One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2166

While sending out more treasure hunters, he began to prepare plans for Bailian and the others.

Because the Tianmi Continent is home to the Mi Ling Buddha, Su Lang does not plan to take risks with the deity.

Instead, send Avatar over!


At this time, he has 14,400 Hundred Shadow Clones.

Even if Hundred Shadow Clone is formed by an Avatar or incarnation divided into one hundred parts, each one of them also has the power of the elementary Bayantai!

Bayantai elementary.

On Tianmi Continent, you can already tyrannize.

At this time, Su Lang took full control of the Tianmi Buddhism and the location of its Avatar, and sent the Avatar accordingly.

To deal with the ordinary too elementary powerhouse, send ordinary hundred Shadow Clone.

To deal with the relatively powerful Bayan Realm Taichu, I sent a complete Jiuyan Realm Avatar!

To deal with the four of Bailian, Broken, Bliss and Ruohai, send out Xingcuanyun and Avatar!

“Well, the Avatars are strong enough to form a crush.”

“White lotus and the others were not good at killing originally, but they are now dispersing their strength. They only have the strength of the Peak of the Eight Yan Realm, and the Xingcuanyun Avatar can definitely kill them!”

“But there is only one chance. After all, they are the powerhouse of Jiuyan Realm. Maybe they have some powerful cards. I have some insurance!”

After making a plan.

Su Lang thought for a while, and immediately decided to increase the power of Po Yi Jian!

The last time he condensed and broke a sword.

While preaching at the Xuanyan Dojo of Tianmen Continent.

At that time, Su Lang had just breakthrough to elementary, and he had not mastered many elementary cultivation techniques.

At that time, the cohesive Po Yijian already possessed all the powerful characteristics of restraining time and space, too elementary and twisting power.

At this time.

Su Lang has mastered dozens of founder-level elementary cultivation techniques, and the condense will be even more terrifying!


“Start the source function of the cultivation technique, and give me a brand new breaking sword!”

Su Lang blinked his eyes and immediately issued the command in the heart!

“Ding! Start the deduction of the source of the cultivation technique!”

The system hint resounded in my mind immediately!

The next moment,

Countless cultivation techniques Profound Truth emerged from the soul of Su Lang.

These are the mysterious Profound Truth contained in the cultivation technique Su Lang has practiced.

Including a large number of Body Tempering cultivation techniques he later practiced and three stages of time cultivation technique!

After these torrents of cultivation technique Profound Truth appeared, they immediately merged into an extremely bright and colorful strange orb.

It is constantly condensing and condensing in Su Lang’s consciousness, and the colors gradually become mixed and merged, turning into a translucent color, and continue moving towards a colorless state!

When this cultivation technique Profound Truth sphere becomes completely colorless.

It exploded fiercely, forming a new mysterious Profound Truth, imprinted in Su Lang’s soul and into his body!

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