One Click Cultivation System Chapter 2171


“Yes! Su Lang Your Majesty!”

Phoenix nodded, quickly began to sense the origin of Phoenix.

If he wants to directly use the ‘Homing’ ability to return to the source of Phoenix’s birth, he will have to pay a lot of costs and take great risks.

But it’s just to sense the birth of Phoenix and real-time projection scenes, that’s too simple!

It was also when Phoenix felt the origin of Phoenix’s birth.

On the Tianmi continent.

Although Su Lang has taken back the Avatars.

But treasure hunters have not been taken back.

Su Lang instead sent more treasure hunters to raid on Tianmi Continent!

Pusu and Bliss dare not separate, they can only take action together, killing treasure hunters everywhere.

The golden figure of Buddha Mi Ling is also killing treasure hunters everywhere.

But their number is really too small.

To be counted, there are only two too elementary battle strengths.

Although it is the top one, it is a treasure hunter with super horrible mobility in the face of the vast Tianmi continent.

They really can’t kill too much.

Instead, countless Buddhist Holy Land lost the protection of the elementary powerhouse, and eventually all became treasure hunter hunting grounds.

Countless treasure hunters passed by.

As long as there is no treasure in the inner space.

Nothing was spared from the robes and robes on the body, the weapons of the Buddha and so on.

The various Spirit Stone veins, fairy stone veins, various heavenly materials, earthly treasures, mineral veins, spiritual medicine plantations and so on that have been discovered are completely under the control of treasure hunter.

In a short time.

The large district of Tianmi Continent has almost wiped away a layer of land!

Countless Buddhas and Buddhists cannot resist the ravages of treasure hunters, crying and looting, but there is no elementary Buddha to help them.

“Zhuzi, evil creature, damn it!!”

“Su Lang, you scumbag, when the Buddha leaves the customs, I will torture you to death!”

Bliss and Suo went around fighting fires, but couldn’t kill the treasure hunter cleanly. They were so anxious that they could not help but explode.

Even the golden figure of the Buddha Mi Ling couldn’t help being angry and cursing frantically at Su Lang!

And Su Lang is here.

Take advantage of Phoenix to sense the origin of Phoenix’s birth.

He started to improve his strength.

First, improve the system function!


“Deposit all Spirit Stone, Immortal Origin, and Immortal Origin into the balance!”

Su Lang thoughts move, gave an instruction to the system.


The system hint resounds in my mind!

“Ding! The storage is complete, the current balance is 212.6Universe Source!”


“There are so many, equivalent to more than 20 billion high-quality Immortal origin!!”

“Moreover, so many Universe Sources are enough for me to upgrade two system functions!!”

Su Lang flashed with excitement!


He began to choose among the system functions that could be promoted.

Because a war against Tianmi Continent will be launched soon.

So Su Lang decided to choose a system function that can directly and roughly improve the battle strength.

The first is Avatar Dispatch function!

Once upgraded, there will be three more Avatars of the same level as Su Lang.

After using Hundred Shadow Clone, it is equivalent to three hundred powerful powerhouses in the Eight-Earth Realm!

The second is one-click enhancement function!

The current Nether Heaven Sword has been strengthened to the limit of nine times. If it can be further strengthened, it will be even more terrifying!

Moreover, the one-click enhancement function has reached Level 9, and it will reach Level 10 immediately. It is exciting to think about the new bonus function!


“Upgrade me Avatar Dispatch function!!!”

Su Lang breathes deeply, in the heart gives instructions.

“Ding! Consumes 10 Universe Source, Avatar Dispatch function is upgraded to Level 49, Avatar number +1, current Avatar number 49, Avatar incarnation number 49, Gemini incarnation number 49!”

The system hint sounds.

The total number of Avatars has reached one hundred 47! !

In other words.

Su Lang already owns one hundred 47 Avatars!

This terrifying power is definitely many times more terrifying than the Boundless Domain before it was destroyed!


“With these Avatars, Infinity can be one step closer!”

Su Lang has an excited smile at the corner of his mouth.

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