One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 784

“Hey, what are you excited about? Dressrosa, I am not interested!”

The person who came here was impeled in the deep sea prison, ‘Heavenly Yaksha’ Don Quixote Doflamingo! His late appearance was also deliberately arranged by Shino. At Doflamingo behind, there is a green-haired Monet. Not his person, not destined to be a family, Shino still gave Monet back to Doffy, and it was a boost to his just getting out.

Monet Strength can’t, but on loyalty… Shino is also very envious, and her overall quality is not bad.

Can be a officer.

As for the sugar, Shino didn’t give it back, it was a ‘hostage’, and Shino didn’t want Doffy to make another Dressrosa.

That is not his intention.

When the crowd suddenly stunned, this ‘Devil’ has returned to the rivers and lakes?

The Kings in the outer ring are also dumbfounded.

When I saw Monet’s appearance, the big guy understood that it was dominated by Shino. Haha, in fact, don’t need Monet, Doffy appeared at the Sixth Sea Conference, it is very obvious.

Likudold III glared at Shino in anger, and the cholera-expressed Dressrosa appeared again. What does Shino want to do?

Rebecca is also a bite at the upper lip, the incomprehensible looks at Shino, the person in front of him is the culprit to kill her mother. However, Shino is her master again.

As for Violet, there is still no need to hide anything. She is sitting next to Shino, and she is also puzzled and hates waiting for Shino’s explanation.

But who is Shino, he doesn’t need it!

Buckle clasp!

Struggling to knock on the table, Shino swept a circle, under the imposing manner of Haki’s imposing manner, Likudold III slowly sat down, and the rest of King did not dare to boo.

Look at Likuwang, Shino sneered aloud: “I am going to divide World into six big blocks, each of which chooses a ‘king’ and manages their respective territories.”

The golden lion Wang Jiazhi trembled in his heart, and the dark road: Come, come, come.

The greatness of the ancestors will be reproduced in his hands.

“You Liku Wang, can you manage New World? Can you?” Shino asked aloud.

Liku Wang is silent, he can’t!

Guy is old, and it is estimated that he has not lived for three or five years. After his death, Wang’s candidate was left with only Rebecca. The character of the granddaughter is very clear, and managing a kingdom is somewhat dwarfed, let alone managing the entire New World. Moreover, on the one hand, he did not want Doflamingo to return, on the other hand, he did not want his innocent granddaughter to become a sinister.

He is in contradiction.

“New World’s location is so special, I’m going to put it…” Shino looked around and gently buttoned the table, “Lao Cai!”

“Ah, I am.” Lao Cai stood up subconsciously.

“New World is the country you spend, and you are co-educating with Doflamingo. Do you have any opinions?”

“Yes!” Lao Cai pointed at Doflamingo unceremoniously. “I admit that he is very powerful, but… Why? New World under his control, foul black smoke atmosphere! It’s hard to solve, is it… Going back to that dark day again? Also, I can spend a lot of people in the country, and we can be optimistic about New World.”

you can?

If you can, why didn’t you see the king before?

Shino’s face is dark: “New World’s position is very special, Roger’s treasure… There will still be people looking for it in the future. Even if the treasure is obtained, Pirate will never disappear. Not only that, but also the embers of Celestial Dragon. The remnant Marine, the organization that escaped the hidden cp, already existed. In the troubled times, when the heavy code is used! Doffy has the Ability and the strategy. Can you spend the country?”


Lao Cai wants to say yes, but… really can’t.

Green pepper a slap took Lao Cai back to the seat, haha ​​smiled and said: “This can, I accept! New World is indeed different from other, place, just… Who are we respected?”

“There is no humble, look at your respective Ability. I will only make a rough, others, you will subdivide yourself.” After Shino, he waved his hand and gestured to shut up the green pepper.

This Old Man is still very smart.

“The king of North Blue, I am going to be handed over to the Vincemock family. Gaage!”

King Mao’s prince stood up and patted his chest and said: “Reassure, I will never disgrace my mission!”

The king of North Blue is dumbfounded.

“West Blue, Capone Becky!” Shino glanced faintly. “Can the smoke be smashed?”

“Cough, yes!”

Capone Becky was depressed, almost slammed, and quickly smashed the cigar.

“West Blue will be handed over to you, but I don’t want you to give me the foul black smoke atmosphere, otherwise I will replace the candidate!”

“Cough, rest assured!”

“South Blue…” Shino turned his head and looked at the one who was one of the ones who were eating and eating. “Bonnie, would you like to be the Queen of South Blue?”

“Queen? Is it still interested?”

“That line, you will do it first. If there is no interest in that day, remember to pick a qualified candidate for me.”

“Package on me!” Bonnie patted the thick chest.

Shino didn’t move, South Blue had a face with a face and a familiar Pirate, and only the ‘big stomach king’ Joe Ellie Bonnie. Ace has Strength, but what about the temper?

Still forget it!

“As for East Blue, East Blue is temporarily in charge of me. At the same time, the headquarters of the Iron Horse Brotherhood will also be located in East Blue,” Shino said.

It is the home of Noki, and he does not trust others to pass. Moreover, the powerful and attractive people from East Blue are in the Straw Hat group.

“Grand Line first half of the paradise…” Shino looked around and found Neferutari Vivi, sitting on the second ring seat, “Vivi Princess of Alabasta, handed it to you.”

“Ah, me?” Vivi stunned.

“Yes, it’s you!”


“Nothing ‘can’, I am optimistic about you!” Shino waved at random.

When I heard Vivi’s upper position, Cobra’s pale face was much better, and my heart smiled slightly: Neferutari’s family was safe.

The rest of the past with other thoughts, secretly bite his teeth, the embers of this Celestial Dragon, it seems that … can not move!

Yes, the Neferutari family is also Celestial Dragon, although not in Holy Land. Today, the Celestial Dragon is completely degraded, and only a small part of it hides. His status is a bit awkward. If there is no strong backing, I am afraid… it will be torn apart in an instant.

This time he came to see Shino, never thought…

“Our seven kings have only six seas of management rights, and the rest of me do not care, but there is a little taboo that you can remember – “Do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.” Under this foundation, the rest of the matter, you I am looking at myself.” Shino emphasized.

The Golden Lion Lion Jia Ji stunned, but it soon became indifferent. His ancestors were also forced to use force and did not interfere with the King candidates in other countries.

“In addition to our seven kings, Sabo of the Revolutionary Army is the head of the new group. This system is called “one emperor and seven kings”! You and I, seven kings, must listen to Sabo’s temperance, but like the princes, the seven dynasties See an emperor, and an emperor can not directly remove the seven kings. The removal of the seven kings can only be passed by the Iron Horse Brotherhood Nine.

“And the Iron Horse Brotherhood is not in this new … political … right sequence, it is free. The Iron Horse Brotherhood will leave my rule, responsible for supervising the seven kings.”

After that, Shino stood up and the woman who led him turned and left.

“I have decided, and the rest of the refinement, you discuss it yourself! But don’t think that I am gone, you can do whatever you want without fear.”

“If I find you out of your way, just wait for a stop with Mariejois!”



The king fry in the group, isn’t that the country?

Shino sang a small song and left in a good mood. His new site is being built in full swing, and this is his future palace.

“Zhao Kezhen Hu Wei, Wu Hook Frost Xue Ming.”

“Silver saddle shines like a white horse, like a meteor.”

“Ten steps to kill one person, not a thousand miles.”



“The sequel to the death of the sorrow, not to the world.”

“Who can book your book, Bai Shou Tai Xuan Jing.”

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