One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 780

(Wow, brother, you guessed it, but you are not doing it yourself.)

Shino slowly closed his eyes, his body was cracking, like a burnt plaster. This kind of injury is not from the outside world, but from the inside. Under the limit of operation, Shino couldn’t help but the body was breaking down.

He recalled a little bit of the scene after coming to this World.

Hancock, the woman, will she cry?

It doesn’t seem to be!

Ever since she fled the dark prison, she never lost her tears.

I really want to see her crying, and it’s fine to make her.

Knowing his death, Robin would be heartbroken? It was a very vigilant woman who wrapped herself up carefully, and she had no sense of security. Without his protection, will she be as old as she used to be, and then she will become a hedgehog?

Perona, Lori, I am afraid to retaliate against World? Her heart is a bit dark, he is dead, and Ni Ni may be abandoning himself.


Noki, Shirahoshi, they will be very upset, right? Both are women who don’t often confide in their hearts, don’t ruin yourself. If the heart is thirsty, it is very terrible.

Carly, Little Satie, Baccarat… These three estimates are not too sad, maybe only a moment of sadness. They are themselves the choice of ‘interest exchange’, either passive or active, huh… He is going to leave, and the three are estimated to be cheaper?

Merlot, Ishli, Sela, and Hiramera are estimated to be in tears all day long? Haha, cough, the tears of the mermaid in this World will not be turned into gems, otherwise… they are estimated to have made it.

Violet… will she die?

With her temper, she is expected to commit suicide with him.

Haha, can’t stop it.

Peach rabbit… will she laugh? After all, it is his life that ruined the happiness of others, um, crying, laughing and crying? However, she should shoulder the responsibility of being a mother, and raise her baby daughter Xiaonuo…

I hope my daughter does not hate him.

One of them accompanied Hancock’s dowry Margaret and Evendera. They are like white paper. It is estimated that… will not feel any sorrow?

What about Nami?

Very delicious.

I always wanted to eat dry, oh, but I dare not!

I don’t know who she will be cheaper in the future? Don’t be Luffy’s second goods, otherwise… the brother-in-law and the younger brother gave him a picture of burning the incense, and this life is hopeful.

With Luffy that temper, how is it possible!

Saying… When did you get on this road of no return? Ming knows that this road is so difficult, then it must die, why should we continue to go on? Be a Shichibukai, eat and die, and occasionally play the younger sister to grab a fortune, isn’t that good?

Why do you want to go this way?

Is it a female emperor? Perhaps from the beginning of his passage, he was destined to embark on this road.

But in essence it is because Koala pulls the ‘two 嫂’.

Hey, for a woman, to go against the whole world, this silly is not stupid? Regret? regret! But if Shino chooses again, he will still choose. Perhaps this is the so-called embarrassment? Shino smiled a bit! Is he now overthrowing World Government? According to the agreement, Koala La is already his woman.

Unfortunately, there is no chance to eat it.

Will she keep him as jade?

Oh, forget it!

Can’t delay people!


Just hope that her one doesn’t matter Sabo. Otherwise, he will feel that if he is given a play, he will feel that he is a stockpile. Help people realize their wishes, and finally return the person to the ‘ex-boyfriend’. Who are you?

Forget it!

Can’t manage it!

It’s no dissatisfaction to come to this World. In that World, he was killed in a ‘dead’, came to this World, but it was white for more than three years. And also smashed so many benchmarking beauty, it seems… enough!

Just a little regret!

Will their ‘seeds’ be rooted?

Don’t die, and finally have a stillbirth.

He has always been looking at at the female emperor’s belly, it seems that there is no chance!


Feeling that World is so dark, is he going to die?


Hey – hey!

A green light flashed in the darkness, and the roots of the strips had to be smashed out, it seems…

“Devil fruit tree”?

Shino is overjoyed and it seems that he doesn’t have to die. Haha, Devil, the scorpion of the fruit tree, finally figured out to repair the damaged body for him.

Niang Xipi!

Just in the moment when his heart was excited, a pot of cold water poured down.

No, it’s a sneer!

“Hahahaha!Hahahaha! It seems that I am a good luck, I am… I am still alive, oh… cough! Although I am hurt, but it is okay, Hahahaha, it is enough to kill you!”

This voice!

Shino’s mind trembled and he stood up. Unfortunately, his body is on the verge of disintegration from the outside to the inside, from the inside out. Don’t say stand up, even if a child hits him with a stick, he can kill him. Although the Devil fruit tree has appeared, repair the damaged body for him, but… very slow and slow!

According to his estimation, with this speed, I am afraid it will take a month to fully recover.

Look at the look of the eight-character Hu Xing, although the injury is very miserable, but … obviously more than enough! One month… it’s too late!

Dorag’s surprised look at, tearing open the air, the eight-character Hu Xing from the inside, the bottle eyes trembled.

“Impossible! I have shredded your body, you can’t live.”

“Wait, don’t you!”

The eight-character Hu Xing sneer again and again: “With the realm of your ordinary people, how can you realize the beauty of ‘Eternal Life’? The body you smashed is just another one that I have separated.”

After that, his face was covered with the level 1 killing full of hatred. ‘Eternal life’, no more! His eternal life “has” “no” realm, can only split a avatar. The body is divided with the body, and the strength is equally divided. Only after he died, he is no longer eternal.

At the crucial moment, he broke the ‘divided’ with the full power and took the blast of him. The escaped ontology uses the “nothing” Strength limit to tear open the Space, and the passage of time has entered the unbounded.

It is the second dimension.

The only pity is that he is not really eternal Strength! So he was still hit hard.

And because the body was criticized, the reserve blood tank was completely emptied. Not only that, but his body’s blood trough was also broken down. Don’t look at his undamaged appearance. He just uses the last piece of eternal strength to fix the external appearance… it looks like it.

His inner lining is still broken and dying.

However, with his “has” “nothing” Strength, it is enough to defeat two people.

“Hahahaha, I am not dead, you are damned!” The scream of Hu Xingyu, the scream of the character, Shino has been waiting for death, completely unconcerned.

Marco suddenly glanced at Shino and whispered: “You have only eaten two fruits right now, right?”

After that, I didn’t wait for Shino to turn back and become a blue firebird… I launched a suicide Attack on the singular character Hu Xing!

Shino both eyes, he suddenly understood Marco’s intentions.

“Do not!”

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