s so funny!”

“die for me!!”

Su Lang sneered, the Infinity in his heart smashed behind Chunqiuyi through the Heavenly Void Teleportation Net!

“The world is extinguished·Breaking a sword——!!!”

Along with Su Lang’s anger, Nether Heaven Sword dropping from the sky, wrapped in a terrifying force and killed Chunqiu Yi.

“No, don’t!”

“I was wrong, I know I was wrong!”

“Please let me go…Ah!!!”

Chunqiuyi begged for mercy in horror and despair.

However, I didn’t finish my begging for mercy, so I was split in half by the Nether Heaven Sword.

“Ding! You get the Soul of the Beginning*1, Life Universe of the Beginning*1, Fragments of the Body of the Beginning…”

A system hint sounded.

The entire net worth of Chunqiu Yi was taken away by Perfect Loot function.

Countless heavenly materials, earthly treasures and various treasures appeared in the storage space of Su Lang, piled up into a giant continent.


“Another full net worth of Jiuyan Taichu!”

“Next, kill those eight Bayan Realm’s Taichu, and the spoils of war obtained must be enough to greatly increase my battle strength!”

Su Lang’s eyes flashed with excitement, and he immediately called out the information collected in the Heavenly Void Realm, and immediately grasped the traces of the eight people.

The remaining eight powerhouses in the eight evolving realms.

A few at first disguised and hid, hoping to be struggling on whilst at death’s door.

Others who fled quickly, after realizing that there was no hope of escaping from the Heavenly Continent, they immediately disguised themselves.


Su Lang gave an order and drove the boundless number moved towards the nearest Bayan Realm Taichu to kill.

In the endless number.

Everyone quickly recovered their energy, and soon reached the point where they could kill the Bayan Realm Taichu!

The other side.

The name of the powerhouse at the beginning of the Bayan Realm was Zizhong, and he was very frightened at this time.

“Damn it!”

“How can there be no one in this city?”

“Even the wild beast with a little cultivation base has disappeared!”

“What does this make me pretend to be? Stone!?”


In an empty city transformed into an ordinary man, the cold wind blows through, making it extremely messy.

He has passed several cities.

But these cities are all empty. Not only does he pretend to be extremely conspicuous and will be seen directly, but he also doesn’t have the capital to threaten Su Lang with city.

“Damn it, let’s pretend to be a stone first!”

After some struggle, Zizhong became a stone.

His disguise is actually very good.

The general Jiuyan Absolute Beginning Realm, if you don’t specifically check it, just take a look at it, it’s hard to find anything unusual.


In front of Su Lang.

The best Camouflage Technique is no use!

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