One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter 785

Above the 20,000 meters, there is a silhouette.

Here is the kingdom of God, an area that human beings cannot set foot on. Here is the trajectory of creature, which dates back to the barbaric era 200 million years ago.

Since the extinction of dinosaurs 200 million years ago, there have been no more animals, and only a few plants have survived. And, here is a unique ecosystem.

A strange plant stands on top of this Sky Island.

Very strange!

The plants here are divided into two factions, not very low and very flat, but tall and slender straight up and down.

The 10,000-meter Sky Island, Luffy and the others are difficult to adapt, and the air is extremely thin. Not to mention that it is above the 20,000 meter, and the air is even thinner. In addition to Shino, there is really no one who can hold it, even the strongest creature of land, sea and air can not help.

Yes, this silhouette is exactly Shino.

Half a year has elapsed since the Sixth Sea Conference. During this time, Shino traveled the entire op planet and finally found a pure land of bliss.

– Sky Island above 20,000 meters.


There is soil here, there is water (water vapor in the clouds), there are clouds, and there are plants.

Even more amazing is that Shino has found countless high-level plants here, and more than half of them have wisdom. Let’s just say that if the clover younger sister is a ‘robbery period’, then more than half of them are ‘Golden Period’.

Shino finally found one, and placed the devil’s pure land of Devil fruit trees.

That’s right!

He wants to take the Devil fruit tree with the body out of the body and let the clover younger sister carry it all as a carrier. It’s time to separate it.

After separation, he will completely lose the additional Ability brought by the ‘Devil Fruit Tree’, such as radar, integrated into the plant tree trunk, and so on.

If he wants to go to Fishman Island again, he can only go down by boat.

Shino will still retain Tremor-Tremor Fruit, Thunder Fruit, Phoenix Fruit, and all of the above will disappear.

Including the resistance of the Devil Fruit’s special Attack effect, such as being negative, being turned into a toy, etc., the original 100% immune effect will be greatly reduced!

There are also additional passive skills, such as the flight Ability brought by the bird and bird fruit. However, after he has a thunder, he does not need this skill.

But with the departure of the Devil fruit tree, all the copied Zoan Devil Fruit, the Physique bonus will be instantly emptied. However, he already has Phoenix Fruit, but he can barely offset some of the losses.

His mission was completed and he had to leave the Devil fruit tree.

As a symbiosis to raise it, Devil fruit tree gave Shino a three-body Devil Fruit’s Ability, which is already a great gift.

As the emperor in the tree, will you be willing to stay in one’s body?

The end result may be both losses.

From [symbiosis] to [separation], it is not without any danger, just…

“Tsing, what do you think I have arranged for you?” Shino said, holding a clover pot in his hand, said softly.

“Do you have to do this?”

“You know.”

“Okay, I accept!”

“Haha, don’t be sad. You like to be quiet. Here, no one will ever bother you. This unique kingdom will belong to you.”


The clover nodded and the sound could not see the joys and sorrows.

Shino slowly sat down and started [separation].

The legs of the ground, the pores on the feet, opened, sweaty… No, a trace of green silk was drilled out of the pores and rooted in the soil. Then they drilled into the roots and leaves of the clover again, and the two slowly merged into one.

Although the process is very common, the dangers and pains in the family are not enough for outsiders.

Such as peeling and eroding, thousands of knives and pains.

Even Shino willpower’s unmatched formidable, but still mixed.

It can be seen how painful this [struggling] is.

Shino fainted, and the clover continued to grow bigger, bigger, bigger, and eventually grew into a giant clover of a hundred meters high. There is no change in appearance and shape, and the original version is multiplied by a hundred times!

Giant’s one clover.

When the giant clover appeared, all the plants on the Sky Island were slightly centered and slowly bent down.

A king out, the group ministers admire!

I saw the thick stems and leaves of the clover, and a “human figure” gradually struck out from the stems and leaves. It feels like…there is a model that the individual printed after the sheet was printed.

A green ‘human figure’ came out, and after an unbelievable change, a near-perfect human body… appeared.

Well, she is a woman.

She has the cold and proud frost of the female emperor; the childlike with Perona is funny, with the perseverance of Koala; the noble elegance of Robin; the mature charm of Violet… and so on.

A closer look, she seems to be the collection of all the women of Shino, and the birth of the general.

On her body, you can find the outline of each of them.

Well, she didn’t wear clothes…

One meter seven head, the body is concave, the convex convex concave, can be described as a perfect human form.

Only this skin color is somewhat planted.

‘younger sister’ doubts at the bottom of his hands, muttered: “I am a three-leaf… or Noki Killer B? Or… I am both?”

Look at Shino lying on the ground, three leaves glanced at his head, and then gently sighed and kissed. A pure energy penetration, Shino within the body, the heart of the heart is suppressed. Seeing Shino’s brow slightly moving, suddenly flustered and bounced, hidden into the three-leaf herb within the body disappeared.

Shino left, he didn’t feel anything wrong.

Here is the home he left for Sanye.

A Sky Island that keeps swimming above the 20,000 meters, a place that no one can find. The new Sannoki Killer B was born and she will be here. Maybe one day, Devil Fruit will fall again. It fell into the deep sea from the height above 20,000 meters and was picked up by some lucky ones.

“I am leaving! No one will disturb you here.”

Shino glanced deeply and turned and left. Before leaving, he buried his life card in the mud in front of the clover.

It was only after he did not know that after turning and leaving, the ‘three leaves’ came out of the stems and leaves, and the life card in the soil was taken out firmly in his arms.


[Sea Round Calendar 1525 Year 11 Month 13 Day]

Charlotte Family’s remnant, Strength’s eldest daughter, Charlotte Conper, made a slap in the Grand Line “Paradise” and blatantly attacked Alabasta.

Vivi Princess resisted and was injured.

Immediately after being rescued by the new emperor Sabo, Camper gave the first prize!

Since then, Sabo and Vivi have looked at each other, eyebrows, and lived a shameful life.

[Sea Round Calendar 1525 Year 12 Month 19 Day]

A group of Straw Hat members finally boarded the final island Raftel and became Pirate King, and then they went back to each family to find each mother. It was a battle with Shino, they were never pursued by Marine, and the days were good.

Zoro returned to Dojo as the first Sword Hero’s in the world, inheriting the teacher’s clothes. I heard that Tashigi has been dissatisfied and challenged Zoro all the time. Unfortunately, Zoro is a single-cell creature.

Usopp returned to the village of West Rob, and was married to Keya under the testimony of the Straw Hat group. It was a typical d-slash. I heard that Keya seems to have been pregnant?

Nami, the nephew, finally draws the chart of the whole World and forms a complete Continental chart, fulfilling his wish. Staying with my sister in the village of Cocoa, still lived in the previous life, and occasionally tickles out to steal some of the addiction. It is said that she opened a map store and was very happy on a small day.

Sanji returned to Sea Restaurant Baratie and became the second-generation restaurant director.

Franky returned to the Seven Rivers Capital, Chopper returned to Drum Kingdom, and Jinbe returned to Fishman Island.

Robin naturally returned to Shino.

As for Luffy, he seems to have settled in Loguetown.

[Sea Round Calendar 1526 Year 3 Month 7 Day]

Charlotte Praline sneaked into the rain on Fishman Island, almost split the Royal Family on Fishman Island, and was finally knocked down by Jinbe. He was thrown into the prison by Neptune and died in a dark prison.

Since then, the remains of Charlotte, the remnants of Big Mom, have completely disappeared.

[Sea Round Calendar 1526 Year 6 Month 18 Day]

After half a year of love sprint, Sabo of ‘One Emperor’ finally entered the marriage to the grave hall with Vivi, no shameless days… No one said anything was insulting.

Well, Shino went to congratulate.

[Sea Round Calendar 1526 Year 7 Month 1 Day]

West Blue’s Capone Becky, the first family of the family, finally broke into a battle with the other three. The battle was extremely fierce and Capone Becky was almost defeated.

However, Wansheng eventually reversed the defeat.

[Sea Round Calendar 1526 Year 7 Month 22 Day]

Perona finally separated Marco from the soul energy collected by Whitebeard and succeeded in ‘resurrection’. The entire Whitebeard group feasted for three days and was happy to explode. Although the time is too long, Marco’s memory has lost 70%, but people are ‘live’ better than anything else.

[Sea Round Calendar 1526 Year 8 Month 10 Day]

Porter Cass · d·Ace married an unknown girl on the island of Patrila in South Blue. Shino didn’t go, but sent a wedding blessing.

[Sea Round Calendar 1526 Year 11 Month 13 Day]

Jin Yiwei had a major breakthrough, and in one fell swoop smashed the largest dark remnant of the residual cp organization. Since then… the cp organization has been devastated and entered the countdown to death.

[Sea Round Calendar 1526 Year 12 Month 29 Day]

Before the new year, the largest remnant of the Celestial Dragon, the descendants of Georg, was arrested. Since then, the Celestial Dragon has been completely devastated. There is no leader waiting for them… it is assimilated and buried by history.

Shino promised the dead gold emperor to help him kill Georg, and put his head in the village of Carue Island, the tomb of Stella. But unfortunately there has been no chance, and in the battle of Holy Land Mariejois, Georg St. was also blown into fly ash. Helpless, I had to take the heads of his children and grandchildren to fill up.

The precipitation of history.

Celestial Dragon, cp, are destined to be cleaned up in a short time. Didn’t watch the D family 800 years, and World Government has not finished?

They are doomed, and they will always struggle with the new … political … right.

[Sea Round Calendar 1527 Year 2 Month 16 Day]

On the island of Ruscaina, the palace of Shino has been completed and echoes with the daughter island.


Fishman Island’s great project to relocate the land was finally completed, looking at the fresh Sun… All Fishman cried. Noah’s Ark took Fishman Island to the coast and settled in the Calm Belt. The new Fishman Island is in the Calm Belt where the daughter island is located, backed by the Red Line continent, which is the side of Marin Vado.

[Sea Round Calendar 1527 Year 8 Month 16 Day]

In a year of history, Shino successfully opened the Red Line continent. Every day, a knife is cut and a red knife is opened. Those who enter New World no longer have to walk terrifying deep seas.

[Sea Round Calendar 1528 Year 1 Month 13 Day]

This is one of the most special and special days.

As the sun sets, Shino lies on a lounge chair, basking in the sunset from warm to chilly, and the wind is blowing this day without mentioning how comfortable it is.

However, in this leisurely time, there was a sound of the Hedong Griffin breaking the happy days of Shino.

“Qi-Nuo-! You–you-you-you…you are…you actually carry me with…and…! If it’s not Nami, a Tenten is bulging, vomiting and vomiting I really can’t find it!”

Shino is awkward and wants to run subconsciously.

“Run something, you roll me over!”

“Cough, that oh… Kiki, you are eight months… can’t be angry!”

Kiki is naturally Noki Gao.

“You know me, you still…”

“Cough, it’s my fault, that… I won’t be anymore.”

“And in the future?” Noki Gao’s booth eyes!

“Cough, no… no more.”

Not far from a pair of long ears, biu appeared, and a weak voice floated out: “That… that Noki high mother, I have been vomiting recently!”

This time, Noki Gao was angry and said: “You… you, you, you… odd-no, you are a jerk, you don’t even let the rabbits go!!!”

“Hey! Garrot, you don’t want to be kidding, okay, you eat carrots and eat more nausea!” Shino’s black line, which didn’t run, had to run.


He was with the rabbit Garlot, and several times, stealing. But every time it’s outside, okay, rabbit Gallot is impossible to get pregnant. Shino is also very worried about himself. He can’t accept it. There is a ‘semi-orc’ child.

“Hey.” Rabbit Garlot spit out his tongue and drilled back.

Cones suddenly slammed the door and yelled, “Boss! Boss!”

“The boss is being chased and there is something going to find Carly.”


Who dares to chase the boss?

Seeing that Noki held the machete high, Kony would smile, but this is a big deal. It is not good to find Carly.

“Boss! Hancock boss spit.”


Shino is a little stunned, and then rushed out of the ‘噌’, is the woman’s belly finally big? He knew that after Devil’s fruit tree had left and had a meal with Perona, she spit the next day. And Shino’s surprise discovery, the seed of Perona’s arms has been ‘awakened’.

Counting the days, almost one month will be born.

The emperor vomits, this – it goes without saying!

“That, and Robin’s boss also spit.”


An excitement, screaming… Shino slipped to the ground and ate a dog mud. However, this still can’t hinder his excitement. When he got up, he jumped out and rushed out.


(End of the book)

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