One Piece Highest Bounty Chapter-epilogue

After the last chapter, the ants felt that the ants should find a place to cry for a while.

Just like a beloved child, it’s over, really sad. But… every child always grows up when they leave their parents. The same is true for writing books. There will always be a time to finish.

331 days, 173 million words, “Pirate King’s highest reward” finished, the ants can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

I am grateful to Xiaoyuan for editing his brother’s support all the way. Although it wasn’t the name that started with the ant, it was called “Pirate Glory”. Later, it was changed to forcibly by Xiaoyuan, and it was difficult to come over for a while.

It is said that the late writing has collapsed, and it is said that it is not good at the end, and that the water written is good, but after all, it is still a full stop.

The ant is a man who does not work as an eunuch. The income is worse, the subscription is not enough, and the ants insist on writing. At this point, the ants feel that they are still very fucking. Although dissatisfied with 100, you must have an 90 score?

The ants are very emotional!

I want to say a word, thank you for your company, the ants are remembered!

When I opened the book, I just hoped to make progress, and I could support the life of the ants, without having to move bricks, not to be a male public official. (Well, even if the ant wants to do it, the ant will be ugly! And the ant is not very powerful, although it is not a three-point male, but the 10 score is like that.)


This year’s mental journey is gratifying and embarrassing, but more is still a kind of pressure, afraid of the disappointment of the book friends.

To be honest, this Pirate is the ant who rushed the street for six years, with the most expense. Although this may be because Pirate King is hot, the reason for the same person!

Every day except for the codewords, the ants spend most of their time looking for a stalking stalk. When the stalk runs out, it begins to be original, and a Tenent wants to get rid of the hair.

There is no way to reduce the temptation of the plot in the later period, because I really can’t think of how to be tempted.

In addition, the book has been poisoned many times, but also because the ants are not experienced enough to grasp the reasons of everyone’s taste. And added more than n speculation, and always mentioned original work. To this end, the ants also solemnly apologize to everyone.

In the later period of the “Highest Bounty”, the ants basically did not interact with everyone in the book review area. On the one hand, it is because of the time relationship, and on the other hand, it is mainly the ant’s glass heart. If you see bad comments, there is no mood code word. Some deliberately smudge the ants, the ants will come up in the temper, and they will go back in the author’s words. The ant thought about it, I should not bring this emotion to the reader. Please forgive me for this. The new book ants will adjust their mentality and try to interact with you.

Of course, I hope that everyone will continue to support my new book. I will never let everyone down.

In fact, this testimony should be written lyrical, or sell and sell badly, but the ants feel that they are not in line with their own style, so forget it, just like this!

The new book “Boss that doesn’t want to be killed by the brave”, the style is still familiar to everyone, humorous yet bloody, this is also the setting that ants have been preparing for a long time, I hope everyone likes it.

Q: What should I do if I am thrown into the outside world by my unscrupulous dad and become an 5-class Elite Captain?

Urgent, online, etc!

This is a magical world.

This is a story that was thrown into the world by the old man, and the mistake was turned into a monster boss. The pig’s foot will also be killed by the player, but after each death, he will regenerate the new boss, until one day the pig’s foot is made from the magical bossEvolution – human, at least no trace of the magic object can be seen from the outside.

The new book “Boss not wanting to be killed by the brave” is still very young, I hope that everyone can support a lot, a ticket, a click, a collection, can make ants grateful. We are not bad, we are rewarded with 100, ant 720 degree Thomas rounds thanks.

In short, the end of the old book, the new book on board, I hope that old friends support a lot.

Ants are grateful!

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