One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 778


The giant rushed and slammed, and the thick arms slammed on the ball, imposing manner. The strength of the dead arms of the arms is torn, and it is necessary to tear the forcibly of the “Genyang Shocking Ball” away from Shatter.

Titicaca – 嚓 … split…

At this same time, Shino’s Byakurai knife has been confronted with the empty punches of the eight-character Hu Xing.



The eight-character Hu Xing’s strange fist, Attack, can actually be a hard-boiled sword, but there is no damage at all? This fist, all beyond the edge of Saijo Ō Wazamon.

There is no air and no bounds and strong shocks. From the point where the two men rushed to blow up, the spurt was so stalemate that it seemed to be a fight.

“Shino – you give me to die!”

The anger of the eight-character Hu Xing is incomprehensible. The strength of ‘Eternal Life’ is so much that he loses the most accurate judgment. He is thinking about killing Shino and smashing it.

“Haha… innocent!”

On the other hand, Shino, although the chest was hard hit by the eight-character Hu Xing, causing injury and vomiting blood, but the white Flame in the eyes… burned even more vigorously.

Shino is waiting for this moment, the extremely shocking and overloaded operation, violently pulling the eight-character Hu Xing.

“This… what happened?”

The eight-character Hu Xing is desperate, and he finds that he can’t move and can’t escape. The extremely shocking Ability puts his limbs under pressure and the “empty” Ability can’t be shown.

“Hahahaha Ha… I have already said that people who don’t study science have no way out.”

Split… split… crack…

At this time, the “Genyang shock pole ball” above the head of the two men swelled to the limit, and could no longer withstand the excessive mass of their own, bursting numerous cracks. The glaring sun broke out… and slanted from every gap.

Feeling the energy of destroying the earth on the top of the head, the character Hu Xing was horrified: “You…you…you have to go with me? Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

The eight-character Hu Xing struggled wildly, but unfortunately, under the extreme pressure of Shino, it was still in vain.

Shino and so on is such an opportunity!

He wants to kill the eight-character Hu Xing!

It must not let him continue without time, like that… Shino believes that he will still bear a heavy blow, but it will offset a lot of damage.

Therefore, you must be trapped.

“Ah Hahahaha… It’s late, late, let me die with me!”

Shino broke out and the shocking atmosphere rushed out. In his mad laughter, the extreme shock power can surge, and the “wave” – ​​”the violent smashing ball” suddenly bursts open, and a devastating smashing power can rush to all directions Leak out. The giants of the eight-character Strength are the first to bear the brunt, and they are shaken by the strong and unparalleled shock…

Satay –

In a flash, the huge figure outside the kilometer was smashed by the smashing skin, and the disintegration collapsed, leaving only a terrible bone bracket! But very quickly, the extraordinary shock can be under a wave of eruption, the huge sacral support … … was instantly destroyed and turned into a fly ash and a small minister … dissipated the world to return to nothing!

The tremors of the rushing rushing, the raging sun smashed and smashed, and the entire battlefield was instantly destroyed, and the ruin could not be destroyed.

Under the violent temperament, Dorrag and the others retired, retired, and forced to escape.

The Dorrag speed is the fastest, and Marco is on the go.

Hawk Eyes had already left the moment when the giant ball appeared. Although the time was short, it was run early, and the speed was not fast… I hope he can escape.

Kaido is worthy of the strongest creature of land, sea and air, speed is not as good as multi-rag, but it is still very fast. Although the wounds, flesh and blood, bones burst out, it is not awkward.

The Sengoku Grand Inspector had no speed at all, but fortunately, he left far away, and used the shock wave to recoil in the past and barely resisted many Shanghai. Later, I used gold’s mask to cover myself. Under the big Buddha, it was like a balloon in the wind and waves… I don’t know what tomorrow is.

Katakuri is dead.

As an enemy, no one cares about him, speed does not work, defense does not work, and is chased up by Lieyang and Zhen Zhen, but it is only a few seconds to offset the fly ash!

Zhen Zhen and Lie Yang Jin erupted toward all directions, and they rushed out, killing and dying, who stopped who died.

Red Line The continent was instantly collapsed for hundreds of miles!

The entire atmosphere is separated.

The day was blown up.

Countless tremors and violent yangs descended from the sky, and Marin van Gogh turned into a Sea of ​​Fire and ruins. Sabaody Archipelago, which is a little further away, has also suffered innocent disasters.

Move the mountain to shake!

The sea is raging!

People in the New World headquarters have already felt this violent energy, because the Red Line is more intense. Although they can’t see the battle over there!

Marin Vado is the strongest feeling, because the half of the Red Line continent is directly blown up. The height of 10,000 meters is instantly blown into powder, and I am afraid that even a few kilometers below the sea will be completed. The range of hundreds of miles, the loss is the horizontal impact is far stronger than the vertical strike, or else … the following Fishman Island has to be destroyed.

Marin van Gogh is far from the recent, if it is not in the battle of 10,000 meters, I am afraid… it has not been seen before. Even so, Marin van Gogh has become a slag ruin under the extreme earthquake and the raging sun. Numerous Seaman and Revolutionary Army were buried.

According to incomplete statistics after several years, under the influence of this, Marin van Gogh’s Seaman died 20,000, Revolutionary Army… also sacrificed 10,000 Plus.

There are countless precious equipment and materials that are destroyed.

Later scholars called this day – “Shino’s Disaster Day”!

Dorrag has been slamming Marco into the 300, and it has gradually moved away from the aftermath of the explosion. When he turned back, he could not recognize where this was?

The sky is cracked, like a flood, and there are traces of lightning, fire, and shattering.

It is like a hell in the underworld.


“They…they…willn’t…do it all?”

The two sipped each other, not that they cursed Shino to die, but… this… it seems too… there seems to be no one who can survive.


Dorrag took the lead and flew back, and Marco bite his teeth to keep up.

“That is Kaido? This product is still not dead?”

Flying a hundred miles, it was discovered that a wretched blood man sat on the ground, breathing heavily.

It has been flying for dozens of miles.

“That is Sengoku?”

The golden body of the Buddha has already dispersed, and Sengoku is lying in a deep crater, and he does not know what to do.

The two did not find Katakuri and should be dead.

“What about Hawk Eyes?”

“He has already ran, don’t you know if he survived?”

“Katakuri should be dead!”



“Where are you?”

“If you are still alive, you will get back.”

The two searched the explosion area, did not see Shino, and did not find the eight-character Hu Xing. The two of them were sour, their eyes were a little red, and the World Government led by Celestial Dragon… was finally overthrown, but the biggest hero of your Shino…

Have you gone to the same place?

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