One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2165


Su Lang can go anywhere.

But these Buddhists of Tianmi Buddhism could only go to places with anchored coordinates.

However, the number of powerhouses in the early days of Buddhism was too small compared to the area of ​​the entire Tianmi continent.

If the treasure hunter is invading, if it hasn’t spread and is contained, then it’s okay to deal with it.

At this time treasure hunter has spread.

equivalent to countless gaps have been opened in a levee.

Equivalent to infectious virus spreading in a large area among living groups.

At this time, it is too difficult to contain it!


When Bailian and the others started killing Su Lang’s treasure hunter, they realized that they couldn’t kill the treasure hunter at all!

Often kill the treasure hunter here.

The Buddhism Holy Land on the other side has been looted again!

Although the people have already ordered in the beginning, countless Buddhist powerhouses will try their best to rescue the external property.

But there are still many properties that are simply difficult to collect in Life Universe.

Unless they dug up the entire land of Tianmi Continent, don’t think of not losing money under the search of treasure hunter!


Treasure hunter is endless.

There are also more and more Buddhist Holy Land being looted and looted, there are simply too many to count!

Countless treasure hunters have spread to all directions of Tianmi Continent.

Moreover, we are in the process of distributing more places into Su Lang’s dispatch map!

“Damn it!”

“Su Lang, that little bastard, how many weird flying squirrels are there!!”

“Why kill so many, and that many, it’s endless!”

“Damn, those flying squirrels appeared in my temple too! The graves of Sect Founders have been planed!”


Bai Lian and other elementary powerhouses are killing treasure hunters everywhere, but they can’t kill them at all. They immediately fly into a rage out of humiliation and hate Su Lang to gnash the teeth.

As time goes by.

The anger in everyone’s hearts is getting more and more!

“Damn, I can’t stand it anymore!”

“You can’t watch these weird flying squirrels looting on the territory of our Buddhism!”

“At this time, Su Lang is dealing with the four Absolute Beginning Realm powerhouses under the command of Emperor Yuanmingzhou. There is definitely no way to worry about this side!”

“Yes, sending these weird flying squirrels is already his limit!”


After the crowd couldn’t bear it at first, they got together to discuss.

In the end, it was concluded that Su Lang was unable to send more forces to invade the ‘truth’ of Tianmi Continent.


They decided to further disperse their power and kill Su Lang’s treasure hunter.

The specific operation is to use the Avatar technique, and to lend their weapons to trusted powerhouses, so that they can use the elementary power.

That’s it.

The elementary battle strength of their Tianmi continent will at least expand dozens of times!

That way, Su Lang’s treasure hunter can be killed faster!

Zhongtianmi Buddhist powerhouse is not a mess, just do it and execute the plan quickly!

“The Art of Mahathura Avatar!”

“The Art of Indra Avatar!”

“The Art of Kaye Avatar!”


Zhongtianmi Buddhist powerhouses are too elementary, so they naturally master a variety of Avatar techniques.

At this time.

It’s like a white lotus.

She has mastered the technique of a dedicated Avatar, and cultivates a single Avatar. This Avatar is very powerful.

Of course.

The Avatar of Bai Lian has been killed by Su Lang.

Except for this.

She also mastered other Avatar techniques, such as temporarily creating Avatar, dividing her own power into multiple parts, forming many more elementary battle strengths.


As an elementary elementary of Jiuyantai, Bailian can create hundreds of elementary avatars, but the strength will not be very strong.

And her own battle strength will drop sharply, temporarily losing the battle strength of Jiuyan Absolute Beginning Realm.

If the power is further dispersed, it will affect her foundation.

The rest of the too elementary powerhouses also master similar Avatar techniques.

The cost of this Avatar technique is very low.

Usually they will not use this method.

Just now.

They speculated that Su Lang would not have the power to continue to threaten Tianmi Continent, so they would choose this method to clean up treasure hunters.

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