One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 781

Marco is crazy, Jedi suicide!

The blue’s Flame is wrapped in a singular Hu Xing. Flame has no temperature and will not burn anything. He is cutting in the suicide type Attack, paws, wings, and cockroaches.

The eight-character Hu Xing is not Logia, and can’t avoid Busshoku’s Attack.

That’s right, he can use the “nothing” Strength to avoid Marco’s Attack, but that doesn’t help. When he wants to shoot, he must play the “Strong” Strength. When he avoids it with “Nothing”, he can’t escape at all.

In addition, he is now extremely injured, and the Flash Utility needs to consume a lot of Stamina. Now he has to use Strength on the blade.

So he can only hold on to Marco’s Attack and punch him with his claws.



“Damn Whitebeard Remnant, you give me to die!” The word Hu Xing exploded.

So, Marco is dead!

Tragic and fallen to the ground.

While flying backwards, I looked at Shino with my last look.

At this moment, Shino understood what he meant.

But he can’t say it now. Although the ‘disintegration’ of Strength was stopped by the Devil fruit tree, it still damaged the vocal cords and could not move. He can only use his persevering eyes, a glimpse of the look at Marco, tell him –

/ You can rest assured that from today, the Whitebeard group is guaranteed. /

/ Your brothers don’t have to worry. /

/ Although I won’t recognize Whitebeard as an old man, his Pirates are also your Pirates, I will look after it. /

/ Don’t worry, you won’t sacrifice in vain! /

Marco’s tragic body ‘咚’ slammed into the ground, and the blue flame on his body gradually went out. He did not save himself, but chose death. If he healed with the rejuvenation of green inflammation, he could not die, but he chose “sacrifice”!

Shino knows why Marco chooses this.

In addition to the deadly rebellious threat of the eight-character Hu Xing, there is also – Dorag.

After this battle, the Whitebeard group will once again enter the eyes of everyone and become the target on the limelight. The Whitebeard regiment, who died once, has lost the mind of Four Emperor, but the rest of the small ones will definitely not let them go.

World Government… It’s down, then you have to have new people out and sit in that position. Marco knows him well, he won’t do it. So there is no doubt that the strongest player afterwards is Dorrag’s Revolutionary Army.

Don’t look at the big bang, Dorag saved Marco, but Marco didn’t appreciate it. Because he is replaced by him, he will do the same. Without him, his comrades can’t give up because you don’t know what the outcome is and whether the enemy will live.

So, you will still have the value to use.

But he does not believe in Dorag.

His family is very strange, plus it is a no matter how old, and regardless of his identity, personality, so Marco does not believe him.

He chose Shino in the past!

As long as he is alive, as long as he exists for one day, the Whitebeard group will never sink.

Conversely, if Shino is dead?

It is difficult to protect Dorag and will not start. Anyone sitting in that position will not like the role of Pirate.

Plus, after Whitebeard’s resurrection, there is no difference between ordinary people and Marco. Marco is not worried. Is Shino going to resurrect him anyway? Unfortunately, Marco’s speculation is only a half-baked. Once Shino has eaten three complete Devil Fruits, he will no longer be able to use other Ability, including Lingling Fruit.

Marco… can’t be resurrected.

Of course, although Shino can no longer use the fruit of the spirit, in fact, the previously resurrected Whitebeard, Scarlett, Melber, and Princess Eji will not be problematic.

Marco closed his eyes and his corner of the mouth was smiling.

Shino also closed, he didn’t cry.

Although he likes the role of Marco, but in fact there is no friendship, and not like Ace, the two have not said a few words at all.

The first exchange, but also on the eve of the battle on the top, will give Whitebeard the medicine. The battle on the top will be in full swing, and he will not pay attention to him. Then there was a celebration on the island where New World buried Whitebeard’s body.

Then there is no more!

At the moment when he closed his eyes, Blue’s Flame, blazing, burned.

Trinity, the three gathered together.

Zoan, as a powerful body Physique, successfully linked Tremor-Tremor Fruit and Thunder Fruit together to achieve the Trinity… extremely stable tripod!

Under the reincarnation of Qingyan, Shino’s injury was accelerated.


I don’t know the white sub-type. What is the difference between the copied and the Devil Fruit? The original Shino is cured with green inflammation. He thought that Shino couldn’t do it. Who ever thought…

“Damn! You give me to die!”

Time does not and the others.

The eight-character Hu Xing was injured in the backlash, and the ‘Flash’ was on display. For a moment, the empty fist slammed into Shino’s head.

“Go away!”

As long as Marco was up, Dorrag felt that something was wrong. To be honest, he really wants Shino to die, but he has not beat me to defeat the eight-character Hu Xing. If the punch is more accurate, it is estimated that he will also spit out the dirty blood clots like Marco.

And under such a large explosion, the Old Man did not die. Although it must be seriously injured, it is difficult to guarantee what means to save lives.

He is not a sly fox, but he is better than a lot of foxes. Dorag does not want to be at the end of his success.

So he still chose to block the eight-character Hu Xing and win time for Shino.

As soon as the hand was delivered, the soft wind rolled Shino to the horizon, while the other hand was a violent tornado, pulsing the eight-character Hu Xing to the sky.


The tornado winds are as late as the general, and the cut eight-character Hu Xing wants to die.

“damn it!”


Dorag also began to fight, but not close to fight, this old fox still has a little bit of mind. For a time, the eight-character Hu Xing actually broke free?

Half an hour, an hour.

Dorrag began to sweat. He had already suffered a minor injury. If Shino didn’t recover, he planned to flash.

At this moment, Shino’s body has been initially restored, and he stood up and took the thunder knife and slammed down. Although there is no recovery, there are enough Strongs to kill the eight-character Hu Xing. As early as his body was initially heal, he explored the body of the eight-character Hu Xing, and the original cockroaches had already dried up!

“”The eighth strike: the thunder of the thunder!”

The blade is like a man, and it is like a broken bamboo!

The “Zhen Zhen” thunder ball that combines the shock and the thunder, and one after another, is on the eight-character Hu Xing.


Fried and fried!

Booming –

The ninth hit can’t come out, the eighth hit is enough!

Numerous stunned thunderballs were bombarded in the splayed figure, and the explosion-like tears came, and the eight-character Hu Xing couldn’t help but roar.

“Do not!”

Hey – crack!

One knife at both ends!

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