One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2167



Su Lang feels like he has mastered the brand-new Profound Truth.

Furthermore, with the integration of those cultivation technique Profound Truth, the body has become fully adapted to the brand-new Broken Sword!

“Cohesion is complete!”

“Sure enough, it’s more terrifying than before!”

“The power to restrain everything is getting stronger!”

Su Lang felt the brand-new Profound Truth in his mind, and there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

With such a powerful breaking sword.

He is confident that he can restrain Jiuyantai elementary’s Time Rule!

“hmph hmph! ”

“Bailian, the four of you are dead!”

“Even if I don’t need the Boundless Number, or even if I don’t need to do it myself, I can hack you all to death!”

Su Lang’s mouth outlines a cold killing intent.

next moment.

He thoughts move, and Avatars were dispatched immediately!

At the same time.

On the Tianmi continent.

Bai Lian et al. Buddhism slaughtered Su Lang’s treasure hunter in the beginning.

“Dog stuff!”

“I see how many weird flying squirrels you have!”

“Such weird flying squirrels must be difficult to breed, I don’t believe they are endless!”

Tianmi Buddhism, the head of the four great nine generations of the primordial beginning, the Head Disciple white lotus of the Mi Ling Buddha, is raising his leg with a sneer, and is crushing down against the countless treasure hunter fiercely!

In a flash!

Countless treasure hunters were killed by her, turned into a black smoke and disappeared.

Bai Lian takes a step forward, and must use Tianzutong to go to the next place to continue cleaning the treasure hunter.

But at this moment!

Suddenly a warning bell in her heart!

“What’s going on!?”

Bai Lian’s complexion changed wildly, and endless horror and puzzlement appeared in her eyes.


“Bai Lian, your death date has come!”

An extremely powerful silhouette appeared above her out of thin air, and the long sword in her hand was directly cut down without giving her the slightest chance!

This silhouette, it is Su Lang who condenses 48 powerful Avatars of incarnation with stars and clouds!

At this time, this Avatar has been controlled by Su Lang with perfect lean-on.

Although the Avatar, composed of stars and clouds, is not as powerful as when Su Lang controlled the Infinity, it also faintly reaches the level of Half Step Eternal!


“Half Step Eternal powerhouse!?”

“It’s Su Lang!! How is it possible, this impossible, no——!!!”

Bai Lian saw the Avatar controlled by Su Lang, and was immediately scared like a mouse meeting a cat at the corner. Not to mention the hair is upside down, even the scalp will explode!

She was thunderous, her eyes burst open, she was dumbfounded, and there was endless panic and despair in her heart!


Bai Lian immediately activated the secret technique of recalling her Avatar, and began to use all her defenses!


Everything is late!

How can she recall the Avatar’s speed and use her defensive methods as fast as Su Lang’s slashing sword! ?

Hiss! !

A terrifying sword light directly shreds the space into a crack in the sky.

This sword light is not called traversing space, but directly destroys space, ignores space, and kills Bailian directly!

“no! !”

“Master, save me——!!!”

Bai Lian let out a miserable cry.


An angry shout came, and a golden afterimage was killed frantically. It was the golden afterimage of Buddha Mi Ling!

This golden afterimage is more powerful than the one that appeared last time, and it is faintly similar to Su Lang Xing Cuanyun and Avatar.


What about even the golden figure of Buddha Mi Ling?

Su Lang is already the first mover, and his strength is about the same. How can the golden figure stop him?

Just as the golden figure roared.

Bai Lian’s last layer of defense has been torn through a sword.


This powerful Jiuyan Emperor had blood splashed on the spot, and his snow-white Buddha clothes were stained with countless red plums.

“Ding! You get the Soul of the Beginning*1, Life Universe of the Beginning*1, Fragment of the Body of the Beginning*1……”

The system hint sounds.

Proclaims that the white lotus has completely fallen and died permanently!

“Su Lang brat! die for me come!!”

The golden figure of the Buddha Mi Ling roared with incomparable anger, and the entire Tian Mi continent trembled fiercely and suddenly changed its color!

He took advantage of Su Lang to swing a sword, the old force had tried its best, and he slapped Su Lang from behind, wanting revenge!

If this palm is shot.

Su Lang may lose a lot of incarnation!


How could Su Lang sit still and wait for death!

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