One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 779

“Is it found?”


“I found the body of the eight-character Hu Xing.”

“Ah, where?”


Flying 20, Marco only discovered the broken body of the eight-character Hu Xing, miserable, miserable. The whole body was removed from the head, all the limbs were gone, the chest was gone, and the belly disappeared. What is even worse is that the neck is gone, leaving only a piece of skin and meat still connected.

Look closely, the right side of the head was also pierced, a broken big hole.

Blood, brain and something, I am afraid that it has already been blown away by this devastating blow.

People have not completely disappeared, it is already very valuable.

Under such a wound, even if he has ‘eternal life’, it is impossible to survive.

“He is dead and transparent.”

However, Dorag is still just in case, using the wind blade to smash the broken body of the eight-character Hu Xing into one piece. After all, he has seen it, and the left arm of the eight-character Hu Xing has been born.

Although he does not think this injury, the eight-character Hu Xing can recover…



Waves and waves – waves and waves –

“It’s old!”



“How is it?”

Dorrag also stopped the search for Shino. He also learned about Whitebeard’s ‘live’ in the first half of the war. Have to say, this Shino is really able to hide!

The entire New World Notting Sea area was also quiet. Whether it is Seaman or the rebel army, it is quiet. The only Denden Mushi voice that Whitebeard communicated with Marco was still ringing, although small, it was shocking.

Just like the terrifying Tremor in front, even New World, which is thousands of miles away, feels the same. They can’t imagine, pass here… still so terrifying, what about those in the center of the explosion… What about it?

Whitebeard waited after holding the phone and waited quietly.

“Daddy, we won! cough…”

Marco’s happy voice came over, but Whitebeard frowned slightly, and he felt that Marco was not hurt.

The scene is still very quiet, everyone is waiting for Marco’s final declaration.

“There are Shino, Five Elder Stars, Revolutionary Army Chief Dorag, ‘Bai Beast’ Kaido…”

Everyone present was trembled, and Kaido also went?

“Sengoku Grand Inspector, ‘Hawk Eyes’ Chorakol Mihawk, and… later joined me… and Charlotte Katakuri.”

Everyone is embarrassed, this is a special kind of melee.

“Shino kills the four old stars with one person, and finally breaks the full power to kill the last… eight characters Hu Xing.”

Everyone is jealous, who is the character? Oh, it should be that one.

“The two-person full power…the thousands of terrifying thunderballs broke out, and the Holy Land Mariejois turned into a powder. The hundreds of miles of the Red Line continent collapsed, the limit of the explosion… can be visually detected The sea is over. The half of the Red Line continent has been devastated, and the area of ​​hundreds of miles has collapsed… it’s destroyed, it’s just like a catastrophe!”


Sakazuki is dumbfounded. If it is as loud as Marco said, the explosion is so wide, then… the close-up Marin van Gogh has to be destroyed.

Moreover, Shino also killed Five Elder Stars? Five people… have all gone?

Holy Land is destroyed!

Celestial Dragon… Five Elder Stars… No, World Government…

“Kaido was badly wounded, but people are not dead. Sengoku Grand Inspector was affected by the explosion and fell into a coma. Life and death are not known. Katakuri… It should have been affected by the explosion and died.”

“What about Shino?” Whitebeard asked.

Yeah, everyone listened carefully and listened to it, Shino? Such a terrifying explosion, hundreds of miles of Red Line continent collapsed, landslides, this terrifying power… He… can you still live?

“Shino, he…”

Everyone’s heart is tightening up, can’t it be said…

At this moment, there was a snoring noise in the distance, and a blackened arm was protruding from a ruin of the bandit. After being separated from the ruins, a… looks like Shino’s existence… and smashed it out.



“Are you still alive!”

“Hey, Shino!”

Marco was in a hurry, flew down and pushed gently, however… on the blackened arm, the time of ‘cracking’ broke off a piece of skin!


“Hahahaha, hurt, very heavy, but want to die… which is so easy!”

The opposite Den Den Mushi was silent for a moment, then burst into a shocking voice.



“Long live Shino!”

“Long live!”


The rebel army immediately fighting the intent to the extreme, while the Seaman side was… the moment of collapse, the morale fell to the limit.


Shino raised his hand and turned off Den Den Mushi, and then a large blood of ‘Wow’ spurted out, looking pale and dark, as if… there was a death.

“You!” Marco was shocked.

“Cough, it seems that this time, I should… take a good rest!”

Shino’s body showed a crack that was not a Rule, and it seemed that the whole person would crack.


Marco stunned, Shino deliberately didn’t want the warriors on the opposite side to know his injuries, so that morale was low and he was killed by Seaman.

“You… you bastard, how could you die? Don’t tease, you… don’t you have my ‘revived youthfulness’? Fast–the hurry to get more and more!” Marco’s tears are all I got out.

“Don’t say stupid things, ‘copy’… not far from the real Devil Fruit. And, I am within the body… cough, no energy at all.”

During the conversation, Shino’s chest collapsed again.

Look at the gradually disintegrating body, Shino smiles: “Cough, the strongest Superman is Tremor-Tremor Fruit, the strongest Logia Thunder Fruit! Cough and cough… Sure enough, there is no strong Zoan fruit support… forcibly To the limit, … my body… still can’t stand it!”

Marco shivered and asked: “Can you use the few fruits at the same time?”


It’s dying, Shino doesn’t have that Spirit to analyze, and Marco’s words are not right. The person who will die will not think so much at all, the secret that has been in my heart for a long time… I confided it little by little.

“When I have not eaten the whole fruit, I can only use three kinds a day. When I eat a whole one, I can only use the other two. If I eat three, the rest will be copied… Can’t be used anymore.”

“…” Marco’s eyes suddenly strengthened.

When Shino finished, he stopped talking, and slowly closed his eyes… Thinking about the ups and downs along the way!


In this life, it seems that there is no whiteness!

Just suffering them!

I am leaving, they… I have liked them, will they be bullied?

Will it be cheaper by which Wang Bangzi?

Without my protection, they…

Shino slowly shed tears, so I want to… look at them again!

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