One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 777

Extreme shock occurred!

Shake it!

Near the half of the Red Line continent of Marin Vatican, it swayed violently, and many places cracked and blasted, and the rocks poured like rain!

The Ryukyu did not move, and the huge crack gap has spread from the top to the surface.

The sea is also slammed with fierce enthusiasm, and the waves of the waves are rolling!

“Wow, yeah yeah – no, no!”

Ivankov jumped his feet exaggeratedly, avoiding the raging stones and shouting exaggeratedly.

Just at this time –

Hey – hey!

A huge stone flew and she was left underneath.

After the first wave of contact, the eight-character Hu Xing showed his flashwork and instigated the second round of Attack.

Hey – as the wind rushes away.

He wanted to take Shino in one fell swoop when he didn’t launch the ball, and then he left with a flash. With his super speed, enough to kill Shino, and then leave. And this combined with the extreme limit of the two players, once the eruption, even he … can not help.

Why don’t you leave early?

Anyway, Shino’s croquet can’t be gathered forever. After leaving, wait for it to explode and come back to kill Shino. And even if this croquet is made by Shino, he himself can’t resist.

Therefore, after leaving, the Ryukyu may also hurt Shino.

However – Shino will also run!

The eight-character Hu Xing is very clear about the nature of Shino. He is not a ‘gentleman’ at all. He wants to run… Shino will also run. As for the Ryukyu explosion, the rest of the people present and died, Shino is not at all. At that time, he did not have any gains at all.

The character of Hu Xing is like electricity, spinning around Shino. A pair of Iron Fist is replaced by countless, and all-round slamming, it is like a mercury leak!

He is fast, Shino is also fast!

Byakurai Knife shattered and criss-crossed, opened and closed, slashing and slashing, attacking and attacking!

Iron Fist and Byakurai knife hit the ring in a row, there is no room for a gap, the speed of punching and slashing the knife is strengthened with the strength… and it is hard to see the naked eye.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

The croquet on top of the head is still rising!

“Second pole”!

Popular point is that it is the second source of power. Since the killings were turned on, Shino found that it was no longer possible to combine the shock and Thunder Fruit. It’s not that there is no way. After adding the killing intention, the load of the two will increase the load of the body in a straight line, even more than the previous multiple.

After the single fruit originated with the killing intention, the explosion of Strength is no more than the previous two fruits, even more than ever.

Therefore, Shino knows the two fruits of the the body in two, and has created two power cores, namely the “two poles”. The first pole is Thunder Fruit, and the second pole is dominated by Tremor-Tremor Fruit.

Of course, this eight-character Hu Xing does not know. He also thought that Shino’s speed is still the speed of thunder. In fact, he can no longer use Thunder Fruit, of course, his speed is still very fast, plus the ‘Radar’ Ability can still cover up.

If the eight-character Hu Xing knows, he will definitely regret it and die. Knowing this, he should be running. Anyway, Shino speed can’t catch up with him. What is it still consuming? When he left, the Ryukyu exploded, and Shino couldn’t get away from it and could only resist it.

Then she will kill another carbine!

Unfortunately, there is never a ‘pity’ on this World!

The peerless Expert has no reservations, and under the interaction of air and machine traction, the two can’t do it even if they have the heart to collect, because it is already impossible.

Shino is indifferent, his chest is heavy, his muscles are sunken, his bones are broken, and his big mouth is blurted out.

After all, his speed is not as fast as Hu Xing!


After the eight-character Hu Xing from the endless Attack, his figure will no longer be able to escape like a bubble. Shino has already taken a fancy to this opportunity, and the hands of Byakurai have been smashed.


The eight-character Hu Xing can’t do it, the left shoulder is fancy, deep into the inch, the bones and the snow splash, the whole arm is so little, it will be scrapped!

He was so horrified that he quickly mobilized the “None” Strength to dodge, but…

“Want to run? Let’s get back some interest first!”

Explosion – explosion – explosion!

The Tremor-Tremor Fruit Ability broke out, and the fierce turtle cracked out. The eight-character Hu Xing could no longer hold back and was blown apart by one minute. The left arm flew to the left and the man flew to the right.


The eight-character Hu Xing burst into a large mouthful of blood and was preparing to recapture his arm. Both eyes were horrified. As Shino slammed his back, he flew past and shook his left arm into a smash.

“You… cough!”

The anger is attacking the heart, and the character Hu Xing once again bursts out of the big mouth!

“You… I want you to die!”

Surprised things happened, I thought that the eight-character Hu Xing was defeated, but… his right hand was suddenly pressed at the broken arm, and then pulled outwards –

A magical scene appeared, and the broken left arm actually grew out again!


All the people around you are all right, can this be?

Only Shino’s close-up found the wrong place, the imperative manner of the eight-character Hu Xing… lowered. It seems that the use of this ‘eternal life’ of Strength in exchange for the scrapped left arm is not low.

“Go to hell, Shino, I want to kill you!”

The eight-character Hu Xinghu snorted, the bone eyes spurted blood, and madly rushed toward Shino. The arrogance of the body, once again turned into a sturdy giant, the shape of the kilometer is also not weaker than Shino’s “Ghost of the Earth”.

No one knows better than him, spawning an arm and spending his ‘immortality’. The four old stars were hurt more than death, which caused him a lot of damage. And his own broken arm regeneration, the “Eternal Life” Strength is more powerful and stronger!

This 800 year has consumed too much!

If you have a few broken limb regenerations, he will completely lose the ‘Eternal Life’ Strength and become a mortal. The blood medicine supply is empty, and then it is down… It is his own blood tank.

I can’t hurt myself any more.

The image of the roaring anger is like a wind and a cloud, driving the overwhelming whiteness of the sky and screaming!

The eight-character Hu Xing is in a state of anger and resentment. The ultimate strength is to push the unbounded boxing, and this is the ultimate sniper.

“Unbounded, no time, no me, silver river star! 』

– It is necessary to kill Shino!


Shino also did not have any reason for the retreat. He reminded the Tremor-Tremor Fruit source to the peak. Under the spur of the killing, the shocking source with the body was injected into the Byakurai knife without reservation.

Desperate and fish!

nothing left!


Hey – hehe… crack!

The previous Liyang Zhenji Ryukyu was spurred by the new shock source, and the strip was once again inflated. This is… the sky is so beautiful that it is very big!

“Fist” to “knife”!

“The ninth strike of the killing knife”: the god Lei magic shocked the heavenly squad” vs “Unbounded, no space, no me, silver river star”

“Anger of the Angry Man”


A loud noise, a catastrophe!

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