One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 782

The war is over!

When Shino hits the Sakazuki with a thunderous force and kicks a green bull, and announces his strong return, everyone in the room knows clearly – “End of the war!”

Especially in the huge eyeballs, the unremarkable character of Hu Xing’s rounded head, when the ‘咕噜噜’ rolls into the eyes of everyone!

No one is happy.

In Marine, there are some eyes to see, all know a cruel reality, World Government headed by Celestial Dragon… is over!

On the side of the ‘rebels’, when they saw Shino holding Marco and walking slowly towards Whitebeard, the excitement… was a mess.

– Marco sacrificed?



Didn’t it be okay just now, just don’t you still talk, how can you just see 1 hours?


Captain and the crew were all dumbfounded, and the battle was victorious. Why… Marco is dead?

This is not true!

Do not!

not true!

Whitebeard walked slowly and trembled and reached out, but couldn’t touch it! Look at the body that has no temperature, he wants to cry, but the Spiritual Body can’t cry.

Trembling for a while, then I dropped my hand!

Shino sighed: “In order to give me time, I chose to go with the eight-character Hu Xing!”

It doesn’t matter what the process is like.

“His Devil Fruit is there for you.” Whitebeard asked suddenly.

“Not bad!” Shino raised his hand and turned the palm of his hand into a light blue Flame.

The entire Whitebeard group trembled again.

Looking at the blue Flame, Whitebeard flashed a soft touch: “You… have already predicted his death?”

Old Man is very good, he may have guessed the analog of Shino’s prediction.

“Not bad!” Shino did not deny.

Ace also trembled, and he suddenly remembered the newspaper that originally marked the Shino family. At the time, he also played with Marco, saying that Flame means…

I never thought about it, actually… really come true?

“I predicted that he would die on the Red Line continent and died in the ruins of Holy Land Mariejois. I saw it! So, I arranged you here. At the same time, I started the war with Red Line. In general, he is impossible to rush. Unfortunately, I did not expect that he is still a strange past.”

“Life! This is a life!” Whitebeard closed his eyes and gave birth to a sigh.

He felt that something was wrong after Marco left, and the delay was too long. And he quickly figured out what was wrong. He was in the northwest of Red Line, while Shino was in the southeast, with tens of thousands of miles of Red Line. Marco is only concerned about chaos, but he will be aware of the problem when he goes up.

Not to mention Katakuri, even if the flying Marco wants to fly to Shino, it is impossible. Looking at his clever brains, he should immediately retreat, leaving Katakuri alone.

Unfortunately, Marco did not come down. If he wants to go, Katakuri should not be able to stop it. So what happened? Unfortunately, the war went into the final realm, and there was no way to distract it anyway.

It wasn’t until he completely crushed Marine that he asked about it and asked Shino vsFive Elder Stars. Although it is not clear whether Marco can rush, he has already felt it.

It can be exchanged, it is such a result.

Slowly put Marco’s body on the ice, Shino shook head sighed: “Three fruits are eaten, I can’t use other fruits.”

The words didn’t feel like it at first, but very quickly, all the Captains came over.

“Wait… wait, isn’t that… Marco? He can’t…”

“Yes!” Look at a group of Captains who still have a hint of hope. Shino smiled and shook his head. “The spirits are no longer usable! When I take the next three fruits, the other copied, It can no longer be used.”

Whitebeard slammed his body.

In the Holy Land Mariejois battle, Shino only used the thunder and Tremor-Tremor Fruit and did not use other fruit effects. ,

Because he left a hand.

There is a Zoan Devil Fruit on the Devil fruit tree, just the Ancient Times, not the Mythical Type. Shino wants to choose a powerful Zoan Devil Fruit as a hardware Physique that bridges ‘Tremor-Tremor Fruit’ and ‘Thunder Fruit’. And this key Zoan Devil Fruit must be Physique tough, like the ancient Times mammoth fruit.

It is a pity that Shino has been looking for three years and still can’t find it.

The fruits of this type are too rare.

Mythical Type is extremely rare, and Ancient Times is rare, just like Logia.

Shino doesn’t look at the Devil fruit tree, the Ancient Times kind of Zoan Devil Fruit. Because it… can’t bridge the two super fruits perfectly; the second type of Ability can’t be perfectly combined with the earthquake and the thunder; the third is not the Physique type, and it is of little use.

However, Shino had long expected that the body might not be able to withstand the three-strength Strength’s roll and collapse, thus retaining this option. When you are not going to do it, you will eat it, and it will be better than nothing.

It is a pity that when his body couldn’t stand it, he found that even eating the Devil Fruit… didn’t help.

It was this worry that led him to finally take over Marco’s ‘Phoenix Fruit’.

Because once he used the meat ball fruit, or Love-Love Fruit, even if Marco committed suicide, he still couldn’t eat it, only to wait the next day.

And if that’s the case, Marco will die in white, because he can’t use it at all, and he’s likely to be killed by the eight-character Hu Xing.

Fortunately, he used only two kinds of Ability in this battle, and he made a choice.

Shino sighed and turned to look at Sengoku not far away: “Grand Inspector, should you say something?”

Until this time, the talents found that Sengoku, the former Fleet Admiral’s current inspector, actually stood on the high platform and silently at the death of the general coach “Steel Bone” Kong.

The Marine Military General suddenly had the backbone of the heart, and screamed with tears: “The Grand Inspector! Fight it, the Grand Inspector! Revenge for the General Manager!”

“Shut up!” Sengoku slammed.

“Big…the big inspector…you…” The Military General stunned.

Sengoku sighed and shook his head with his eyes closed: “Let’s lose! We are Marine… lose!”

“No, the Grand Inspector, we still…”

“I said lost!” Sengoku’s eyes slammed, his sharp eyes sharpened. “Hey! I didn’t want to say, because… Hey! Five Elder Stars didn’t all die from Shino’s hand. Sword Star… The sword star is in the hands of the eight-character Hu Xing!”

Sengoku was almost red with eyes, and the vocal cords almost cut off him.




Oh, no!

The entire Marine was stunned, and even the Whitebeard and Iron Horse Brotherhood were shocked.


“The big inspector, this… can’t talk about it!”

“How can it be?”

“The Grand Inspector… Is the Grand Inspector already betraying us?”

“No! I don’t believe it!”

Looking at the fryer’s Marine, Shino sneered again and again: “It seems that the Grand Inspector has no deterrent. Haha, I don’t mind cooking it myself. You know, I am a very troublesome person! If the Marines If you don’t want to surrender, I can help you.”

Said, Shino grabbed the Thunder knife and burst into thunder.

He believes that these Seaman’s fighting spirit can be abolished with just one knife.

“Wait, I… I will convince them!”

Sengoku is in a hurry, and Shino will try again, and there will be no one left in the Marine Headquarter. When he finished, he felt that he might not be convinced that Shino would add another sentence.

“You have destroyed the group headed by Celestial Dragon, and… your Strength is already invincible. Why can’t you let them go? The strongest Logia, the strongest superman, the fastest self-healing Zoan, this world… No one will be your opponent anymore. Why do you continue to recreate the killings, so… Who can serve you? Or, who will serve a new group that is violently killed?”

Shino sneered, and the knife blade was brighter: “You seem to have made a mistake. I am not interested in what new group. My things have already been done, and the rest… is not my business. I just have to End the battle as soon as possible, within X minutes of 1 they will not surrender, I will kill!”


Sengoku both eyes, then took a look at the participating Seaman, sighed and shook the head.

“You are free, I can’t keep you anymore! World Government is gone, Marine is also… Old Man. It’s time for me to return to the field.”

Sengoku said, like a late old man, slowly turned and left.


“The Grand Inspector…”

“The Grand Inspector abandoned us?”

“Spell with them!”

“I want my family, they are still waiting for me to go back.”

“I still have a daughter.”

“I… I surrender.”

Every class has diehardness, but the human heart is easy to change. What do you insist on without the leader and the victory?

Who insists on it?

World Government is gone!

For the three two dates of Mani?

Don’t be stupid, who will pay you now?


One of them left Blade and Sword on the ground and slowly collapsed; the second appeared, the third, the fourth… and finally collapsed a large piece.

“How, Sakazuki Fleet Admiral?”

Finally, Shino turned his attention to ‘Akainu ‘Sakazuki.

The teeth are gone!

Sakazuki licked his teeth and glared at Shino: “This time you won, but I want to admit defeat… Hey, dream! I will never squat, you will kill and kill!”

Even the anti-death, he has exhausted.

“Let’s go!”


I was prepared to lead the neck, but Shino’s words made him jealous.

“How, don’t go, want to die?”

“Are you serious?”

“Nature! Not only you, the rest of the people who are willing to leave can go, I don’t stop! Of course, if anyone is willing to stay and contribute to the upcoming new group, I am also welcome. In a word, Marine… will still exist. “Shino shouted.

Whitebeard and the others are slightly wrong, but they don’t stop anything.

“I hope you won’t regret it!” Sakazuki clenched his fist and turned away.


Looking at the back of Sakazuki, Shino sneered, and he certainly wouldn’t regret it!

Sakazuki has been 55 years old, and how many years of good life?

Shino is only 20 years old.

On Strength, on the age, he is enough to kill Sakazuki.

Most importantly, he is happy to leave a little bit of a slap in the new group of Dorrag. Shino also likes to do this kind of behavior that hurts others.

So easy to let you sit in that position?


I have to give you something bad.

“Follow me, Whitebeard, should you be able to collect the souls that have not yet been dissipated?” Shino glanced.

Whitebeard is a Spiritual Body. Naturally, soul can be collected, but the Fitness without the soul is.

“you are not……”

“I can’t take advantage of the fruit of the spirit, but don’t forget Perona. Although she still can’t do it now, maybe in the future… can one day be done?”

Give them a hope?

As Shino took Whitebeard back to the battlefield of Holy Land Mariejois, the unprecedented battle of the ancients finally came to an end.

The rebel army on the Shino side defeated Marine.

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