One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2164



Countless Buddhist monks from Tianmi Buddhism screamed in horror.

Treasure hunter stealing their wealth is as painful as digging meat from them!

In a short time.

The large district fell under the ravages of treasure hunter.

Even if the place was guarded by elementary powerhouses before, no one can stop them!

Those quasi-prime people hope for some powerful treasures and formations, but they still can’t hurt a little bit of treasure hunter!

These very advanced Buddhism Holy Land fell.

It also immediately brought huge profits to Su Lang1

At the same time.

Tian Mi Continent, in Mi Ling Tianshan.

Bai Lian and other elementary powerhouses also received the bad news from countless believers.

Bai Lian and the others immediately fell into shock and the two men.


“That kind of weird flying squirrel has appeared again!?”

“It’s Su Lang, it’s the gangster who came to Tianmi Continent to commit an offence!!”

“How is it possible, didn’t he deal with those powerhouses under the command of the Immortal Emperor Lord on the Heavenly Continent?”

“That is the four Jiuyantai elementary powerhouses that are equivalent to ours. If Su Lang wants to deal with them, how can he spare the time to attack Tianmi Continent!?”


Bailian and the others looked at each other in horror after receiving the news from the believers.

Whether it is the Mi Ling Buddha or them.

They thought that Su Lang was dragged down by the powerhouse under the emperor of the immortal Zhou, and would not have a chance to attack Tianmi Continent.

Now they understand that they have made a mistake!

Su Lang can even spare the time and energy to attack the Tianmi Continent while hunting down four Jiuyantai elementary!

This is really unimaginable, incredible!

“This Su Lang is even weirder than we thought!”

“Oh my God, while dealing with the four Jiuyan Taichu of the Tianting Continent, he still has the power to invade us!”

“What can we do now, shall we gather all our forces to attack the Heavenly Continent or stay here!?”


When the Tianmi Continent was horrified at the beginning, one after another anger and irritability rose in their hearts.

Just then.

A voice rang directly in everyone’s mind.

“My disciplines.”

“Don’t be confused by appearances.”

“The Su Lang just sent these weird flying squirrels to invade the Tianmi continent, this is to confuse us.”

“He already knows that Tianmi Continent is about to attack the Tianmen Continent with all its strength, so he wants to delay our pace.”

This voice is extremely magnificent, just like the grandest and most sacred voice in the universe.

The speaker is the master of Tianmi Continent, the Buddha of Mi Ling!

“so that’s how it is, many thanks to the stalwart Master!”

Bai Lian and the others heard the voice of Buddha Mi Ling, and suddenly put their hands together, and the color of clear comprehension appeared in the eyes.


“The deity cannot leave the customs yet.”

“Wait, go and deal with those flying squirrels.”

The voice of Buddha Mi Ling once again resounded in the minds of Bailian and the others.



Bailian and the others took their orders one after another, and immediately moved towards the Tianmi Continent in all directions.

At the same time.

A trace of sneer and sarcasm appeared in everyone’s hearts.

“hmph hmph! ”

“Su Lang, you little bastard, wanting to delay my waiting is just a delusion!”

“Master will leave today, and then, the end of your Heavenly Continent!”

“All resistance will disappear, and Boundless Universe will completely become the dinner plate of the source of the universe Emperor Lord!”

“We will kill these weird flying squirrels unceremoniously, just as an appetizer for you before despair!”


Zhong Tian Mi thought about Buddhism’s original powerhouse, and then fiercely killed Su Lang’s treasure hunter.

But during this time.

Su Lang’s treasure hunter who was sent by Sect to develop the map has spread to too many places!

Although the powerhouses of Tian Mi Buddhism had a powerful Divine Ability like ‘Tianzu Tong’, they were very mobile.

But it is far worse than Su Lang’s Teleportation Network!

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