One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 783

It’s been a week since the sensational World War in Nottingham.

Countless people have come to look at it, and look at that… Holy Land has a huge gap in the battle. The gap is even across the entire New World channel.

Originally is the place of the ‘former headquarters’ Marin Vado, which has long been turned into ruins.

The vast waves seem to want to choose people.

After the departure of the Sengoku Grand Inspector, now Marine Fleet Admiral Sakazuki left, the entire Marine was completely unmanaged. After Shino allowed anyone to leave, except for a few Military General classes, the rest went away. Shino understands that for a group that will be established by the ‘Turkish Head’, they are naturally dirty and dirty.

Let’s go.

Shino didn’t think about it, let them stay.

Within the limits of the remaining Marines, it is also infinitely turbulent. Pirates are all crazy, dead Attack, and in their eyes this is an opportunity.

The Marine branch, but who did not disperse on their own, was fighting Pirate with the same mind.

Very hot!

Shino has no control! Including the cp organization that was defeated by Jin Yiwei, Shino did not control after a little bit of investment in the dark. Because after that, it is not his Quest.

When the matter went to the depths of the work and the name, his Quest was over.

But he still has one last thing to do.

The deep sea prison that has been in a closed state is impel down, and now it has finally opened, it has ushered in an uninvited guest – Shino!

Magellan squirmed in a sigh of relief, step by step, until Shino stopped five meters ago, the condescending look at.


“The things that have happened to me have nothing to do with me. I didn’t have that mind, I went to ink with them for a lifetime.” Shino smiled.

That’s right, it’s a lifetime.

800 years ago, 20 kingdoms joined forces, and it was not until 100 years that the so-called ‘rebellion’ was completely settled and a new World Government was established. This time? How long will it take? Nobody knows! Shino’s lazy temper, too lazy to spend 100 with them, this is handed over to Dorag.

Magellan didn’t feel curious. He knew this answer long ago, but he was a little surprised: “You just gave up, this… the imminent supreme status?”

“What is the use of status? It is a false name, and it is the last word to have a gun in hand.”

“Oh, that’s the same.”

As long as Shino’s invincible Strength still exists, his position is not daunting. Although he didn’t open the door to go out during the week, he didn’t know anything about impel down. The collapse of the Red Line continent, what terrifying, how tremble, how…

“I want to ask a question!”

“You want to ask why I didn’t have Attack impel down on the day of the war?”


“I am not so stupid! Such a big prison, natural, it will be discarded… It is a fool’s behavior. It is easy to discard, and it can be troublesome to build.”

“…” What he wanted was not the answer, but it was true. Magellan shook the head. “You… are you sure you want to take the person away? That person…”

“In the troubled times, when using the heavy code. There is no need for good people in this troubled world. Too many good people are not conducive to calming down the world, good people… as long as one is enough.” Shino said with a finger.

When Liu Bang died, leaving the undecided Dahan Dynasty, the harem wave was blackmail.

The last winner was the decent queen Lu Wei, who shocked both inside and outside with iron-and-white methods.

In fact, before this, Zhou Bo and the others had asked for help from Zhang Liang, and Zhang Liang only gave a sentence – “The world is not fixed, it is so hot in this troubled world… far better than mercy.”

Therefore, the ministers defaulted to Lu Wei’s actions. If they resist at the beginning, they can help the orthodox, but that will continue to push the unstable big man far-reaching, and may even die…

And the result is Lu Wei’s dynasty, and Mrs. Yu’s tragic death is awkward.

The same is true of the world today.


A tall man walked over in the darkness of his own, accompanied by a strange, mad laughter and the sound of shackles.

“Little Lord!”

Monet, who was behind, laughed excitedly.

“…I hope you can see him.” When Magellan finished, he turned and walked back, and went to the tall silhouette and paused. “I welcome you again.”

“Hey, I don’t want to come back to this area again, hehe!”

Another week later, the ‘Six Seas Meeting’, which decided to move towards the future of World, was held at Sabaody Archipelago.

King’s heart of countless kingdoms was reluctant to attend because they knew that if they didn’t want to be on the spot, they would become the enemy of Shino.

Look at the disintegrating Red Line continent, no one thinks it will be an enemy of Shino.


The meeting is open-air, round table. Of course, this round table is very big, Level 3 is outside Level 3, and inside and outside the circle is Level 3. In short, King, who has to accommodate the next 200 kingdom, represents God.

The one who can sit in the innermost is naturally the one who has worked hard in this war.

With the tank pirate’s dwarf Capon Becky most proud, carrying a cigar smoke, behindd with his wife hurricane and long tongue Witt, not looking at the arrogance of people.

The West Blue black scorpion families in the outer circle are one by one!

I knew why it was so early?

Sitting on the innermost table is Shino, the female emperor, Perona, Koala, the Lavender, the Revolutionary Army headed by Dorag, Sabo, and the North Blue Kingdom of Germa, headed by the Golden Lion King Gajic; Becky’s Black Skull Group; New World Dressrosa; the representative of the country of flowers; and a very strange person…

Bonnie pirate’s captain Joe Ellie Bonnie, who is known as the big stomach girl, was one of the Supernova 11 people who appeared on Sabaody Archipelago two years ago, and was born in South Blue with a reward of 1 billion 4.

No one knows how she will appear, everyone is doubtful at the sight of Shino, this woman did not participate in this battle of the world. Is it because this woman is also Shino’s gimmick?

Shino didn’t bother to pay attention to these guys’ eyes and knocked on the table: “It seems that they are all coming together. Those who don’t participate in King are even, anyway, they are not my generation. So,…”

“Hey, hey… Wait a little longer, I really just arrived.” A mad, familiar voice appeared in the ears of everyone, and everyone was shocked.

In particular, the Likuwang of Dressrosa stood up even more awkwardly: “You, how are you, you are not…”

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