One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2169

Elysium was so scared that my body broke out in a cold sweat, and my pupils shrank like needles!

But just then.

Su Lang walked away gently, just as he came lightly, waving his sleeves, not taking away a cloud.

Because Su Lang is not sure that he can kill Bliss of full defense with one click, he won’t waste time.

He directly transferred the target

——Kill to those Bayan Realm Taichu!

As Su Lang shifted his target, the golden figure of Buddha Mi Ling reappeared where he had just stayed, and stepped fiercely!


This foot instantly stepped on the countless defensive barriers arranged by Bliss.


Countless defensive barriers were shattered one after another, and the bliss hiding in the middle was shaking.

“He escaped!?”

The golden figure of the Spirited Buddha looked extremely embarrassed, and the embarrassing atmosphere was also permeated.

“many thanks Buddha life-saving grace!!!”

Bliss instantly knelt down and kowtow to the Buddha Mi Ling, alleviating the embarrassment.

“You immediately go to meet Po Suo and go to Mi Ling Tianshan!!”

“Don’t be destroyed by Su Lang one by one!”

Buddha Mi Ling gave an order to Bliss, and his heart was extremely sad!


Just when Su Lang beheaded Bailian and Ruohai.

Su Lang’s other Avatars were not idle either, they were all dispatched by Su Lang, either one-on-one or group fights.

In less than a second!

Except for bliss and whispering, and a few stronger Bayan Taichu.

All other too elementary powerhouses are defeated!

After all.

Su Lang, however, has mental arithmetic and unintentional circumstances.

For every enemy, the Avatar lineup sent is much stronger!

That’s it.

It is completely normal to achieve a real spike!

At this moment.

Su Lang’s control of Xingcuanyun and Avatar appeared in front of a seriously injured and dying powerhouse of the Beginning of the Eight Yan Realm, and cooperated with another Avatar to directly solve it!

The last Bayan Realm was too early to defeat the Su Lang Avatar and died on the spot!

So far.

Except for the bliss and whirling of good luck.

And Mi Ling Buddha, the ruler of Tian Mi Continent.

The rest of the Buddhism powerhouse was killed by Su Lang.

The whole process.

It didn’t take even a second from Su Lang to send the Avatar to kill everyone.

This is a real spike!

Finding that the Buddhism that he had cultivated for countless years had all fallen at the beginning, how could the Buddha Mi Ling be heartbroken? He was so heartbroken that he was going crazy!

At the same time.

Su Lang is so happy!

I had planned to engage in a wave of Tianmi Buddhism, the anti-skeletal boy, and today I finally let out a sigh of fiercely!

Just then.

“Die for me, die for me!”

The extremely resentful Buddha Mi Ling’s golden figure once again killed Su Lang Avatar!

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