One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2170


this time.

Buddha Mi Ling seems to have spared his blood and injected even more terrifying power into the golden figure.

Although it still hasn’t reached the real Half Step Eternal state, it also overwhelms Su Lang’s Xing Cuanyun and Avatar.

“You are the evil barrier, your whole family is the evil barrier!”

Su Lang ticked the corner of his mouth and took all the Avatars back!


The golden figure of the Buddha Mi Ling directly jumped into the air!

“Damn it!!”

“Su Lang, you evil creature, when I leave the customs, you will definitely die!”

Buddha Mi Ling hates eye socket cracked, gnashing teeth, and his eyes are about to burst.

This scene.

Su Lang also saw it through the treasure hunter who had not recovered.


“Wait to clear me up after the customs?”

“Do you think I’m going to stop here? No!”

Su Lang coldly smiled, he didn’t give up to continue to engage in Tianmi Continent.

At present, I have understood the details of Tianmi Continent.

Bai Lian and Ruo Hai were killed, and the real body of the Mi Ling Buddha did not appear. It can be seen that it is really impossible to show up.

That being the case.

Su Lang’s fear of Mi Ling Buddha naturally decreased a lot.

He just wanted to take advantage of Mi Ling Buddha’s real body to be unable to make a move, fiercely to provoke him!

With his current strength, he can indeed do this!


His real trump card is the boundless number!

Xingcunyun and Avatar can merge Avatar, incarnation, and Gemini incarnation into three powerful Avatars.

But Infinite can gather all the power of Avatar!

No restrictions!

Moreover, it can also gather the power of the elementary subordinates!

Finally, he can officially enter the Half Step Eternal level, which is stronger than the golden figure of the Buddha!

Not to mention!

He has just received countless resources, and he can further improve his strength!

Of course.

Su Lang still remains alert.

One is the vigilance of Mi Ling Buddha, and the other is the vigilance of the immortal Emperor Zhou.

He intends to grasp the trends of the Immortal Emperor Zhou, and then continue to work on the Tianmi Continent!

Think of it here.

Su Lang immediately began to act.

He directly contacted Phoenix in a core part of the Infinite.

“Su Lang Your Majesty!”

“What’s your order!?”

Phoenix asked respectfully.

“Tianmi Continent has been massacred by me for the most part too early.”

“Currently there are only Mi Ling bald donkeys and two Jiuyan Taichu.”

“Next, I will continue to work on the Tianmi Continent while the Mi Ling Buddha cannot leave the customs!”

“Before this, I intend to try to grasp the traces of the immortal Emperor.”

“Phoenix, can you sense the origin of the birth of Phoenix and present its images in real time?”

Su Lang spoke to Phoenix quickly.

While his words were not covered up, the rest of the elementary powerhouse heard all of them.

In an instant.

All the powerhouses at the beginning were shocked! !

“What? I heard that right!”

“Su Lang Your Majesty has actually wiped out most of the elementary powerhouse in Tianmi Continent!?”

“On the Tianmi Continent, there is only Mi Ling bald donkey, the polished commander. Ling and the two miserable Jiuyans are too early!”

“Isn’t Tianmi Continent the enemy I need to look up to before, it is so weak? No, it should be Su Lang Your Majesty is too strong!!”

“Here just killed the Indestructible Emperor Eternal Invaders of the Tianting Continent, and didn’t breathe a single breath. The Tianmi Continent was also almost killed by Su Lang Your Majesty!!”

“Awesome, so amazing, Su Lang Your Majesty deserves to be the hope of our Boundless Universe. The Tianmi Continent is about to fall, and our counterattack has sounded!”

“Next, Su Lang Your Majesty will work on Tianmi Continent. I really hope that we can also participate and contribute a meager strength!”


In the Infinity, all kinds of shock, ecstasy, awe, worship, etc., appeared in the hearts of the powerhouses of the primordial and quasi-primary primaries.

Of course, reverence and hope are absolutely dominant!

At the same time.

Phoenix was also shocked, a bit dumbfounded replied: “Yes, the great infinite emperor Su Lang Your Majesty!!!”

“That’s good!”

“Hurry up and follow my request to project the scene of the birth of Phoenix in the Tianting continent in real time!”

Su Lang was delighted and spoke quickly.

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